“In contrast to what some would want you to believe, revolting against experts is not an attack on science, considering that little evidence suggests that they care about scientific truth.”

-Lipton Matthews, The Mises Institute

Never, Never, Ever, Trust the Experts

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of April 11-17

Dear Friend,

When faced with the reality of today’s perilous times, we can respond in one of two ways. We can adopt a passive victim mentality, wishing that we had been born in an easier time, or hoping for things to magically improve on their own. Or, we can rise to our God-given calling, acknowledge that we were placed here “for such a time as this,” and thrill with the honor of serving our King.

Which response is yours?


Gramsci and the Frankfurt School understood what Marx missed. American civilization was too strong to be destroyed in an economic revolution. Enter Cultural Marxism, which sought to infiltrate and then use America’s institutions (Hollywood, education, the press, the courts, etc.) to transform American culture from within. This strategy included emphasizing differences, exacerbating race tensions, and creating artificial classes when necessary. Consider these recent developments in cultural class warfare, all designed to destroy American culture and expand the power of the leftist ruling class.

1. A POLICE SHOOTING ROCKS MINNEAPOLIS: On Sunday evening, April 11, 20-year old Daunte Wright was fatally shot by a police officer who said she meant to use her taser instead of her gun. Wright was wanted for weapon possession charge, had skipped his court date, and was resisting arrest when shot. In response, Antifa terrorists in Portland and Minneapolis looted, rioted, and burned at will.

2. THE WAR ON POLICE CONTINUES: One headline reads, Hordes of Demoralized Police Officers Are Quitting Their Jobs, and America’s Streets Are Less Safe as a Result. Since July 2020, 115 police officers in Portland alone have quit.

U.S. Representative and “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib has called to end policing, saying, “It can’t be reformed.” Cornel West, philosophy professor at Harvard Divinity School, said that American police “have been out of control since the slave patrol.”

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz called out Kristen Clarke, Biden’s nominee for assistant attorney general, for calling in a 2020 op-ed to “defund the police.” Cruz also pointed out that during law school, Clarke “helped organize a conference with speakers who referred to convicted cop killers as political prisoners.” Read the full transcript here.

Over its Governor’s veto, Maryland voted to repeal the state’s police bill of rights, among other “reforms.” In 2015, The New American revealed how then-President Obama was attempting to nationalize America’s police with his “Task Force on 21st Century Policing.” Overwhelming and demonizing local police departments moves America closer to such a goal. Action: Support your local police and thank them for keeping you safe.

3. BLACK LIVES MATTER CO-FOUNDER GOES ON MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR SPENDING SPREES: Hawk Newsome, head of the Black Lives Matter New York chapter, has called for “an independent investigation” into the actions of BLM founder and leader Patrisse Khan-Cullors. Cullors recently purchased four high-end homes for $3.2 million. The organization (whose founders call themselves “trained Marxists”) raked in over $90 million in 2020. Remember, from Vladimir Lenin to Nicolae Ceaușescu, Marxist leaders have always presented themselves as champions of the oppressed to consolidate their personal power and prestige. In a move reminiscent of the Hunter Biden story last fall, both Facebook and Instagram have blocked users from sharing this article from the New York Post, entitled, Inside BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors’ Million-Dollar Real Estate Buying Binge.

4. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION PROMOTES “DIVERSITY” AND COMBATS “WHITE SUPREMACY”: U.N. Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield recently said, “The original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.”

After naming retired ambassador Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley as the department’s first chief diversity and inclusion officer, Secretary of State Antony Blinken discussed what he called the lack of diversity at the state department. “It’s systemic. It goes much deeper than any one institution or any one administration. And it’s perpetuated by policies, practices, and people to this day.”

In related news, Amazon has committed to new “diversity” metrics, pledging to increase the number of Black and women employees in its leadership.

5. CORPORATE AMERICA PUNISHES GEORGIA: Director Will Smith has signaled that Apple’s film project “Emancipation” will exit Georgia, in response to Georgia’s new voting reforms, which Smith called “regressive” and “designed to restrict voter access.” Other Hollywood celebrities have vowed to boycott the state.

