“A durable future depends on resilient family economies, close-knit communities, and ‘a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence’—it always has.”

-Rory Groves

Is Your Job Insulated Against the Great Reset? (With Rory Groves)

Globalists predict that Artificial Intelligence and robotics will replace 90% of all jobs over the next 15 years. Will your job become obsolete? Rory Groves discusses his new book, “Durable Trades,” which outlines 60+ professions that have stood the test of time. Groves also defines what a family economy is, and how to find work that is family-centered, fulfilling, and durable. Do you want to become more self-sufficient and connected to your family and community? This episode will help you begin.

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of August 21-27

Dear Friends,

Psalm 37:25 offers an important reminder for our turbulent times: “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” As we consider and prepare for the seismic changes that are occurring today and will increase in the coming years, we must remember God’s faithfulness, seek His face, and trust Him alone to provide and direct our paths.

1. MCCONNELL SAYS MAGA CANDIDATES LACK “QUALITY”: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who had no comment after Liz Cheney’s blowout loss in Wyoming, recently said that Republicans might not retake the Senate, due to what he termed poor “candidate quality.” Former President Donald Trump responded, “Why do Republicans Senators allow a broken down hack politician, Mitch McConnell, to openly disparage hard-working Republican candidates for the United States Senate?”

 Ed. Note: Cliff Kincaid writes, “Contrary to what Senator Mitch McConnell says…the problem is failing to recognize the nature of the opposition.” If they actually want to win, Republicans must learn from the example of Ron DeSantis and go on the offensive by nationalizing issues like the immigration crisis, rampant inflation, the DNC’s pro-groomer agenda, and the weaponization of the FBI and the IRS.

2. THE FBI’S WAR ON TRUMP AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE: Government officials will release the affidavit related to the Trump search warrant, but with significant redactions. DOJ official Jay Bratt said that the proposed redactions would leave “very little—nothing of substance.”

Trump announced that he will sue the Department of Justice over the raid on his home and stated, “My rights, together with the rights of all Americans, have been violated at a level rarely seen before in our Country.” Tea Party Patriots Action filed a federal complaint against Judge [Bruce] Reinhart who approved the FBI search warrant, noting that Reinhart “has a conflict of interest and a pattern and history of hostility to President Trump.”

U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert believes that the FBI raid is just the beginning of another DNC attempt to stop Trump and that the FBI seized documents in Trump’s possession relating to the Russiagate hoax. “They didn’t want Trump to be able to come after them,” Gohmert stated. “They want those documents out of Trump’s control, and I think that’s what’s really at the bottom of this. The FBI and DOJ absolutely do not want him to be able to find out who was after him and who was really obstructing justice while he was president, so they do not want those documents in his possession.”

Ed. Note: For a detailed analysis of the true reasons behind the Trump raid, read “Spygate Docs and Trump’s RICO Lawsuit: Exploring the Real Reasons Behind FBI Raid” by Jeff Carlson of The Epoch Times.

3. DEEP STATE SAYS ALL REPUBLICANS ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS: Trump-appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed that any American flying the Gadsden — “Don’t Tread On Me” — flag could be a violent extremist.

Financial Times Associate Editor Edward Luce tweeted, “I’ve covered extremism and violent ideologies around the world, [and] I have never come across a political force more nihilistic, dangerous & contemptible than today’s Republicans. Nothing close.” Former Bush-appointed CIA Director Michael Hayden immediately responded, “I agree.” At a recent rally, Biden said that Trump-endorsed MAGA Republicans are moving towards “semi-fascism.”

Ed. Note: The Washington Times sums it up, “Does it concern you that a group of Democrats holding power is now defining all Republicans as being ‘right-wing extremists’ and a “threat to American democracy?” Karl Marx once said, “Accuse your enemy of what you are doing, as you are doing it to create confusion.”

