“Crowds are influenced primarily by images produced by the judicious employment of words.”

-Gustave Le Bon

Reflections on January 6

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of January 2-8

Dear Friend,

“Crowds are influenced primarily by images produced by the judicious employment of words.” So said Gustave Le Bon over 100 years ago in his incredibly influential book, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind. Today, mainstream media continues to employ Le Bon’s tactic to shape narratives surrounding January 6, November 3, Covid-19, and other important events. It is up to us to refute falsehood and spread the truth.

1. INFANT MURDER CLAIMED FAR MORE LIVES THAN COVID-19 IN 2021: Life News reports, “More human beings died in abortions than any other cause of death in 2021. A heartbreaking reminder about the prevalence of abortion, statistics compiled by Worldometers indicate that there were over 42.6 million abortions world-wide in 2021.” By contrast, around official numbers state that 3.5 million people died from COVID-19 in 2021.

Ed. Note: Think about those numbers! Over ten times more children were killed by doctors in 2021 than all the people worldwide who died from Covid. That fact should drive us to our knees to ask for God’s mercy.

2. THIS WEEK’S CENSORSHIP: U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was permanently suspended from Twitter after posting a chart that pulled “misleading” information from the VAERS database. Greene responded on Gettr, “When Maxine Waters can go to the streets and threaten violence on Twitter, Kamala and Ilhan can bail out rioters on Twitter, and Chief spokesman for terrorist IRGC can tweet mourning Soleimani, but I get suspended for tweeting VAERS statistics, Twitter is an enemy to America and can’t handle the truth. That’s fine, I’ll show America we don’t need them and it’s time to defeat our enemies.” Facebook followed Twitter, permanently banning Greene.

Grabien News was suspended by Twitter after posting a video by Congressman Andy Biggs criticizing Big Pharma companies for censoring less profitable products like Ivermectin and HCQ. T-Mobile is censoring links to The Gateway Pundit articles. YouTube removed Joe Rogan’s viral interview with Dr. Robert Malone. In a striking chart, Dr. Steve Kirsch observes that there’s little difference between China and U.S. modes of censorship.

Ed. Note: If you want to know who’s lying and who’s speaking the truth, consider which individuals are being censored and which are not. 

3. JOE ROGAN’S INTERVIEW WITH DR. ROBERT MALONE: Joe Rogan has 11 million listeners and a $100 million contract with Spotify. Rogan aired a groundbreaking three-hour-long interview with Dr. Robert Malone. The Defender has provided a summary of the interview’s key points, with time codes:

  • 24:19: An estimated 500,000 COVID deaths resulted from the suppression of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ).
  • 25:39: Former head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Dr. Janet Woodcock, intentionally prevented doctors from using HCQ (Hydroxichloriquine) outside of the hospital setting. HCQ is one of the few antiviral medications safe in pregnancy and is largely ineffective once a person has been hospitalized.
  • 31:10: Pharma industry’s systematic efforts to discredit Ivermectin.
  • 32:40: COVID deaths in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh plummeted soon after packets of medicines were distributed to their population. It is suspected these packets included Ivermectin but this was never formally disclosed. This puzzling policy went into effect soon after a meeting between President Biden and Prime Minister Modi.
  • 36:28: Increased risk of adverse events from vaccinating after SARS-COV2 infection. 
  • 38:40140 studies demonstrate natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity. Natural immunity is 6 to13 fold better than vaccination in preventing hospitalization.
  • 43:44The Trusted News Initiative employed to protect western elections from foreign influence was used to justify the suppression of “misinformation” around the pandemic.
  • 50:15: Emails between NIH Director Francis Collins and Fauci demonstrate an intention to launch a smear campaign against the founders of the Great Barrington Declaration.
  • 54:00: How is Israel (highly vaccinated) faring in comparison to Palestine (poorly vaccinated)?
  • 57:00: Why is good data nearly impossible to find?
  • 1:06:00: The regulatory process is broken because vaccine manufacturers are responsible for their own data. The FDA is not doing its job as a regulatory body.
  • 1:14:50: Arguably the best clinicians of our day are having their medical licensure attacked.
  • 1:22:50Hong Kong study demonstrates 1 in 2,700 boys are hospitalized with myocarditis after vaccination.
  • 1:27:00: Lipid nanoparticles pose danger to ovaries.
  • 1:46:30: Long COVID and post-vaccination syndrome are impossible to differentiate.
  • 1:49:00: Dysregulation of T-cells after vaccination may be causing latent virus reactivation (e.g., shingles).
  • 1:59:00: Omicron and the possible negative efficacy of vaccines. 
  • 2:06:20: What is Original Antigenic Sin?
  • 2:20:00: Monoclonal antibody therapies are still important but have been limited by our authorities.
  • 2:22:10: Vaccine mandates are illegal.
  • 2:35:50Pfizer is one of the most criminal pharmaceutical organizations in the world.
  • 2:37:00: What are mass formation psychosis and tribalism?
  • 2:53:00: We are having a worldwide epidemic of suicide in children.

