“Avowed atheists are not a tenth as dangerous as those preachers who scatter doubt and stab at faith…Germany was made unbelieving by her preachers, and England is following in her tracks.”

-Charles Spurgeon

Enemies Within the Church (with Trevor Loudon)

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of June 13-19

Dear Friend,

In 1958, America’s FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, warned that Marxists were truly “masters of deceit.”  In 2015, we made this warning the title of our sequel  film, AGENDA 2: Masters of Deceit.

In this week’s Behind the Scenes video, Trevor Loudon says that while Marxists in the past attacked the church by preaching 90% Marxism and 10% Christianity, today’s Marxist infiltrators are more subtle, preaching 10% Marxism and 90% Christianity.

In other spheres, Marxists disguise their agenda of total slavery and destruction under the banner of “benevolence,” using code words like “international cooperation,” “voting rights,” “inclusivity,” “equity,” “public health,” “solidarity,” and “the common good.” Thankfully, by understanding their strategy and standing for truth, we can expose their deceit for all to see.


The culture is only as strong as the church. Throughout history, Satan has attacked the church in two ways – first, through attempting to  corrupt and compromise the church; second, by attempting to destroy all who take a stand.

1. ANOTHER CANADIAN PASTOR ARRESTED: For the second time, Pastor Tim Stephens of Fairview Baptist Church was arrested for holding outdoor worship services in violation of Alberta’s Covid restrictions. The church’s building had been closed earlier this month. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney proved the restrictions were an authoritarian gimmick by holding a dinner this month that violated health orders. For more information, read “Pastor Tim Stephens arrested illegally again.”

2. SOUTHERN BAPTISTS ELECT A NEW CRT-AFFIRMING PRESIDENT: On June 15, Pastor Ed Litton was elected as the 63rd President of the Southern Baptist Convention. Last year, Pastor Litton criticized a statement from the heads of the SBC’s six seminaries that condemned Critical Race Theory. Litton recently said that critical race theory “is a reality in the culture. We need to understand it. We need to help seek justice.”


The G7 includes the United States, Canada, the U.K., France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Every major G7 leader is committed to the New World Order. At the U.K. meeting, they discussed globalist solutions to Covid-19, “climate change,” global poverty, and combatting China and Russia.

1. BORIS JOHNSON PROMOTES “BUILD BACK BETTER”: U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated, “As G7, we are united in our vision for a cleaner, greener world, a solution to the problems of climate change. I think that is what the people of our countries now want us to focus on. They want to be sure that we’re beating the pandemic together, but also that we’re building back better together and building back greener and building back fairer, and building back more equal, actually in a more gender-neutral and, perhaps, more feminine way – how about that? – apart from anything else…”

2. BIDEN’S PRIORITIES: On the last day of the G7 meeting, Biden said, “America is back at the table,” meaning that the United States government is ready to once again lead the march towards world government.

3. GLOBAL MINIMUM TAX: The G7 leaders endorsed a global minimum tax of 15 percent. WND warns, “This is a terrible idea that, if successful, will surrender U.S. sovereignty to foreign leaders in Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, and the European Union in order to bind the world into higher taxes and bigger government.”

4. COVID AND CLIMATE: G7 leaders agreed to send 1 billion additional Covid-19 vaccines to poorer countries. They called for a new study into the origins of Covid-19 and committed to collectively cut emissions in half by 2030.


1. JANUARY 6 “INSURRECTION” ORGANIZERS WERE LIKELY FBI PERSONNEL: For more, see the video from Tucker Carlson and the article from Revolver News in “Featured Videos” and “Articles of the Week.”

2. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION RELEASES A STATEMENT AND STRATEGY FOR COMBATTING “DOMESTIC TERRORISM”: The statement begins, “Domestic terrorism – driven by hate, bigotry, and other forms of extremism – is a stain on the soul of America. It goes against everything our country strives for and it poses a direct challenge to our national security, democracy, and unity.”

3. FBI SAYS CONSPIRACY THEORIES MAY FUEL “VIOLENCE”: A recent FBI memo to lawmakers warned that, in the words of CNN, “QAnon conspiracy theorists may carry out more acts of violence if they take their actions from online into the real world.”

