“Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against the existing social and political order of things...They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.”

-Karl Marx

Karl Marx: Father of Critical Race Theory and the Rampaging American Left (With Jim Simpson)

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of July 18-24

Dear Friend,

In 1948, Richard M. Weaver declared, “Ideas have conquences.” This week’s Behind the Scenes interview with Jimmy Simpson examines the life of one man whose corrupt ideas claimed over 100 million lives in the 20th century alone! As you read the news, remember that every story began with an idea, and attempt to trace developments (whether good or bad) to the ideas that initiated them.


1. COVID SURGE DRIVEN BY THE VACCINATED: Paul Craig Roberts writes, “Dr. Robert Malone, who pioneered the mRNA vaccine technology, is concerned that the countries with the smallest percentage of their population vaccinated have the fewest number of new Covid cases. Countries with the largest percentages of population vaccinated have surging numbers of new Covid cases.” Malone says, “This is worrying me quite a bit.” The Epoch Times reports, “49 fully vaccinated New Jersey residents have died from COVID-19.” Bryan DeanWright tweeted, “Fully vaccinated people are passing the virus to other fully vaccinated people. The argument for vaccine passports and mandates just evaporated.”

2. BIDEN’S MESSAGE ON VACCINES: At a CNN town hall, Biden predicted that the FDA would give full approval to COVID-19 vaccines by Fall. Biden also said he expected emergency authorization for children under 12 “soon.”

Biden had harsh words for those skeptical of COVID vaccines. “There are legitimate questions people can ask if they worry about getting vaccinated, but the question should be asked, answered, and people should get vaccinated.” Biden called vaccine hesitancy “frustrating” and called the current “surge” a pandemic of those who refuse vaccinations.

Biden also said, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations. If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the IC unit, and you’re not going to die.”

3. RHINO MITCH MCCONNELL THREATENS MORE LOCKDOWNS IF PEOPLE DON’T GET VACCINATED: “These shots need to get in everybody’s arms as rapidly as possible, or we’re going to be back in a situation in the Fall that we don’t yearn for — that we went through last year,” McConnell said at a news conference, adding, “This is not complicated.”

4. RON DESANTIS JOINS COVID-19 VACCINE PUSH: According to Breitbart, “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Wednesday the coronavirus vaccines are ‘saving lives’ and ‘reducing mortality’ amid a nationwide push to have Americans get vaccinated, saying if you are vaccinated your chances of becoming seriously ill are ‘effectively zero.’”

5. TWO SINISTER MOVEMENTS FUELING GLOBAL VACCINATION CAMPAIGN: Dr. Joseph Mercola writes, “As you begin to unravel the interconnected web of players involved in this global vaccination campaign, you keep coming back to two key movements: the transhumanist movement and the eugenics movement, which in the mid-1950s actually began to merge. As noted by [attorney Dr. Reiner] Fuellmich, it appears we’re observing ‘the coming out of a very long-running strategy’ to reduce the population and alter those who are left.”

6. MORE DEMONIZATION OF THE UNVAXXED: CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said, “This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated. We are seeing outbreaks of cases in parts of the country that have low vaccination coverage because unvaccinated people are at risk…communities that are fully vaccinated are generally faring well.” Alabama’s Republican Governor Kay Ivey claimed, “It’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down.”

7. “EXPERTS” PREPARING A RETURN TO LOCKDOWNS: Los Angeles county has now reimposed its mask mandate. CNN writes, “Millions of Americans are jeopardizing their health, freedom, and finances by not getting vaccinated and putting themselves at risk of the most infectious coronavirus strain yet, current and former federal health officials say.” CNN also advised, “It’s time to reset and put masks back on, experts say.”

8. CANADA REOPENS BORDER – BUT ONLY TO THE VACCINATED: MSN reports, “Canada will reopen its border to fully vaccinated U.S travelers on August 9, but the long-awaited announcement comes with a new set of requirements.”