Malone concluded the interview: “There are two hills that I am willing to die on. The first is stopping the jabs on the children. [The other] is resisting the erosion of free speech…”

4. “BUILDING TRUST” MEANS GREATER CENSORSHIP: In her article, “Building Trust is the Only Way Out of the Pandemic,” Melissa Viola of the globalist Aspen Institute said leaders must combat “misinformation and disinformation” by focusing on “de-platforming creators of disinformation; better understanding the political, ideological, and financial motives for spreading disinformation; and making more regulatory and legislative decisions related to how information is shared on social media.”

Ed. Note: This is what a “1984” world looks like. At first people say, “It’s not a big deal,” and then before they know it, they fear saying the wrong thing and being cancelled, so they do not speak at all.

5. “EMERGENCY SITUATIONS” JUSTIFY “AN AUTHORITARIAN APPROACH”: In a recent study, published in Cambridge University’s American Political Science Review, Ross Mittiga asked, “Is authoritarian power ever legitimate?” Shockingly Mittiga answered, “While, under normal conditions, maintaining democracy and rights is typically compatible with guaranteeing safety, in emergency situations, conflicts between these two aspects of legitimacy can and often do arise. A salient example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic, during which severe limitations on free movement and association have become legitimate techniques of government. Climate change poses an even graver threat to public safety. Consequently, I argue, legitimacy may require a similarly authoritarian approach.”

Ed. Note: As French philosopher, novelist, journalist and second-youngest recipient in history of the Nobel Prize in Literature, Albert Camus [1913-1960] observed: “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.”

6. COULD COVID VACCINES BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SHARP RISE IN DEATH RATES? Scott Davison, CEO of the $100 billion insurance company OneAmerica, said the death rate is up 40% from pre-pandemic levels among “primarily working-age people 18 to 64.” Davison noted, “We are seeing, right now, the highest death rates we have seen in the history of this business – not just at OneAmerica. The data is consistent across every player in that business.” OneAmerica is also witnessing an “uptick” in disability claims, first short-term disability, but now long-term disability.

Ed. Note: We know it isn’t from Covid, because in the 18 to 64 age group there is a 99.9+% survival rate.

7. COVID VACCINES AND HEART PROBLEMS: Life Site News reports, “Five international soccer stars from different countries [aged 23 through 29] were reported to have died after suffering sudden heart attacks just before or after Christmas.” Attorney and former New York Times writer Alex Berenson summarized a recent British study: “The risk of serious heart problems called myocarditis in men under 40 soars with each dose of a Covid mRNA vaccine — and is sharply higher than the risk from a coronavirus infection itself.”

8. ONE MILLION REPORTED ADVERSE EVENTS: 1 million adverse events due to Covid vaccines have now been reported to the VAERS database. The World Health Organization received 45,000 negative comments from their Facebook post claiming Covid vaccine side effects are mild.

9. THE NOOSE TIGHTENS: Italy has mandated vaccines for all individuals over 50, while the French parliament approved Macron’s vaccine passport planMacron stated he wants to keep “putting pressure on the unvaccinated by limiting, as much as possible, their access to activities in social life.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the unvaccinated “don’t believe in science/progress and are very often misogynistic and racist.” Trudeau threatened, “This leads us, as a leader and as a country, to make a choice: Do we tolerate these people?” CNBC reports, “People in Singapore will lose their fully vaccinated status after 270 days if they do not take booster shots, the government announced on Wednesday.” In a display of government tyranny, the world’s #1 tennis player, the unvaccinated Novak Djokovic, has been denied entry to Australia, ahead of the Australia Open, despite having previously received an exemption. 

10. RISING SURVEILLANCE STATE: The National Pulse reports, “The Chinese Communist Party has developed an artificial intelligence prosecutor that can identify and suggest charges for alleged crimes including “dissent” and “provoking trouble.” Summit News reports, “Starting this summer, all new cars sold in the EU will by law contain a ‘black box’ accessible by authorities that records driving data.”