4. U.S. CENSUS BUREAU “ERRORS” WILL DISTORT ELECTIONS FOR THE NEXT DECADE: The U.S. Census Bureau admitted that it overcounted the population of eight states (seven of them blue states) and undercounted the population of six states (five of them red). Election integrity expert Hans von Spavosky comments, “Those costly errors will distort congressional representation and the Electoral College. It means that when the Census Bureau reapportioned the House of Representatives, Florida was cheated out of two additional seats it should have gotten; Texas missed out on another seat; Minnesota and Rhode Island each kept a representative they shouldn’t have; and Colorado was awarded a new member of the House it didn’t deserve.” Additionally, “Overcounted states will now receive a larger share of federal funds than they are entitled to, at the expense of the undercounted states.”

5. MARK ZUCKERBERG SAYS FBI TOLD HIM TO CENSOR HUNTER BIDEN STORY: In an interview with podcaster Joe Rogan, Meta (formerly Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted that he partially censored the Hunter Biden laptop story in 2020, following a request from the FBI. (It’s worth noting that the FBI knew at the time that the laptop was in fact real.) Zuckerberg said, “The background here is the FBI, I think, basically came to us…and was like, Hey, just so you know, like you should be on high alert…We thought that there was a lot of Russian propaganda in the 2016 election. We have it on notice that basically there’s about to be some kind of dump…that’s similar to that.”

6. GERMAN RESEARCHERS FIND TOXIC COMPONENT IN COVID VACCINES: The Epoch Times reports, “A group of independent German scientists found toxic components—mostly metallic—in all the COVID vaccine samples they analyzed, ‘without exception’ using modern medical and physical measuring techniques. The Working Group for COVID Vaccine Analysis says that some of the toxic elements found inside the AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccine vials were not listed in the ingredient lists from the manufacturers.”

“The following metallic elements were found in the vaccines:”

  • Alkali metals: caesium (Cs), potassium (K)
  • Alkaline earth metals: calcium (Ca), barium (Ba)
  • Transition metals: cobalt (Co), iron (Fe), chromium (Cr), titanium (Ti)
  • Rare earth metals: cerium (Ce), gadolinium (Gd)
  • Mining group/metal: aluminum (Al)
  • Carbon group: silicon (Si) (partly support material/slide)
  • Oxygen group: sulphur (S)

The researchers contended that these substances “cannot be explained as contamination from the manufacturing process.”

Ed. Note: As noted last week, Dr. Steve Kirsch estimates that at least 12 million (including 600,000 Americans) have been killed by Covid vaccines worldwide. 

7. DR. FAUCI TO RETIRE IN DECEMBER: Dr. Anthony Fauci, lockdown architect, mRNA injection promoter, mask/vaccine mandate advocate, long-time Bill Gates ally, and the highest paid government employee ($480,654 a year), announced that he will step down in December. OpenTheBooks.com estimates that his retirement salary will come to $375,211 a year.

Dr. Jay Bhattacharya responded, “The lives and livelihoods of hundreds of millions of children have been harmed in ways that they’ll pay the cost for the rest of their lives…I think it was the single biggest public health disaster of all time and will be an enormous part of his legacy.” Senator Rand Paul tweeted, “Fauci’s resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic. He will be asked to testify, under oath, regarding any discussions he participated in concerning the lab leak.”

8. MORE COVID-19 NEWS: After its official data showed that the fully vaccinated are at higher risk of dying from Covid than the unvaccinated, the province of Manitoba, Canada, stopped reporting the dataGates-linked researchers are pushing for Covid nasal vaccines that could theoretically be sprayed on populations without consent.  A CIA-linked company is making the mRNA for Moderna’s new Covid booster shots.

Former tech executive Dr. Steve Kirsch, who previously donated $20 million to the Democratic Party, regrets his donation. Kirsch said that even Democratic Congress members he formerly donated to won’t give him “two seconds” to discuss vaccines and masking.