4. “INFORMANTS” AND THE RISE OF SNITCHING: One America News writes, “The Biden administration has warned Americans to keep an eye out for any radicalized friends or family members. During a background press call on Monday night, a senior Biden administration official told participants they must raise concerns and seek help for friends, family members or coworkers who they believe may radicalize toward violence.”


1. BRENNAN CENTER PROMOTES TYRANNY UNDER THE GUISE OF “DEMOCRACY”: A recent report from the Soros-funded Brennan Center made several inaccurate claims about November 3 and January 6.

  • “The 2020 election produced the largest number of voters in U.S. history, and the highest turnout in over a century.”
  • “At the same time, it produced one of the largest-scale attempts to disenfranchise Americans, especially voters of color, in at least half a century.”
  • “On January 6, 2021, insurrectionists violently stormed the United States Capitol, leading to five deaths. This attempted coup was driven by the racially tinged Big Lie of widespread voter fraud, intended to cast doubt on the validity of many votes cast by voters of color in order to falsely allege the presidential election was stolen. While the claim is baseless, it continues to be used as a justification for the introduction of restrictive state-level voting laws in unprecedented numbers – 389 restrictive bills in 48 states as of May 2021 – many of which target voters of color.”

The influential Brennan Center stressed the need to pass the “For the People Act” as a means to attain “equity,” “inclusive democracy,” and “governance by and for the people.”

2. VP KAMALA HARRIS LEADS THE EFFORT: Ironically, Kamala Harris, who won two highly suspect elections (first as California Attorney General, and second, as United States Vice President), has been tasked with leading the Biden effort to uphold “voting rights.”


1. “VACCINE PASSPORTS” IN CALIFORNIA: California Governor Gavin Newsom said that his state will not roll out “vaccine passports,” but will instead deploy an electronic vaccine verification system that businesses could use to check the vaccination status of customers.

2. PAKISTAN – NO PHONE SERVICE FOR THE UNVACCINATED: Technocracy News writes, “The Technocrat hand of tyrannical government is coming down on the ‘un-vaxxed’ all around the world. Pakistan now has at least two programs in place: disabling sim cards in cellular phones for all citizens and refusing to pay government employees who refuse to take the vaccine.”

3. THREE U.S. MARSHALS FACING CRIMINAL CHARGES: According to the American Bar Association, “A federal judge in South Dakota has said three supervisory U.S. marshals will face criminal charges after an underling refused to disclose her COVID-19 vaccination status and left the courthouse with three defendants scheduled for court hearings.”


1. UNFETTERED IMMIGRATION: Breitbart reports, “President Joe Biden is allowing Central American economic migrants with pending asylum claims – not just approved claims – to have the Department of State fly their families on the American taxpayer dime to live with them in the U.S.” Further, the Department of Justice is now offering citizenship to victims of claimed local crime or spousal abuse.

2. TRIBAL JUSTICE: Breitbart reports, “President Joe Biden’s Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland, the first Native American to lead the federal agency, is making it clear that tribal justice for America’s mistreatment of indigenous peoples is a priority.”

3. “FORGET THE ALAMO”: On June 9, Time Magazine released a column entitled, “We’ve Been Telling the Alamo Story Wrong for Nearly 200 Years. Now It’s Time to Correct the Record.” Their article launched a new initiative called “Forget the Alamo,” which has now been endorsed by multiple publications, including The Washington Post, National Geographic, and The Wall Street Journal. One America News writes, “The new narrative is criticizing Texan heroes James Bowie, Davy Crockett, and William Travis while inviting Americans to, instead, empathize with the Mexican military command who tried to maintain control of the Lone Star State.”

4. REDEFINING GENDER: The Daily Caller reports, “Liberal activists are rebranding sex-change surgeries as ‘gender affirming medical care,’ even when discussing these procedures for children…this is a deliberate effort to normalize the surgeries and make them more accessible to children.”


1. SUICIDE OR MURDER?: 45-year old Christopher Sign, who previously broke the story of the “tarmac meeting” between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, died under mysterious circumstances.

2. PRESIDENT OR PUPPET?: In a recent press conference, Biden said, “I’ll take your questions, and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m gonna call on.”