Hundreds of company executives, including those of Amazon, Google, and Starbucks, have signed a statement on what they call “discriminatory” voting laws.

Further, Breitbart reports, “Wall Street firms, multinational corporations, and giant law firms are teaming up with the Brennan Justice Center, which is heavily funded by billionaire George Soros, to pressure states against reforms to their voting laws.”

6. NCAA GOES FULL IN ON TRANS AGENDA: “Inclusion and fairness can coexist for all student-athletes, including transgender athletes, at all levels of sport,” said the NCAA’s Board of Governors on Monday, committing to no longer hold events in states that aren’t “free of discrimination.”

Pushing back, the Florida House passed a bill that would prohibit biological males from competing in women’s school sports, while the Texas Senate has passed a similar bill.

7. TUCKER CARLSON EXPOSES AGENDA TO REPLACE CONSERVATIVE AMERICANS VIA MASS IMMIGRATION: “Demographic change is the key to the Democratic party’s political ambitions,” Tucker Carlson said. “In order to win and maintain power, Democrats plan to change the population of the country…It drives them absolutely crazy when you say it out loud. A hurt dog barks.”


Tyrants have always recognized fear of real or imagined crises as a potent weapon to gain more control (For more perspective, see last week’s Behind the Scenes video). Today’s elites seek to capitalize on the fear of Covid-19 to advance their agendas, which include movement control via vaccine passports, financial control via digital currency, and health control via injections.

1. MEDIA AND MEDICAL “EXPERTS” PEDDLE FEAR: Consider the following quotes and headlines:

2. JOHNSON AND JOHNSON VACCINE SUSPENDED: In a joint announcement, the CDC and the FDA paused the distribution of the Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine after several cases of blood clots had been discovered. Healthcare workers have already administered over 6.8 million doses of the vaccine. Denmark has officially ended distribution of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the first European country to do so.

3. FORMER PFIZER EXECUTIVE MIKE YEADON WARNS OF VACCINE AGENDA: Yeadon warns that vaccines and vaccine passports are “nothing but a form of totalitarian control,” and are part of “a Psyop agenda.”

“In the last year, I have realized that my government and its advisers are lying in the faces of the British people about everything to do with this coronavirus.” Yeadon says everyone should “fight like crazy to make sure that [vaccine passport] system never forms.” Read more here.

4. US REP JIM JORDAN AND US SEN RAND PAUL HOLD FAUCI TO TASK FOR INCITING FEAR: Senator Rand Paul said on Fox Business Live that Fauci makes claims that are not “matched by the science of his own institute,” and “should be voluntarily removed” for such fear-mongering.

In a heated exchange, U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan voiced the frustration of millions of Americans, telling Fauci, “You are the highest-paid official in the United States government. You have given us your advice on baseball, on dating apps, on cruise ships, you’ve told us zero masks, one mask, two masks, now back to one mask,” he went on, “I am just asking you, when is it going to end?” “You can say I’m ranting,” Jordan went on, “I am actually asking the questions that the citizens I get the privilege of representing — and my name actually goes on a ballot. I don’t think your name has ever been on a ballot.” “My name goes on a ballot,” he added. “The citizens I represent want to know the answer to when they can get their liberties back?” Watch the full exchange here or in our recommended videos.

Emerald Robinson summed it up, “Fauci is now making it clear that masks and distancing will still be encouraged for people who have taken the vaccine…he lied to you. It’s not about health – it’s about power.”

5. BIG BUSINESS DRIVING VACCINES: Salesforce will start allowing some vaccinated employees to return to some of its offices. The NFL is strongly encouraging players to be vaccinated and requiring all employees to be vaccinated or have “bona fide medical or religious grounds” for refusal.

6. POLICE IN LA FORCIBLY INJECT SPECIAL NEEDS PEOPLE WITH VACCINE: Life Site News reports, “A video circulating on social media shows members of the Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department forcibly injecting people who are disabled and mentally handicapped with Johnson & Johnson’s now-suspended coronavirus vaccine.”