11. THREATS TO FREEDOM IN 2022: Attorney John Whitehead has summarized what he believes are ten looming threats to freedom in 2022. They are as follows: (1) censorship, (2) the expanding Emergency State, (3) pre-crime policing efforts, (4) the Surveillance State, (5) genetic privacy via DNA testing, (6) bodily integrity, (7) gun control (8) “Show Your Papers Society” via vaccine passports, (9) Singularity via the “metaverse” (the new reality promoted by tech companies) and (10) despotism.

12. CHAOS ON THE STREETS: Newsmax reports, “Manhattan’s new district attorney Alvin Bragg has announced a new policy to only seek prison sentences for a handful of offenses, and downgrade or entirely dismiss charges for many felony crimes…The Democrat said offenses such as marijuana misdemeanors, prostitution, resisting arrest, trespassing, and subway turnstile jumping will no longer be prosecuted and that prosecutors should not seek bail requirements for suspects awaiting trial. Bragg said prosecutors should seek prison sentences only in cases of homicides, assaults resulting in serious injury, domestic violence felonies, sex offenses, public corruption, and “major economic crimes.”

13. JANUARY 6 PROPAGANDA: Kamala Harris compared January 6, 2021, to December 7, 1941, and September 11, 2001. In his speech, Biden declared that “democracy was attacked” and that Trump “created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election.”

The Council on Foreign Relations’ Foreign Affairs wrote, “One year ago today, the United States suffered its most serious brush with constitutional failure since the Civil War…The January 6 insurrection was the product of a political climate, if not a political plot, intentionally produced by an authoritarian populist leader and movement.” David Leonhardt of The New York Times, wrote “The January 6 attack was part of a larger anti-democracy movement in the U.S…Encouraged by Trump, other Republican politicians and conservative media stars, the anti-democratic movement is following a playbook used by authoritarians in other countries, both recently and historically. The movement is trying to use existing democratic laws — on vote counting and election certification, for example — to unravel democracy.”

The New American warns, “Between the January 6 Committee, the arrests of Capitol protesters, the disbarring of pro-Trump lawyers such as Rudy Giuliani, and the censorship of elected Republicans such as Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Left has already demonstrated its full commitment to authoritarianism. If Republicans don’t accept that good-natured backyard barbecue politics is over — that this is a fight for survival — then the Republic’s fate is sealed.”


  • $29,000 is now the average price for a used car. 
  • China is cracking down on Christians and other religious minority groups, requiring an “Internet Information Service License” for any who wish to disseminate religious content online. 
  • Venmo, PayPal, and the Cash App must now report all transactions of over $600 to the IRS.
  • Former U.S. Representative Bob Barr warns that the recently passed infrastructure bill includes a provision to install vehicle kill switches into every new car, truck, and SUV sold in America. The regulation likely won’t be enforced for five years.
  • Daniel Greenfield notes that in 2021, immigration topped U.S. births for the first time.
  • In their report, the Institute for Pro-Life Advancement found that 103 out of 784 Christian-affiliated colleges in the U.S. maintained some kind of relationship with Planned Parenthood, with Methodist, Presbyterian, and Lutheran schools being the most likely to have ties to the abortion giant. 
  • Forensic pathologist Dr. Raymond Obomsawin died suddenly at 71 years old a few days after sending an important document to RFK, Jr. Some suspect foul play.
  • CNBC reports, “Combined, the 10 richest billionaires added $402.17 Billion to their net worths in 2021.” 
  • The Children’s Health Defense says the devastating impact of COVID policies on children may be the “most underreported story of 2021.
  • The FDA authorized Covid vaccine boosters for 12 to 15-year olds.
  • Tucker Carlson questioned U.S. Senator Ted Cruz for calling January 6 “a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol.”


1. JUDGE DEFENDS SPECIAL FORCES: A federal judge blocked the U.S. Defense Department from punishing Navy SEALs and other special forces who refused the Covid vaccine on religious grounds. The judge said, “The Navy servicemembers in this case seek to vindicate the very freedoms they have sacrificed so much to protect. The COVID-19 pandemic provides the government no license to abrogate those freedoms.”

2. STATE ACTION IS THE SOLUTION: Representative Andy Biggs said that the House Freedom Caucus will establish versions of the House Freedom Caucus in state legislatures. Biggs said, “This country is going to be saved at the state level.”