3. TRIAL RUN OR SPONTANEOUS FAILURE?: According to CNN, “Airlines, banks, stock exchanges, and trading platforms suffered brief website outages early Thursday after a key piece of internet infrastructure failed, sparking the second major interruption of the past ten days.” Southwest Airlines had to ground its entire fleet.

4. CRIMINALS OR HEROES?: According to The Epoch Times, Mark and Patricia McCloskey have pleaded guilty to misdemeanors of assault and harassment and will pay fines of $2,000 and $750 and surrender the weapons they held while facing off against BLM intruders last summer.

5. IMMUNITY OR INJURY?: According to a new report, “Vaccinated Are Nearly 6 Times More Likely to Die From Covid Variant.” Further, The Epoch Times reports, “nearly 800 reports of heart inflammation after Covid 19 vaccination in U.S..” A Florida urologist is reporting fertility and prostate problems in men who have taken the Covid-19 vaccination.

6. VACCINES – EFFECTIVE OR DEADLY?: News Wars reports, “The first-ever postmortem study of a patient vaccinated against Covid-19 has revealed that viral RNA was found in every organ of the patient’s body, meaning that the vaccine is either ineffective or the coronavirus actually spreads faster in vaccinated individuals. The scientific report out of Germany published by the International Journal of Infectious Diseases examined the autopsy of an 86-year-old man who had received a single dose of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine but died 4 weeks later after becoming infected with the virus by a nearby patient at a hospital.”


1. SHERIFFS IN UTAH TAKE A STAND: Sheriffs are among the most powerful and most underestimated elected officials in America. They swear to uphold the Constitution, even when that conflicts with government edicts. The Epoch Times reports, “All 29 Utah Sheriffs Promise to ‘Steadfastly Protect’ 2nd Amendment Amid Gun-Control Push.”

2. STATES STEP UP TO TACKLE IMMIGRATION CRISIS: After the Governors of Texas and Arizona requested backup law enforcement from other states to deal with Biden’s immigration crisis, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis committed to sending police officers to both states.

3. STATES CAN NULLIFY TYRANNICAL FEDERAL EDICTS: Missouri’s Governor will sign a bill nullifying federal gun laws, specifically the new Biden rule regulating firearms with stabilizing braces.

4. HUNGARY PROTECTS CHILDREN: The new law criminalizes the promotion of content portraying homosexuality and transgenderism to children under 18, including in schools.

5. ARIZONA AND GEORGIA AUDITS: Just the News reports, “Georgia audit documents expose significant election failures in state’s largest county.” Two election workers have been caught over counting ballots in the State Farm Center in Atlanta, Georgia, on election night. The Arizona audit is now complete, and results are expected soon.

6. CONGRESSMAN THOMAS MASSIE TELLS REPORTER WHY HE WON’T TAKE THE VACCINE: “I’m not vaccinated and until there’s some science, and by the way I have a Masters of Science from MIT, I’m not a virologist, but I can read data. Everybody just needs to read and don’t put your head in the sand. Look at the data. I’m not going to get the vaccine until there’s data that shows that it will improve upon the immunity that’s been conferred to me as a result of a natural infection I’ve had.”


  • The New American magazine has dedicated another full issue to encourage parents to take their children out of government schools.
  • The Epoch Times: According to a new study, New York, New Jersey, and Illinois saw the greatest population exodus in 2020, while Idaho, Arizona, Tennessee, South Carolina, and North Carolina have witnessed the greatest increase in incoming residents.
  • San Antonio Express News: Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill that allows all Texans to carry firearms without a permit.
  • The Epoch Times: After visiting Arizona, Wisconsin lawmakers say they need a similar election audit in their state.
  • The Epoch Times: “Elected commissioners in two Nevada counties declared that the Bill of Rights will be upheld in their jurisdictions, even if it means standing against unconstitutional acts by state and federal authorities.”
  • WND: “Two former publishing executives have launched a pro-free speech book publisher that will avail its presses to conservatives whose platforms have been canceled.”
  • Big League Politics: “Texas Congressman Chip Roy Introduces Bill to Ban CCP Land Ownership in the U.S.”
  • WND: 117 “vaccine-hesitant” hospital workers vow to take their case to the Supreme Court after losing their jobs at Houston Methodist Hospital.
  • Technocracy News: “15 States Legislating To Strip Public Health Agency Powers.”
  • The Epoch Times: The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that a Catholic Philadelphia foster care agency may turn away gay and lesbian couples.
  • The New American: “Arizona Gov. Ducey Bans Universities from Mandating COVID-19 Vaccines, Tests, and Masks.”
  • Health Impact News: “Pharmacist Quits CVS Job Over Refusal to Kill People with COVID-19 Shots and Becomes a Whistleblower.”
  • The Blaze: A courageous Florida judge ruled that a county mask mandate is unconstitutional.
  • Governor Greg Abbott: “To keep Texas the best state in the nation, we can never forget WHY our state is so exceptional. I signed a law establishing the 1836 project, which promotes patriotic education & ensures future generations understand TX values. Together, we’ll keep our rich history alive.”