  • Dr. Richard Muller, Professor Emeritus of physics at the University of California, Berkeley, in Congressional hearing: “We have a whistleblower, the virus itself. In my mind, there are five compelling sets of scientific evidence that allow us to reach this very strong conclusion that, yes, it was a laboratory leak.”
  • Global Research: “18,928 DEAD, 1.8 Million Injured (50% serious injuries) Reported European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots.”
  • The Hill: “Top health expert says vaccinated people are spreading delta variant.”
  • Open Societies Foundation: Bill Gates and George Soros are partnering to buy a company that develops Covid-19 tests.
  • Dr. Mercola: “YouTube’s parent company, Google, is directly invested in the AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID ‘vaccine.’ This is why YouTube censors anything that threatens the rollout and future profits of COVID-19 gene modification therapies.”
  • Breitbart: “Chicago Public Schools (CPS) announced Thursday all students, teachers, and staff must wear masks indoors when classrooms reopen in late August. There will be no exceptions to the rule.”
  • Summit News: “Google-owned YouTube is once again flexing more power than world leaders by deleting 15 videos from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s channel over claims of ‘COVID misinformation.’”


1. RECONCILIATION IN PLACE NAMES ACT: According to Axios, this bill, introduced by Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Al Green, “seeks to create a board to help rename more than 1,000 towns, lakes, streams, creeks, and mountain peaks across the U.S. still named with racist slurs.”

2. CLEVELAND INDIANS CHANGES TEAM NAME: Because the old name was deemed “offensive,” the team has changed its name to the “Guardians.”

3. D.C. BLACK LIVES MATTER PLAZA WILL BE PERMANENT: D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the District Department of Transportation announced, “Construction to make #BlackLivesMatter Plaza a permanent installation will begin on Monday and is expected to conclude by October 1.”


1. BUZZ FEED NEWS ACKNOWLEDGES FBI INVOLVEMENT IN WHITMER KIDNAPPING PLOT: According to Buzz Feed News, “FBI informants were involved in nearly every aspect of the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan’s governor Whitmer, starting with its inception.”

2. FIRST SENTENCE FROM JANUARY 6: Just the News reports, “Paul Allard Hodgkins, who pleaded guilty to a single felony count last month, was sentenced by a D.C. court — obstructing an official proceeding…Hodgkins, who hails from a poorer part of Tampa, Florida, and regularly volunteers at a food bank, is not accused of assaulting anyone or damaging property…” Meanwhile, hundreds of BLM rioters have had their cases dropped.


1. BIDEN: FACEBOOK IS “KILLING PEOPLE” BY NOT CRACKING DOWN ENOUGH: Biden was asked, “On COVID misinformation, what’s your message to platforms like Facebook?” He responded, “They’re killing people. I mean….look, the only pandemic we have is among the unvaccinated. And they’re killing people.”

2. FORMER CIA OFFICER WARNS AMERICA LOSING FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Brian Dean Wright warned, “I think that what we are watching is the slow croach from freedom to tyranny…One of the things that I know from my career and all of the intel analysts that I worked with is when a country is moving from freedom to tyranny, one of the things that we look for is a government taking control of the media, and, specifically, the speech.”  

3. COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS PROMOTES GUN CONTROL: CFR writes that “Gun violence has surged in 2020 and 2021 amid the COVID-19 pandemic” and draws parallels between high rates of gun ownership and gun homicide in the United States compared to other “advanced democracies.” The CFR cites gun control laws in the UK, Norway, Japan, Israel, Australia, and Canada as models for the United States. They also state, “It is hard to ignore the clear link between increased access to firearms and higher successful suicide attempts.”


1. DO WE ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT PROTECTING WOMEN?: WND reports, “Senate Democrats are floating an overhaul of military draft laws that would require women to register for the Selective Service System…”

2. IS THE BORDER REALLY CLOSED?: Breitbart reports, “President Joe Biden and his deputies have allowed more than 600,000 migrants to come across the porous southern border in just six months since his January inauguration.”