3. DR. MERCOLA’S CENSORED LIBRARY RETURNS: Dr. Joseph Mercola is restoring his extensive deleted article archive to Substack. Making the articles available for paid subscribers only as part of a Private Membership Agreement (PMA) removes Mercola from all liability.

4. GUN STOPS CARJACKING: Breitbart reports, “Two carjackers were hospitalized Monday in Philadelphia after their intended victim, a Lyft driver, proved to be a concealed carry permit holder armed with a handgun.”

5. FLORIDA GOVERNOR AIMS TO HELP AMERICAN SEMICONDUCTOR INDEPENDENCE: Breitbart reports, “Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) announced a nearly $10 million investment in semiconductor production for the state of Florida to combat the United States’ reliance on China and other foreign countries for vital supplies, parts, and materials.”

6. PASTOR JOHN MACARTHUR ISSUES IMPORTANT OPEN LETTER TO PASTORS: Canada’s new law banning “conversion therapy” is set to go into effect after January 8. Pastor James Coates of Alberta’s GraceLife Church warns the bill comes against those who “seek to offer biblical counsel with respect to sexual immorality and gender.” In protest to the new law, Pastor John MacArthur is asking pastors in the United States and Canada to preach on the “biblical view of sexual morality” on January 16. MacArthur wrote, “Our united stand will put the Canadian and the U.S. governments on notice that they have attacked the Word of God. We are all well aware of the evil power and destructive influence of the homosexual and transgender ideology. Our government is bent on not only normalizing this perversion, but also legalizing it, and furthermore criminalizing opposition to it.” Read MacArthur’s open letter here.

7. GERMANS PROTEST MANDATE: Newsmax reports, “On Monday, nearly 100,000 Germans took to the streets to protest their country’s COVID-19 mandates…”


Sitting at the Feet of Jesus by J Lincoln Hall

Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Oh, what words I hear Him say!
Happy place! So near, so precious!
May it find me there each day;
Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
I would look upon the past;
For His love has been so gracious,
It has won my heart at last.

Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Where can mortal be more blest?
There I lay my sins and sorrows,
And, when weary, find sweet rest;
Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
There I love to weep and pray;
While I from His fullness gather
Grace and comfort every day.

Bless me, O my Savior, bless me,
As I sit low at Thy feet;
Oh, look down in love upon me,
Let me see Thy face so sweet;
Give me, Lord, the mind of Jesus,
Keep me holy as He is;
May I prove I’ve been with Jesus,
Who is all my righteousness.

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Watch: How This FBI Strategy Is Actually Creating US-based Terrorists (9 minutes). The organization responsible for more terrorist plots in the US then Al-Qaeda, al- Shabab and Isis? The FBI.

Watch: Tucker: Why is This Happening? (14 minutes). In light of Carlson’s thoughtful presentation, consider working towards building a simpler, more meaningful life with real relationships and less dependence on the “system.”

Watch: ‘Technocrats’ Are Using COVID-19 to Realize a Totalitarian High-Tech Agenda: Patrick Wood (34 minutes). Our elected officials are doing what they are told, but who is dictating their decisions? Technology and surveillance capabilities are advancing and with that, total control.

Watch: Patriot Purge FULL Documentary – Tucker Carlson (67 minutes) Tucker Carlson’s Documentary on January 6th exposes critical and powerful facts about what actually happened. To watch Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge in high quality, sign up for one free month of FoxNation for free. Note: Some of the footage is very graphic. This video also isn’t acceptable for young people.

Articles of the Week

Read: Deductive Reasoning: Who Actually Controls the GOP? Attorney Thomas Wigand notes, “The GOP’s purposeful silence about election fraud, and purposeful silence regarding what the Democrats actually intend with ‘Build Back Better,’ indicates that the GOP is not opposed to the Democrat agenda.”

Read: The Collins and Fauci Attack on Traditional Public Health. Drs. Martin Kulldorff and Jay Bhattacharya respond to Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci’s attempt to conduct a “quick and devastating takedown” of the Great Barrington Declaration.

Read: January 6: A Legacy of Troubling Questions. Joseph M. Hanneman provides an excellent summary of some of the most important facts and questions surrounding January 6.

Read: Taking Back Our Liberty in 2022. Ron Paul encourages individual Americans to do what they can to stand up and speak the truth.

Prayer and Action

Pray that the Supreme Court would block Biden’s vaccine mandates.

Pray for Americans unjustly incarcerated with bogus charges from January 6th.