World-renowned Harvard-trained psychiatrist Peter Breggin has called the video “horrific,” saying, “It represents the worst of psychiatry, public health, and progressive politics coming all together in the service of globalism.”

7. VACCINES DO NOT PROVIDE FULL IMMUNITY: Global Research reports, “CDC Admits 5,800 Fully Vaccinated People Became Infected with COVID-19 and 74 Died.” Pfizer CEO Albert Bouria recently said, “A likely scenario is that there will be likely a need for a third dose, somewhere between six and 12 months and then from there, there will be an annual revaccination.”


1. BIDEN’S EARTH DAY CLIMATE SUMMIT: Commenting on Biden’s scheduled Earth Day Climate Summit (which includes Xi and Putin and around 40 other leaders), CFR writer Alice C. Hill wrote, “After four years of U.S. inaction under President Donald Trump, Biden hopes to show the rest of the world that the country is once again ready to lead in the fight against climate change. With greenhouse gas emissions and global temperatures continuing to rise, he is expected to announce more ambitious emissions-reduction targets and urge other countries to follow suit.” Hill also warned the world could see “millions of homes underwater, record-breaking droughts and floods, and widespread species loss, among other consequences.”

2. RUSSIA AND UKRAINE: On Thursday, April 15, Biden declared a “national emergency” over Russia and announced new sanctions on the country. Biden said, “We cannot allow a foreign power to interfere in our democratic process with impunity.” Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated, “Today, we announced actions to hold the Russian Government to account for the SolarWinds intrusion, reports of bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and attempts to interfere in the 2020 U.S. elections.”

Victor Davis Hanson warns that “Joe Biden, and those around him, seem determined to upset the peace they inherited.”


1. PACKING THE COURT: Biden announced a 36-member “bipartisan” commission to study potential changes to the Supreme Court. The commission would study “the length of service and turnover of justices on the Court; the membership and size of the Court; and the Court’s case selection, rules, and practices.”

Shortly thereafter, Democrats introduced legislation to pack the Supreme Court, increasing the number of justices from nine to 13. “Supreme Court expansion is infrastructure,” said one Democrat.

2. RULE BY TERROR: The Gateway Pundit reports that Felicia Konald of Arizona, a pregnant mother, “still did not realize it was a protest when she followed the crowd of fellow Trump supporters to the Capitol. The door to the building was open, and police seemed to be allowing people inside, so she went. She was kind and friendly to police and left quickly when she was told that people were not supposed to be there.”

One month later, Konald was yanked from bed at gunpoint by the FBI. She now faces possibly up to 30 years in prison. You can contribute to her defense fund at Venmo at @Felicia-Konold-1. By contrast, leftist agent provocateur John Sullivan was let off after claiming that he was inside the Capitol building as a “journalist.” Despite Ashli Babbit’s death being ruled a homicide, the DOJ has declined to file any charges against the unnamed police officer who shot and killed Babbit inside the Capitol building.

3. SILENCING DISSENT: James O’ Keefe was de-platformed from Twitter, something which has now become a badge of honor for many conservatives. On April 9, journalist James Corbett of The Corbett Report found his entire YouTube channel deleted. Thankfully, Corbett has been promoting YouTube alternatives since 2009 and has repeatedly warned his audience that de-platforming would happen one day.


1. BARNA STUDY: new study from George Barna and the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University found that only 6% of Americans hold a biblical worldview. Instead, Barna says that 88% hold a view called “syncretism,” described as “disparate, irreconcilable collection of beliefs and behaviors that define people’s lives.” These views include Deism (39%), Biblical Theism (31%), Secular Humanism and Postmodernism (16% each), Nihilism, Eastern Mysticism, and Marxism (10% each).