3. WHY ARE RENTAL RATES INCREASING?: CBS reports, “Nationwide, the median rent reached a record high of $1,575 in June, an increase of 8% from a year ago… it’s not high-priced urban areas driving rent into orbit. Instead, real estate data show the biggest increases are in smaller cities, driven largely by workers who fled urban areas…”


1. GEORGIA HOUSE SPEAKER CALLS FOR AUDIT OF FULTON COUNTY: Republican David Ralson, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, said, “Recently, media reports have surfaced which call into question the way in which Fulton County conducted, counted, and audited the November 2020 Presidential Election…It is time we have an independent investigation—once and for all—of the way in which Fulton County conducted, counted, and audited the November 2020 Presidential Election.” Meanwhile, Wisconsin State Representative Timothy Ramthun has formally requested “a more comprehensive audit” of the state’s 2020 election.

2. ARIZONA BOMBSHELLS: The National File reports:

  • “11,326 people in the county who voted in the November 3 election were NOT on the voter rolls on November 7, but were added to the voter rolls by December 4.” Biden “won” the state by 10,457 votes.
  • “More than 74,000 mail-in ballots were counted in the county even though there is no recorded evidence of the ballots being sent to the ‘voters’ in the first place.”
  • “Thin ballot paper used for approximately 168,000 ballots led to markers’ bleeding through’ the paper, damaging ballots, after a Maricopa County official ordered staff to hand out Sharpie markers to same-day voters even though she knew about concerns with the Sharpies.”

In a statement, Trump said there are “Fraud and voting irregularities many times more than would be needed to change the outcome of the election.”

3. AMERICANS WIDELY OPPOSE MANDATORY VACCINATIONS: A poll from the Trafalgar Group poll shows that 71.4% of Americans oppose mandatory COVID vaccinations.

4. WHITMER’S EMERGENCY POWERS REVOKED BY MICHIGAN LEGISLATURE: The Epoch Times reports, “The Michigan House of Representatives voted on July 21 in favor of repealing the Emergency Powers Act used by the governor to implement COVID-19 restrictions in the state. The vote follows the approval of the repeal by the state Senate last week and means that the 1945 law is officially off the books.”

5. LA COUNTY SHERRIF REFUSES TO ENFORCE MASK MANDATE: Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva wrote, “Forcing the vaccinated and those who already contracted COVID-19 to wear masks indoors is not backed by science and contradicts the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines.”

6. ALL BUT 2 WASHINGTON STATE SHERIFFS SIGN LETTER TO UPHOLD SECOND AMENDMENT: Part of the letter reads, “Importantly, the Second Amendment of our divinely inspired Constitution clearly states … ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.’ We hereby recognize a significant principle underlying the Second Amendment: the right to keep and bear arms is indispensable to the existence of free people.”


  • Rasmussen: “Two-Thirds of Voters Want Congress to Investigate 2020 Riots.”
  • The Western Journal: “Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott has reportedly launched the construction of his state’s own fence along the southern border in an effort to slow the border crisis and ‘cut the feds out of the equation.’”
  • FaithWire: “Rand Paul Introduces Bill to End ‘Nanny State,’ Repeal Public Transportation Mask Mandate.”
  • Breitbart: “Ohio banned schools from using vaccine passports, and a second bill would block them from mandating masks.”
  • The Washington Examiner: “Texas House Republicans put forth a bill for a forensic audit of the 2020 election results in large counties that largely went for President Joe Biden on the same day Democratic lawmakers fled the state.” 
  • Association of American Physicians and Surgeons: “COVID Shot Home Visits Unconstitutional and Unethical.”
  • Health Impact News: “Attorney Files Lawsuit Against CDC Based on “Sworn Declaration” from Whistleblower Claiming 45,000 Deaths are Reported to VAERS – All Within 3 Days of COVID-19 Shots.”
  • The New American: “Democrat Support for Biden’s ATF Pick Is Crumbling.”
  • NewsPunch: “Over 115,000 Sign Petition Demanding U.K. Government Outlaw Discrimination Against Unvaccinated.”
  • The Defender: “America’s Frontline Doctors filed a motion to stop the use of Emergency Use Authorization COVID vaccines for anyone under 18, anyone with natural immunity or anyone who hasn’t received informed consent.”
  • Mississippi Attorney General asked Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade: “The conclusion that abortion is a constitutional right has no basis in text, structure, history, or tradition.” 
  • The Epoch Times: “Sen. Paul Sending Criminal Referral of Fauci to Department of Justice.” 