Jesus, I am resting, resting,
In the joy of what Thou art;
I am finding out the greatness
Of Thy loving heart.
Thou hast bid me gaze upon Thee,
And Thy beauty fills my soul,
For by Thy transforming power,
Thou hast made me whole.

Simply trusting Thee, Lord Jesus,
I behold Thee as Thou art,
And Thy love, so pure, so changeless,
Satisfies my heart;
Satisfies its deepest longings,
Meets, supplies its every need,
Compasseth me around with blessings:
Thine is love indeed!

Ever lift Thy face upon me
As I work and wait for Thee;
Resting ’neath Thy smile, Lord Jesus,
Earth’s dark shadows flee.
Brightness of my Father’s glory,
Sunshine of my Father’s face,
Keep me ever trusting, resting,
Fill me with Thy grace.

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Watch: Enemies Within The Church: The Story of First Baptist Church Naples. Find out what happened to the folks at First Baptist Naples when they tried to stop their Church from going Woke. 

Watch: Tucker: We Are Looking at Growing Authoritarianism. Tucker Carlson exposes the unprecedented effort to “round up dissenters” and provides compelling evidence of FBI infiltration in the January 6 “insurrection.” Note: to watch, click the photo or the link above.

Watch: “America’s future is as bleak as North Korea” says defector after attending Columbia University. Yeonmi Park was shocked by the oppressive culture within the university, reminding her of the country she fled. Note: to watch, click the photo or the link above.

Watch: Pastor Arrested for Holding Church Service – USA. While many Christians meekly submit to government interference in the church, Louisiana Pastor Tony Spell is facing up to 18 years in prison for standing for Christ.

Articles of the Week

Read: Tim Keller and Progressive Evangelicalism. With almost 100 footnotes, Enemies Within the Church uncovers the background and ideology of Christian pastor and author Tim Keller.

Read: Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge. This bombshell report from Revolver News reveals that the Feds had prior knowledge of the January 6 “Capitol Breach” and may have not only infiltrated but instigated the crowd.

Prayer and Action

Pray for your church, pastor, and fellow members to be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.

Pray that each will be alert and proactive in keeping apostates from infiltrating and subverting your local church.

Pray that the body of Christ would grow in wisdom, discernment, and understanding.

Pray for the communist country of Cuba. Despite the change in leadership in 2018, churches in Cuba face unrelenting pressure from the government, which remains committed to communism’s atheistic ideology and sees churches as a threat to the revolution begun by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro in the 1950s. Cubans remain poor, with the government seeking to control every aspect of life. When church leaders resist state teachings that are contrary to God’s Word and disobey government restrictions on Christian witness, they are called in for interrogation. Although gathering in unregistered churches and constructing new church buildings are banned, many churches boldly worship despite the risks.

  • Pray for Christian leaders being threatened with imprisonment by their oppressive government.
  • Pray for parents who were arrested for trying to remove their children from communist indoctrination at school.
  • Pray for a recently demolished unregistered church and the more than 2,000 others at risk.
  • Pray for pastors pressured to provide the government with information about church leaders.
  • Pray for the encouragement and wisdom of Christian pastors.

Visit Trevor Loudon’s website to check out his excellent blog or to purchase one of his books.

Visit enemieswithinthechurch.com to learn more about Trevor’s new film and how you can get involved.

You can share this week’s video with Trevor Loudon by clicking this link.