9. GLOBALISTS OPENLY PROMOTE MICROCHIPPING OF CHILDREN AND CRIMINALS: “Should you implant a tracking chip in your child? There are solid, rational reasons for it, like safety,” writes Kathleen Philips in a World Economic Forum blog post. Phillips also writes, “Superheroes have been dominating big and small screens for a while, but there’s a subtle change happening. Many children expect to develop superpowers themselves. These expectations may sound unattainable, but we’re already making the first strides towards an ‘augmented society.’”

An article from The Sun suggests, “Criminals could be tracked and controlled via brain chip monitoring in the future, according to neurotechnology law experts. Legal theorists are preparing for a future with widespread use of brain chips and augmented humans.”

Ed. Note: In 2019, Klaus Schwab said, “What the Fourth Industrial Revolution will lead to is a fusion of our physical, our digital, and our biological identities.” Schwab’s 2017 book, “The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” describes his vision in detail. 

10. CHILD TRAFFICKING AND THE LEFT’S ANTI-CHILD AGENDA: Commenting on the release of 257,110 migrant children to “sponsors” during the Biden Administration, former Trump advisor Stephen Miller said, “These astronomical numbers defy any historical comparison. So overwhelmingly are the prior records exceeded that there is no reference point. Biden, with the unflinching aid of 50 Senate Democrats, is running the largest child smuggling operation our world has ever seen.” Border Patrol agents in Arizona seized more than 15,000 “candy”-looking fentanyl pills that appeared targeted at young people.

The Washington Stand reports that at least 13 hospitals in the U.S. perform so-called “gender transition” surgeries on children. Responding to the horrific story of the Boston Children’s Hospital’s promotion of “gender-affirming hysterectomies” for “transgender” children, Soros-backed Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Rachael Rollins declared that opposing the mutilation of children is a “hate crime.”

Thus far, 27 U.S. states have adopted the United Nations Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) programs for schools, designed to prepare children to be “Global Citizens.”

11. BIDEN ANNOUNCES STUDENT LOAN CANCELLATION, JUST BEFORE MIDTERMS: President Biden announced plans to cancel up to $10,000 in federal student loan debt and $20,000 for Pell Grant recipients, “a move that could offer some level of forgiveness for up to 43 million people” as described by The Washington Post. Penn Wharton estimates that the unconstitutional plan, which might not survive a Court challenge, would cost between $300 billion and $980 billion over ten years, with most of the largesse going to income earners in the top 60%.

Lindsey Burke of the Heritage Foundation commented, “Working and middle-class Americans who chose not to go to college, or who responsibly paid off their student loans, should not be forced to pay off the loans of others.”

Dave Gonigam writes, “Student loan forgiveness is a gift to the higher education cartel in the same way that Obamacare was a gift to the health care cartel.” Senator Kevin Cramer notes that the move will cause colleges to raise the price of college, stating, “The loan forgiveness suggestion…would create so many perverse incentives.”

Ed. Note: Psalms 37:21 says, “The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again.” In 2020, one Iowa parent asked Senator Elizabeth Warren this question: “I’ve saved all my money. [My daughter] doesn’t have any student loans. Am I going to get my money back?” Warren responded, “Of course not.”  

12. WILL LGBTQ BECOME LGBTQZ? Following Thailand and Taiwan, Singapore has legalized unnatural relations between men. A new movement in Germany seeks to decriminalize “zoophilia,” or unnatural relations between humans and animals. LGBTQ could soon add one more letter.

13. SALESMEN BANNED IN NEW YORK: New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed several bills banning “gendered language” in the state. “Councilman” has been replaced with “council member” and the “antiquated” term “salesman” with “salesperson.” Hochul also signed a law replacing the term “mentally retarded” with “developmentally disabled.” Earlier this month, the governor signed a bill replacing “inmate” with “incarcerated person” or “justice-involved individuals.”

14. CLIMATE POLICE IN CANADA AND FRANCE: French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin has announced plans for 3,000 new “green police” officials. Leaked plans reveal that Trudeau’s Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is building a Winnipeg facility that will house “a firearms armory, interrogation rooms, biological labs, media relations offices, ‘controlled quiet rooms,’ and intelligence facilities,” according to the Counter Signal.