8. SENATOR TED CRUZ DARES AOC AND BERNIE TO IMMIGRATE TO CUBA: In a speech at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, Cruz, who is a Cuban American, said, “Liberals never seem to understand, if you go down to Key West, the rafts are only going in one direction. Just once, I want to see some left-wing socialist, I want to see Bernie Sanders, I want to see Elizabeth Warren, I want to see AOC, go down to Key West, get on a raft, and sail 90 miles south to the socialist paradise. Their ideas don’t work, tyranny doesn’t work, freedom is powerful, and that’s what y’all are defending, and I am proud to stand with you.”

9. FORMERLY IMPRISONED CANADIAN PASTOR SPEAKS OUT: Pastor Tim Stephens told Rebel News, “We continue to go to church because this is not a matter of us trying to calculate, based upon the consequences of our actions, whether we should do it or not. Our convictions are settled by the Word of God and by our accountability to the Lord Jesus Christ. And so, out of obedience for Christ, we continue to gather, and I continue to lead the church in gathering.”



Soldiers of Christ arise,
And put your armor on:
Strong in the strength
Which God supplies
Through His eternal Son.
Strong in the Lord of hosts
And in His mighty pow’r,
Who in the strength of Jesus trusts
Is more than conqueror.

Stand then in His great might
With all His strength endued,
And take, to arm you for the fight,
The panoply of God.
That having all things done
And all your conflicts passed,
Ye may o’ercome through Christ alone
And stand entire at last.

Leave no unguarded place,
No weakness of the soul:
Take every virtue, every grace,
And fortify the whole.
From strength to strength go on,
Wrestle and fight and pray,
Tread all the pow’rs of darkness down
And win the well-fought day.

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Watch: The Capitol ‘Insurgence’ Was Infiltrated With FBI Informants (6 minutes). Darren Beattie discusses the facts on Steve Bannon’s War Room.

Watch: Lawsuit Exposes Big Gov’t Behind Big Tech Censorship (13 minutes). Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri reveals that a government bureaucrat in Massachusetts was behind Twitter’s decision to censor his exposure of massive voter fraud.

Watch: Dr. Carrie Madej — Covid “Vaccines” Redesign Humanity, Human 2.0 Cyborg (53 minutes). Dr. Carrie Madej warns that tampering with the human genome via Covid vaccines could be devastating to both human health and freedom. 

Articles of the Week

Read: The American Descent into Madness. Victor Davis Hanson writes, “America went from the freest country in the world in December 2019 to a repressive and frightening place by July 2021. How did that happen?”

Read: Disarming Americans is the Best Way to Enslave Them. Ken Blackwell and Lori Roman note, “Authoritarians confiscate guns. Why? Because gun rights are the linchpin protecting citizens from loss of all rights.”

Read: MGT 433 Isolation & Quarantine For Rural Communities. This 8 hour, instructor-led course was shared with us by an AW subscriber who is a first responder. The course is designed to provide first responders the knowledge necessary to begin planning for situations requiring the isolation and quarantine (I&Q) of a large portion of a local, rural population. He was surprised by the requirement to take the class and wonders what the Deep State may be planning.

Prayer and Action

Pray for Nigeria. Earlier this month, Islamists abducted more than 100 students from Bethel Baptist High School in Nigeria’s northern Kaduna state. The attackers arrived on motorbikes, shooting wildly into the air as they broke through the school’s perimeter fence. While some students escaped, at least 125 are still missing after this latest in a string of mass kidnappings during the past year. “There are so many attacks and kidnappings happening in Nigeria right now,” said VOM’s regional director for Africa. “This is the 10th mass school kidnapping since December.”