Pray that God will use this in detainees’ lives to save them, if they are not saved, and for those that are saved to be drawn closer to Him in a deeper way.

Pray for the truth to be obvious to all and the evil plans of our government exposed.

Pray that God would heal the division in our country.

Consider buying and watching CAPITOL PUNISHMENT and spreading it to those who are interested. In our opinion, this film is not suitable for young people, due to graphic violence.

Visit americangulag.org and stophate.com. These sites are dedicated to righting the record of January 6, raising awareness on the status of January 6 political prisoners, and supporting these individuals in any way possible.

This page has pictures and family information on detainees. We encourage you to select several and pray for them by name, for their health, finances, and families and for justice to be upheld.

You can donate to support these defendants and political prisoners here or here.

You can send letters of encouragement to J6 prisoners or their family here.

Hold your U.S. Senators and Representatives accountable to seek justice for these detainees and to hold accountable those who are abusing them. Find your Representative here and your Senator here or call the US Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121.

Memory verse of the week: Romans 6:23. “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God  is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

You can share this week’s Behind the Scenes video here or the audio at this link.

Patriot Spotlight

“My husband and I greatly appreciate the words of God spoken, research, and education of government of happenings in this world that you share. We have been listening to you for the last year. A friend of mine told me about your videos AGENDA I & II. I have been passing that along to those who oppose what this government has been doing. I have also been sending your videos to 2 preachers I know. One who doesn’t agree with government but will follow their authorities and the other preacher who stands against government authorities now. I am very thankful for your encouragement in you spreading God’s Words to all to hear…” – Teresa W.

“December 31 Agenda Weekly was the best ever! Fascinating Biblical references (Daniel and Revelation). I also like how Brother Curtis referred back to previous material, citing the name/date of the episodes.” – Scott S.

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5 thoughts on “Reflections on January 6”

  1. Darryl & Sheila Ford

    We suspect (before listening to Curtis’ educated opinion) the disturbance 6 January, 2021 was instigated by those that did NOT want congress’ careful examination of the vote of each State to determine if each should or should not be certified. Now, I’ll listen to Curtis and learn whether we perceived it accurately.

  2. Thank you Curtis for exposing and confirming the lies of the enemy. Friends that we know were so deceived by the lies of the “fake mainstream media/news” from January 6. Also, so many people in our church continue to listen to fake news and yes, even Fox News paints a false narrative with the exception of Tucker. (I think they keep him on for ratings and there broadcast not totally plummeting if they were to let him go.) Instead they should listen to programs like Agenda Weekly, Brannon Howse/Worldview Weekend, and get other current news from places like Epoch Times, OAN, etc. I pray people’s eyes will be opened. There is true news out there and I’m glad God has led our family here to give us valuable information and help us discern what is going on. People need to practice and get discernment, understanding, and wisdom. We are able to best attain this from God’s Word. Thank you again for Christian truth that help us navigate the times we’re living in.

  3. Curtis needs to become a regular on Flashpoint on Kenneth Copeland’s Victory Channel.
    After listening and reading Agenda Weekly, I always think and declare that they may kill the body, but they cannot kill the spirit which is free to live forever.
    I have a twice monthly class at my church called Understanding the Times to inform those who come what is happening and then we discuss and pray about the issues. Agenda was shown and now I like to use some of Agenda Weekly.

  4. Jacqueline Manchester

    Dear Curtis and family,
    I do so appreciate what you are doing. One thing that has struck me in the column to follow about the death of babies worldwide; abortion is the killing, murder, of an unborn human being. By calling it abortion, we are soft-peddling the impact of what is happening. A baby is being murdered by torture and all of us who call ourselves pro-lifers, must insist on, and use the terms, a baby being tortured to death, or a baby being murdered, the impact is so much greater. Please folks, those of us who love life and love Jesus and love babies, let us not lie as does the media, let us tell the heartbreaking truth and say it loudly and long, perhaps people will start to pay attention and stop this heinous practice. Don’t we call it murder if a two year old, or three year old was treated the same way? Lets honor God our creator and save His babies. Mother, grandmother and great-grandmother of 24 precious, wanted children, Jacky

  5. thanx for all you are doing Curtic Bowers and all who work with you praying also, at 1st watching all these programs I get upset but then I remember 2Tim 3 comes to my mind and that God is in control, still I can’t do much but I try to share the information and pray for Salvation, to live the Gospel and Share the Gospel TILL HE COMES

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