15. MORE WARNINGS OF SYSTEM COLLAPSE: French President and former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron said that France is experiencing “a great shift or a great upheaval” and “living through the end of abundance.” Stephan Kramer of Germany’s domestic intelligence service warns that worsening energy shortages, unemployment, poverty, and inflation could lead to “explosive” unrest.

Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter warns that things will turn “ugly” when the system breaks down. “How are things going to work when this thing goes down? My question would be, is anything going to work? Will your bank be open? Will your broker be open? Will there be a store open or a restaurant or any place to buy goods?” Holter advises, “Become your own central banker. Stock up on the things you think you are going to need. Is it going to last two weeks or two years? It could last two years. One thing is for sure, our life in the United States is going to be drastically changed to a lower standard of living…You are watching the breakdown in real time.”


  • The Democratic Republic of Congo has become the “Rape Capital Of The World,” with the highest number of allegations (one-third) of sexual exploitation by UN “peacekeepers.”
  • 54 percent of Americans agree that “The U.S. is experiencing an invasion at the southern border.”
  • The United Nation’s Melissa Fleming admitted that the UN recruited 110,000 “digital first responders” during Covid-19 to combat “misinformation” online.
  • Reuters reports, “South Korea and the United States began their largest joint military drills in years on Monday with a resumption of field training, officials said, as the allies seek to tighten readiness over North Korea’s potential weapons tests.”
  • A Minneapolis teachers’ union declared that White teachers must be laid off first to make up for “past discriminations.” Wired Magazine published a recent article that described “a future without White people” and profiled a book entitled, “The Last White Man.”
  • Roughly 1 in 6 American homes are behind on the power bills, thanks to Biden’s war on energy and inflationary policies.
  • In a recent paper titled, “The Economics of Central Bank Digital Currency,” the European Central Bank proposed that cash should be discarded in favor of a digital euro.
  • TikTok, which is completely controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, has established a “Midterms Election Center.”
  • California is moving ahead with a plan to prohibit the sale of all gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035 to “fight climate change.”
  • Yelp will now display the following message on listings for crisis pregnancy centers: “This is a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Crisis Pregnancy Centers typically provide limited medical services and may not have licensed medical professionals onsite.”


1. AMERICANS CONTINUE TO LOSE TRUST IN WOKE MARXIST INSTITUTIONS: Rasmussen reports, “44% of Likely U.S. voters say the FBI raid on Trump’s Florida home made them trust the FBI less, compared to 29% who say it made them trust the bureau more.” 62% of U.S. voters responding to another Rasmussen survey believe that news media bias is getting worse, while 26% say it hasn’t changed much. Education Next found that around two million students exited the Marxist government introduction camps (aka, public schools) between 2020 and 2021, choosing charter schools, private schools, or home schools.

Ed. Note: The FBI, legacy media, and Big Education were captured by leftists long ago, but by openly displaying themselves as the opposite of everything they claim to stand for, these institutions have revealed their true character to millions of Americans.

2. BRAZIL PRESIDENT SAYS COUNTRY CANNOT RETURN TO “COMMUNISM”: In the kickoff to his election campaign, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said, “This country does not want setbacks, does not want gender ideology in schools, does not want to deregulate drugs. This country respects life from its conception and does not want communism.” Bolsonaro chose the city of Juiz de Fora as the site of his first campaign event. It was here that he survived a stabbing assassination attempt on September 6, 2018, shortly before his election. “It is the city of my rebirth, where my life was saved by our Creator,” said Bolsonaro.

3. DESANTIS SAYS VACCINE-INJURED SHOULD BE ABLE TO SUE: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis minced no words responding to the CDC’s declaration that the unvaccinated and vaccinated should now be treated the same: “Even the CDC is now admitting, ‘no reason to treat vaxxed or unvaxxed any differently.’ Well, guess what that means? Every single mandate must be removed.” DeSantis also said, “And if anybody was forced into doing this and ended up with an adverse reaction, they should be able to sue over that.” The previous week, DeSantis said, “They lied to us about the mRNA shots.”