Ongoing attacks by Fulani Islamic militants throughout Nigeria have resulted in the deaths and abductions of thousands of Christians since the beginning of the year. “Nowhere in Nigeria is safe anymore,” a VOM worker said. “People are being killed by militant Fulani Muslim men for no reason. They are not even safe in their own homes.”

  • Pray that the children would be found and that they will be alright.
  • Pray for believers living in overcrowded camps after being driven from their homes.
  • Pray for the many widows forced off their land by Muslim terrorists in recent years.
  • Pray for believers in the northeast who survived attacks from Boko Haram.
  • Pray for orphans whose parents were killed by Boko Haram.
  • Pray for staff safety as they travel to check on families, get updates and distribute relief.
  • Pray that God will strengthen the faith and resolve of front-line workers.
  • Pray that God will destroy Islam in Nigeria.

Please pray for those arrested and still being detained following January 6.

Thank God for allowing so many lies associated with Covid and the vaccine to be revealed.

Pray that God continues to expose evil and strengthen the resolve of all who are standing for truth.

Pray for all audits to happen and for all fraudulent election results to be overturned with the truth.

Pray that God will multiply our little actions to make a big difference.

Pray for Agenda Weekly to reach as many people as possible.

Join the 3 November Movement. To learn more, watch the video. “Dr. Peter Navarro Discusses Voter Irregularities, and the Gaslighting of News Media Against Conservatives.”  It is the first video at the link. Discover incredible and encouraging information on the Arizona audit. Over 100,000 patriots have already joined the 3 November Movement, which is trying to get a full forensic audit of the election results in all 50 states. To get involved please go to, https://telegram.org and get the Telegram App for your phone or computer. Then go to Telegram: @AmericaFirstAuditChat and plug into your state.

Patriot Spotlight

“Thanks for continuing to provide an antidote to the non-stop propaganda that’s all around us.” – Willem

“As a missionary serving in post-communist Romania, I have the privilege of observing the United States through the eyes of people who knew communism first-hand, who recognize the gravity of America’s lockstep march in the wrong direction, away from freedom, liberty, and common sense, toward immorality, confusion, and chaos. I appreciate your focus on hope in Jesus Christ, despite the crisis, and your guidance for prayer and action to fight this spiritual battle.” – Scott G.

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12 thoughts on “Karl Marx: Father of Critical Race Theory and the Rampaging American Left (With Jim Simpson)”

  1. I don’t understand why I cannot easily share this critical information with others. I subscribe., but with the Supreme importance of your works results, and the short time left to bring this awareness to others, I implore you to make all this more shareable. Those I try to discuss this all with, do not grasp the gravity of the situation it seems. Having the facts and stories you post in their hands so they could see, read and ponder it all at their convenience, would go a long way towards turning hearts and minds to truth. Thank you Curtis and may God continue to bless your work.

    1. There’s a link in the emails to share the podcast since it’s not being published on YouTube any more. It’s right at the top of the additional videos.

  2. I truly love and respect all of your various presentations. PLEASE keep up with all the important issues that are now facing our country. Thank you.

  3. Jacqueline Manchester

    In 1964 when my daughter was 11 and in the 6th grade, she was confronted with communism in her elementary school. I had read YOU CAN TRUST THE COMMUNISTS TO BE COMMUNISTs, BY Dr. Schwarz, and had been listening to radio broadcasts by preachers since 1960, and I was alarmed. My husband and I then started looking into more of what was going on in our country and were totally sick. We read, and listened and learned, but no one wanted to hear about it. What do you do? When Sen. Joe MacCarthy was told to investigate communists in government, I was delighted, and then when he did what he was told, his government destroyed him. What to do? I didn’t become a believer until 1965 and then started to see it in the churches. What to do? And that is still my question. You can’t investigate everyone all the time, even now with the internet. So I guess it will be good to organize as we have learned on AGENDA, get our neighbors together, learn, prepare, help one another. but we must be careful who we share with, or we may find out they are totally into and ignorant of what is going on, so you become the flake that doesn’t know what you are talking about. My friend asked to be dropped from a group mailing of mine because he doesn’t want to hear about it–a close neighbor, can’t include him for sure. A pastor friend ( retired) said much the same, and he and his wife got the shots because, “they have to obey the government.” How do you deal with this mentality? Enough, I will get the book “who was Karl Marx” though I already know, but maybe there will be ideas of what to do in the end.