Evaluate your church and its leadership by asking some important questions: 

  • Do my pastor or elders preach Genesis to Revelation without apology?
  • Are they encouraging the congregation to share the Gospel?
  • Do they understand that Jesus is Lord over everything, including politics?
  • Do they believe the church has no authority outside the four walls of the church?
  • Where do they stand on the critical race theory and social justice spectrum?

Be willing to leave your church if it has been compromised.

Seek to be a blessing to your church and its leadership. Look for ways to encourage, educate, and motivate those in your church to build a healthy biblical worldview. One AGENDA Weekly member began sharing our weekly Behind the Scenes videos in his Sunday school class.

Remember to thank the fathers in your life this Father’s Day.

Patriot Spotlight

“I believe your Agenda Weekly is one of the most important resources leading the way in the resistance against those who are unlawfully destroying our Constitutional rights, trying to replace God with cradle-to-grave dependence on the government, and forcing the yoke of socialism/Marxism/Communism ideology upon us…”

“I’ve started a new ‘Freedom Meet-Up’ event in my local Auburn, California area. It is a peaceful, lawful public assembly meeting once a week for one hour. The purpose is to connect with like-minded citizens who want to exercise our freedom of assembly and speech to ‘do something’ in order to defend, protect and preserve our Constitution…My event is an outdoor event held one day per week in a large central public parking lot.”

“I don’t represent any organization. I’m one person. I’m 76, a follower of Jesus Christ and very concerned about the future of America and our apathy in the presence of those who are dedicated to bringing down our republic. ‘Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.’”

– Mary G.

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5 thoughts on “Enemies Within the Church (with Trevor Loudon)”

  1. I think many don’t know that the word “church” is the Greek word ekklesia which means “called out ones.” This is what Jesus did. He called out those from the synagogues to FOLLOW Him. The churches Paul and the disciples set up were to be temporary, to teach and to equip people to be disciples, to make other disciples, to build ministries. We were never meant to go to a building and have some “mediator” teach us every single week of our life – this is not GROWTH! God’s word says: John 6:45
    It is written in the prophets, ‘And they shall all be taught by God.’ Therefore everyone who has heard and learned from the Father comes to Me. It is God who teaches us directly. We have forgotten His Sabbaths and His Feast Days, these are the times we are to gather and fellowship for 7 days at Passover, Pentecost and 8 days for the Feast of Tabernacles. We go and share what we have been doing in our ministries, share and equip each other. God gives us each gifts and we share those with others and equip them. We were never meant to be forever SHEPHERD by a PASTOR staying in the same church, that is NOT what Jesus came to do. He came to teach us how to have a relationship with God and to teach others. This is why home churches are taking off and people are starting to understand His FEASTS. Ezekiel 20:20 hallow My Sabbaths, and they will be a sign between Me and you, that you may know that I am the Lord your God.’ These are also what has been left out in the church. Our 7th Day Sabbath has turned to Sunday, We celebrate pagan holidays like Easter and Christ-mas and our own holidays, we pick and choose and change how we follow the 10 commandments, Translators have CHANGED the WORD of GOD. It should say, John 7:38 He who believes ( IS COMMITTED to) in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.”
    If we are COMMITTED to Jesus then it will FLOW out of us in all that we do, say, etc. We are in the END TIMES. God is LOOKING for those who are COMMITTED to JESUS, to do HIS WILL, to be TAUGHT by HIM. We should be STUDYING the bible, not just reading it. Seeking to do God’s WILL daily, dying to ourselves and teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    You will know if you are God’s CHOSEN people because these SIGNS PROVE that you are SEALED:

    Mark 16:14 Later He appeared to the eleven as they sat at the table; and He rebuked their unbelief and hardness of heart, because they did not believe those who had seen Him after He had risen. 15 And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. 16 He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned. 17 And these signs will follow those who ( ARE COMMITTED) believe: In My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; 18 they will take up serpents; and if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

  2. Darryl & Sheila

    Does Pastor Tony Spell have a legal defense team (Liberty Counsel, or some other organization)? How do we find out, so that we may contribute toward his defense if we choose?

  3. Very informative interview!!! Validated my own concerns so I don’t feel like I have gone off the deep end. Hard to get others to listen and take it seriously! It seems like the remnant is getting smaller and smaller! Thank you for Agenda Weekly!!! So glad I subscribe! Have already been passing this along.

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