4. FEDERAL JUDGE RULES AGAINST VACCINE MANDATE FOR MARINES: In a preliminary injunction, Judge Steven Merryday ruled that the military cannot punish Marines who have refused to receive the experimental mRNA injection for religious reasons. Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel said, “U.S. Marines who filed for religious exemption and were denied, at least at the first level, are now protected. They cannot be forced to take the shot against their sincere religious objections. They cannot be intimidated, coerced; they cannot be discharged, and they cannot be harassed in any way at all.”

5. CONSERVATIVE GROUP EXPOSES LUNACY OF MEN COMPETING AGAINST WOMEN IN SPORTS: Citizens For Sanity is launching a multimillion-dollar campaign to expose “the woke ideology of sheltered white liberals.” Its first television spot shreds the notion of biological men competing in women’s sports. Watch here.

6. DR. ROBERT MALONE TO SUE WASHINGTON POST FOR DEFAMATION: MRNA technology co-inventor Dr. Robert Malone is suing The Washington Post $50.35 million for defamation. The lawsuit alleges, “WaPo falsely accused Dr. Malone of fraud, disinformation, dishonesty, deception, lying to the American public, lack of integrity, immorality and ethical improprieties.”

7. FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA, SCHOOL BOARD BACKS DOWN: Last week’s AGENDA Weekly brief highlighted the Fargo, North Dakota, school board that voted to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before its meetings. After national backlash, the school board backed down, voting to reinstate the Pledge.

8. BMJ EDITOR SAYS “SCIENCE” IS NO LONGER TRUSTWORTHY: In an opinion piece for the British Medical Journal (BMJ), former BMJ editor Richard Smith asked, “Is it time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?” Smith said the problem of fraudulent medical research has been going on for decades and is only worsening, and suggested that individuals should “assume that the research is fraudulent until there is some evidence to support it having happened and having been honestly reported.”

Ed. Note: For more, see our previous episode entitled, “Never, Never, Ever Trust the Experts.” 

9. 1,100 SCIENTISTS SAY THERE IS NO CLIMATE EMERGENCY: “Climate science should be less political, while climate policies should be more scientific,” states the declaration from 1107 scientists. “Scientists should openly address uncertainties and exaggerations in their predictions of global warming, while politicians should dispassionately count the real costs as well as the imagined benefits of their policy measures.” The declaration asserts, “Climate models have many shortcomings and are not remotely plausible as policy tools,” and “CO2 is not a pollutant.”

10. 25 DESANTIS-BACKED CANDIDATES WIN SCHOOL BOARD ELECTIONS IN FLORIDA: 25 of 30 candidates endorsed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won their school board elections, flipping five more Florida counties to conservative majorities. Meg Kilgannon of the Family Research Council said, “It’s the culmination of a lot of hard work. It’s a reflection of Florida citizens’ anger at the school boards in red counties and a red state acting like they live in blue counties and blue states…”

11. TRUTH SOCIAL PUBLISHES RUMBLE ADS: Rumble has launched a new advertising platform, and its first publisher will be President Trump’s Truth Social. Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski said, “We are excited to have Truth Social as our very first publisher on the Rumble Ad platform. A significant part of the internet is now served through the Rumble ecosystem, which gives advertisers a new place to target customers aligned with our mission to fight back against cancel culture. We look forward to proving the incredible size and performance of this market.”

12. COURT BLOCKS BIDEN ABORTION ORDER: The Daily Signal reports, “A federal district court in Texas issued an order Wednesday blocking the Biden administration’s attempt to force the state’s emergency room doctors to perform abortions, regardless of whether doing so violates their religious beliefs.”

13. PRO-LIFE “TRIGGER” LAWS GO INTO EFFECT IN THREE STATES: “Trigger” laws restricting abortion went into effect in Idaho, Tennessee, and Texas. “Dobbs marked the beginning of a new chapter in the fight to protect innocent human life, and the progress we’ve seen in recent months has been incredible,” said policy analyst Melanie Israel.