  4. I was listening to the podcast as I was out running errands. I stopped by the bank to grab cash. The first store I went to was the dollar tree. There was a sign on the door that said “Please use exact change or use a card.” Pretty crazy that I was just listening to this, decided to use cash and this was the first place I went! I asked them why and they said because of the “national coin shortage”. I did have exact change so no problem there but I was prepared to walk out and I told them that I don’t use a card and wouldn’t be able to shop there if they required a card. They didn’t seem to care. They literally shrugged their shoulders.

  5. I have been a dental hygienist for 45 years, and have been exposed to many viruses, etc. over the years. I began taking “immune boosting” supplements once the COVID virus became an issue. I have been exposed by a patient and quarantined, but was not affected. Now I am concerned the pressure to be vaccinated will heighten, and I will be let go from my job. My faith is in GOD, and if it comes to that, so be it. My life is not a game of Russian Roulette, and I do not intend to bow to pressure. My days on earth are numbered, and I will allow GOD to determine when HE wants me home. We all need to pray for each other and bond together to fight this “Perfect Marxist Storm.”
    Thank you Curtis for your relentless time and effort to expose this destructive force in our Country, and world. May GOD give us wisdom and strenght to overcome this evil.

    1. Joanne Huttenhoff

      I too am an RDH and made the decision right at the start of this scandemic that I will choose my health over my career. My employer has not pressured me to get the jab yet. I’ve so far lost 3 patients, that I know of, who will not be returning to me because I’ve not had the experimental injection. Very sad to see the level of brainwashing that has occurred.

  6. Curtis, I pray for you and others like you who are exposing the enemy’s plan for the world and how he’s using sometimes we’ll meaning people to accomplish it. I pray for discernment from her Holy Spirit on how to live and what to believe, knowing the deceit is insidious and the very elect can be deceived if they’re not alert. Thanks, and I look forward to your program every week!

  7. I would like to know if there is anyone else on Maui who is a follower of agenda weekly? Looking to connect with like minded people on island if possible.

  8. Anyone in Historic Southern Maryland a follower of Agenda Weekly? Most folks prefer to keep their head in the sand then face the issues that are destroying this country. Most countries facing a takeover fought to try to prevent it and were slaughtered. In America, the land of freedom and prosperity, folks are just letting it happen without a fight. One of our founding fathers said ” if you are willing to give up your freedoms for security, you wiil end up with neither.”

  9. Kathleen Unsell

    Another great episode. My heart is broken as our 29-year-old son (Army Intelligence) has been influenced by a woke church and military training. He was raised in a solid Biblical home, Christian school, eschatology, etc. He is now defending some points of CRT and BLM. He left home at 19 to join the Army, as he was always patriotic and loved history. We are at a loss how he has been deceived. We talked at length with him on his last visit. He was very defensive and upset that I expressed that I believe he has been lead astray by a church that was infiltrated by Marxism. I am praying fervently and have everyone I know praying. Sadly, he isn’t the only one. Now I am questioning our own military, and feel very hesitant to trust them at all. Is there any good insight into what is going on in the upper ranks? Our son was just promoted to Warrant Officer, and I PRAY he comes under the command of an old-school patriot and believer that can turn him back to sound doctrine and thinking.

  10. The Bible talked about parents against children for his name sake. That’s been my life since becoming a believer. Always praying for them to see the light. Now another layer. They are vaccinated and we are not. We are deceived of course and they know the truth because it’s on the news every night. God help us.

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