2. CANADIAN GRACE LIFE CHURCH GROWS THROUGH PERSECUTION: One member said : “The church is doing well. During this time, we’ve witnessed strong growth, almost doubling our numbers… Each week we are engaged with conversations with new people who have been starving for Christian preaching and fellowship during this time when their church attendance is highly limited. God is really moving during this time. We were already a close church, but God has just been knitting our hearts together and lives. Many of us are experiencing resistance from extended family members and even employers, causing the church body to become like our own families. We are reminded of this Scripture in Matthew that says, ‘If any man come to me and hate not his father and mother, wife and children, and brethren and sisters, yea his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.’ We feel we are having to choose between opposition and faithfulness to Christ at this time.”


1. TRUMP VS NEWT ON THE FUTURE OF THE GOP: During a recent speech to GOP donors, President Trump called out McConnell and Pence. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who attended the event, said, “We are much better off if we keep focusing on the Democrats. Period.” Many of today’s Republicans have a consistent track record of repeatedly betraying conservative principles.

2 NEBRASKA BECOMES SANCTUARY STATE: Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts has proclaimed his state a “Second Amendment Sanctuary State.”

3. LINDELL FREE SPEECH PLATFORM TO LAUNCH: The new platform, set to launch on Monday, April 19, is called Frank. “And we are going to get our voice of free speech out there,” Lindell said. “On Monday morning at 9 a.m., we’re going to have the biggest launch… I call it a Frank-a-thon.” Watch Lindell’s inspiring message here.



Lead on, O King eternal,
The day of march has come;
Henceforth in fields of conquest
Your tents will be our home.
Through days of preparation
Your grace has made us strong;
And now, O King eternal,
We lift our battle song.

Lead on, O King eternal,
Till sin’s fierce war shall cease,
And holiness shall whisper
The sweet amen of peace.
For not with swords’ loud clashing
Or roll of stirring drums
With deeds of love and mercy​
The heavenly kingdom comes.

Lead on, O King eternal;
We follow, not with fears,
For gladness breaks like morning
Where’er your face appears.
Your cross is lifted o’er us,
We journey in its light;
The crown awaits the conquest;
Lead on, O God of might.

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Articles of the Week

Read: Why Trust the Experts? Lipton Matthews of the Mises Institute explains the sociological, economic, and cultural reasons why experts take the politically popular position, even when the actual scientific evidence is weak or nonexistent.

 Read: 18 Reasons Why I Won’t Be Getting the Covid VaccineChristian Elliot of the Children’s Health Defense explains his concerns and lingering questions about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Read: Life Site News Interview with Dr. Michael Yeadon, Former Pfizer VP. In a revealing interview, Yeadon says the experts are wrong and are lying in such a way that could “lead to your death.”

Prayer and Action

Thank God that the heavens declare His glory and the firmament showeth His handiwork (Psalm 19). Thank Him for making it evident to all that He does exist.

Thank Him for giving us the Bible so we would know what truth is and understand our duties and responsibilities before Him.

Pray that God would make the truth we speak powerful to the listener and that He would pierce their hearts with that reality.

Pray for our political leaders that they would be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth (2 Timothy 2:4). But also pray that if they do not, God would have mercy on us by foiling their evil plans and exposing their lies (Psalm 10).

Pray that all those who are truly saved in America would be sober-minded, courageous, and diligent in standing up for what is right.

Consider taking Hillsdale Colleges’s FREE online class, entitled, The Second World Wars.

Send a thank-you note, a plate of cookies, or some other token of appreciation from your family to your local police department or sheriff.

If you’re a Christian, make a list of three people you know who that you have not yet shared the gospel with. Begin praying for them and work towards getting together with them to tell them the good news (Acts 1:8).

If you’re interested, you can share this week’s video, Never, Never, Ever, Trust the Experts, at this link.

Continuing State Action:

  • Contact your state legislators and governor and ask them to make “vaccine passports” illegal in your state.
  • Ask your state elected officials to resist unconstitutional executive orders, specifically on guns.

National Legislative Action: Continue praying, encouraging others to act, and contacting your elected officials. You can call the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121) or find your Senator’s number here: https://contactsenators.com/

Ask your Senators to vote NO on the PRO Act. This bill would eliminate Right to Work and Independent Contractor Status. The Democrats want to pass it in the infrastructure bill with a simple majority. Even a Forbes column admits the bill is a bad idea. For more bills, click here.