14. KENDRICK BROTHERS FILM “LIFEMARK” TO HIT THE THEATERS: The Kendrick Brothers’ latest film, Lifemark, a pro-life, pro-adoption film, will hit the theaters from September 9 through September 15. Learn more here and get your tickets here.


The Solid Rock by Edward Mote

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness!
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand,
All other ground is sinking sand.

When darkness veils His lovely face,
I rest on His unchanging grace.
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.

His oath, His covenant, His blood
Support me in the whelming flood!
When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my hope and stay!

When He shall come with trumpet sound,
Oh, may I then in Him be found,
Dressed in His righteousness alone,
Faultless to stand before the throne!

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand,
All other ground is sinking sand.

Featured Videos

You can share this week’s Behind the Scenes video here or the audio at this link.

Watch: The Globalist WAR on the Elements of Life (17 minutes). This mini-documentary reveals how globalists are trying to ban the key elements of life, including CARBON, OXYGEN, and NITROGEN. They are using this war on the elements to starve humanity to death and reduce the global population.

Watch: 11-Year-Old Exposes The Plans of Klaus Schwab (7 minutes) A clear explanation by an elementary student details how the globalists want to destroy YOU. Note: to watch, click the link or image above.

Watch: Uninformed Consent – Official Full Documentary Release (129 minutes). An in-depth look into the Covid-19 narrative, who’s controlling it, and how it’s being used to inject a new, untested technology into almost every person on the planet.

Watch: ‘Bill Gates Institution for Population Control’ Quietly Changed Its Name (3 minutes). Many people are awakening to the reality that the ruling class does not have our best interests at heart. Part of the agenda is to reduce the planet’s population to a more “manageable” number.

Articles of the Week

Read: All Hands on Deck: Christians Need to Engage in the Election Now. With the midterms looming, George Barna urges Christians to do more than just vote.

Read: The Hopelessly Corrupt Biden Administration Is Sending America Into a Downward Spiral. Elizabeth Stauffer writes, “August is typically a quiet time in our nation’s capital with Congress out of session, but seismic events in the past two weeks have combined to make clear what Democrats have planned for this country.”

Read: Is the Virus Real? Dr. Meryll Nass asks if the “fake virus hypothesis is “a psyop, repeatedly inserted into the discourse to stop people from looking into the true origin of the virus.”

Read: Rent Forever and Love It. Joel Kotkin writes, “Ultimately the battle over land and property will define our future and whether we provide hope to the next generation, or force them to accept a lifetime of rental serfdom and permanent subservience to the state, or big capital, or both.”

Prayer and Action

Thank the Lord that the Covid-19 “vaccine” lie is beginning to unravel.

Pray that parents worldwide will have wisdom to not allow their children to get the shot.

Pray that the tremendous loss of life and destruction from the shot will continue to be front and center in the public debate.

Ask God for courage to speak the truth, so that the destructive lies of the medical establishment will be exposed and defeated.

Prayerfully consider what steps you can take to begin building a family economy.

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Memory verse of the week: Psalm 37:25 “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”

You can share this week’s Behind the Scenes video here or the audio at this link.

Patriot Spotlight

“After ordering almost 200 free Christian tracts from the Chapel Library in Pensacola, FL, I began handing them out to people wherever I go…I open up by asking if I could give them a gift. Then I tell them how I used to have serious problems with anger, bitterness, and lack of forgiveness. But at age 38, Jesus got my attention and when I surrendered to Him, He began changing me for the better!! I then give them my name and ask if there is any way I can pray for them. That often leads to them sharing something about themselves or their circumstances. This is such an exciting time to be living! We’re all experiencing trials in our lives, and we Christians have the answer!…our Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified! I’m hoping other Christians will follow suit and receive the joy I have found in sharing Christ by planting and watering the seeds of the gospel!!”
– Betty Ann M.

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