Patriot Spotlight

“I want to thank you for your hard work of explaining what is happening in our country, and for giving ideas and resources to help us get involved and encourage us through these trying times. God bless you! – Margie R.

“Thank you so much for your wise counsel. I look forward to your Agenda Weekly every Saturday…So thankful that God is in control and nothing surprises Him! – Barbara C.

“Since being made aware through the Agenda films I have been an avid fan and follower of your work and subscribe to Agenda Weekly. I cannot thank you enough for sounding the alarm but more importantly, for showing us what we need to be doing in our communities.” – Nancy E.

“A big thank you to Curtis Bowers and his staff who work tirelessly to keep us informed. God bless you and keep you!” – Terry S.

“Here is my small group plan. There is a church nearby, and I plan to ask if they would allow us to meet several times a month for prayer. I would love to invite the people we know/have personal connections with: our fire chief, a police officer, our realtor, a family friend, several pastors we know,  several businessmen and several like-minded neighbors. The goal would be to discuss how we can better pray for, get involved and bless our area in light of restrictions and so many changes in 2020. I do not know each of these areas of the community really well, but they do. It will be interesting to see who will attend, and my goal is to start conversations and supply these folks with good resources, like the Agenda Weekly updates and Agenda films…Thanks so much for the encouragement to try this!” – Alli B.

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8 thoughts on “Never, Never, Ever, Trust the Experts”

  1. Agenda Weekly is THE BEST!!! I so appreciate the “Behind the Scenes” video and the news items and links. Today’s title, “Never, Never, Ever Trust the Experts” takes me back to my church “Senior Support Group” gathering on Wednesday. I live in BC and churches are not allowed to hold services indoors but Support Groups are fine inside the sanctuary. Our pastors are great and understand globalism (and have Agenda 1 & 2) but a few in the church seem to ONLY listen to Corporate Media – including our esteemed (evil) public health officer. Wednesday we were discussing current covid issues: I sited that Italy is now going to provide therapuetics! (sorry about the spelling!) Our health officer ignores some (Vitamin D3 and Ivermectin) and lies about others (hydroxychloriquine). So our pastor said there are many conflicting opinions, “Who do you trust?” —– sadly he did not state the obvious answer. I had sent the youtube video of your covid “Behind the Scenes” to our leadership team but the screen is black with a message that the video is not available. Where can I get it to pass it along? PS. The Woods in PEI used to be members of our church while they still lived here!

  2. Curtis gives wise advice all throughout the presentation but especially near the ending where he says (paraphrased) “the experts know what they know, but they don’t know what they don’t know.” Absolutely spot on! I have witnessed this firsthand myself while following this Planned-emic closely since news of it it began in late December 2019.

    Advising your viewers to collect as much information about an issue from as many multiple sources as possible (from designated “experts”) before making any decisions or taking any consequential actions is seriously excellent and valuable wisdom.

    What many folks need is a reliable list of links to videos and articles that contain the truths behind the covid “crisis” and the existential danger posed by the unproven “vaccines” (mRNA agents). The links should point to URLS located on safe websites and are not vulnerable to sudden unannounced censorship and deletion by the Dark (Deep) State / Big Tech.

  3. Agenda Weekly: a true education in American government and economics, current events and history all in one place. We discuss the topics weekly with our teens as we sit at dinner and drive in the car. Now our eldest(15) has started at his Christian school a club learning and discussing our country’s Godly foundations, the Constitution and showing the Agenda Movies to his classmates. Thankful that this next generation is learning to discern truth with a biblical worldview. Hoping more adults in our church and community will seek the truth too!

  4. Well put Curtis, thanks for informing us once again. You see this continuing trend of this communist movement or collectivism goes to show you that man will rely more and more upon themselves to draw even more power because man’s heart is deceitful instead of seeking wisdom from our Master.

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