“There can be no true humility and no true compassion where there is no courage.”

-Whitaker Chambers

Why YOU Have to Get THEIR Vaccine and Why THEY Have to Get YOUR Guns

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of September 26 - October 2

Dear Friend,

Bible commentator Warren Wiersbe once said, “When the outlook appears grim, try the uplook.” In a society where leaders outdo one another in betraying those they claim to serve, Psalm 121 reminds us of the One who will never let us down. The Psalm begins, “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth.” 

Take time this week to read and ponder this short Psalm.

1. THE EMERGING CULT OF THE CORONAVIRUS: On Sunday, New York Governor Kathy Hochul (who supports murdering unborn babies) attempted to couch the vaccination campaign in religious terms. Speaking at Brooklyn’s Christian Cultural Center, Hochul said, “We are not through this pandemic. I wished we were, but I prayed a lot to God during this time and you know what, God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers — he made them come up with a vaccine. That is from God to us and we must say, ‘Thank you, God. Thank you.’” Hochul sported her “vaccinated” necklace and claimed that those who refuse the vaccine “aren’t listening to God and what God wants.” Governor Hochul called the audience to be her “apostles” to persuade the unrepentant vaccine refusers.

Tucker Carlson warned Christianity was being replaced by the “cult of the coronavirus” and called Governor Kathy Hochul the “high priestess” of the cult. Sadly, under the cult, thousands of New York health care workers have lost their jobs because they have refused to bow down to the altar of “science” and get the jab. Governor Hochul has now been forced to declare a state of emergency.

Ed. Note: As history proves, totalitarians and would-be dictators never care about God — they despise Him, as evidenced by their actions. Like Adolf Hitler, they only invoke God when they see it will increase their own power.

Simple death statistics from the past 6 years prove that Covid-19 has not been the crisis that many claim.

2. THE VACCINE HEALTH DISASTER CONTINUES: Attorney Thomas Renz believes almost 50,000 Medicare patients died soon after receiving the COVID shot. Renz points to data from the Medicare Tracking System which shows that 48,465 American Citizens died within 14 days of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The CDC still counts vaccinated individuals who die within 14 days of receiving the jab as “unvaccinated.” COVID deaths in the U.K. are 3,000% higher than they were at this time last year, and 80% of deaths are from the vaccinated.

The Defender reports, “Professional tennis player Jeremy Chardy — formerly ranked 25th in the world — said his 2021 season is over thanks to a ‘series of problems’ he experienced after getting a COVID vaccine.”

The Defender also reports, “Research on CRISPR gene editing for gene therapy applications shows it can lead to massive damage to chromosomes — known as chromothripsis — which can lead to cancer or an inherited disease in any children of the affected patient.”

The CDC has now urged all women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or hoping to become pregnant to get the Covid vaccine. Pfizer plans to ask for emergency authorization for their vaccine for 5 to 11-year olds within weeks. Dr. Scott Atlas asks, “To me, it’s unconscionable that a society uses its children as shields for adults. Children do not have a significant risk from this illness…Are we [as] a society, a civilization…going to inject our children with an experimental drug that they don’t have a significant benefit from, to shield ourselves?”

Hospitals receiving federal Medicare and Medicaid funding face a dilemma — either lose federal funding if they resist Biden’s mandate, or lose staff if they comply with it. United Airlines plans to terminate 593 employees who have resisted their vaccine mandate.

Ed. Note: There is no bottom to the pit of depravity for men that are rebelling against God. They will attempt the unthinkable.

3. ITALY TO WITHHOLD PAY FROM ALL UNVACCINATED WORKERS: Summit News reports, “The Italian government has passed a decree applying to both the private and public sector ordering companies to withhold pay from workers who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine.” The country of South Africa is now introducing a vaccine passport.

4. CRACKDOWN ON FREE SPEECH CONTINUES: The Washington Post reports, “YouTube is taking down several video channels associated with high-profile anti-vaccine activists including Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who experts say are partially responsible for helping seed the skepticism that’s contributed to slowing vaccination rates across the country.”

Ed. Note: Those who promote lies must “censor” anyone speaking the truth. Someone who is speaking the truth never tries to silence the person that is lying, because they know the truth is easy to discern when both sides are presented. As George R.R. Martin once said, “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

5. UNITED NATIONS RELEASES “OUR COMMON AGENDA”: Secretary Antonio Guterres told the U.N., “Our Common Agenda is an agenda of action, designed to strengthen and accelerate multilateral agreements – particularly the 2030 Agenda…” The lengthy report recommends an international taxation system, a greater crackdown on free speech under the guise of combatting the “infodemic,” mass migration, and other dangerous globalist proposals. Read the full report here or a summary here.

6. SUPPLY CHAIN DISASTER: The Epoch Times reports, “Several industry groups have warned world leaders of a worldwide supply-chain ‘system collapse’ due to pandemic restrictions, coming as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell suggested that the current period of higher inflation will last until 2022.” In California, container ships have had to wait for two weeks or more to unload. “From an economic point of view, it’s a disaster because cargo is waiting,” said Markus Grote, captain of a Hapag-Lloyd container ship.

7. THE ENVIRONMENTAL AGENDA: The Washington Post commented on a study from the Journal Science. “Unless world leaders agree on more ambitious policies when they meet for the United Nations climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, this fall, the study says, today’s children will be exposed to an average of five times more disasters than if they lived 150 years ago.” The World Economic Forum held its fifth Sustainable Impact Summit in partnership with the United Nations as a meeting to advance the U.N.’s 2030 Sustainable Development goals.

The Green agenda could be taking a more violent turn. The U.S. Senate has confirmed Tracy Stone-Manning, an ecoterrorist once affiliated with the radical group Earth First! to lead the Bureau of Land Management. WND reports, “The New Yorker is accused of promoting violence after its podcast featured a climate change activist who called destruction of property the most effective protest tool, praising the violence that marred the George Floyd protests.” Professor em. Dr. Lucas Bergkamp, LL.M. warns, “The climate movement has discovered criminal law as a tool for conducting climate politics.”

value-signaling vegetarian restaurant in Manhattan reportedly has a “secret” meat room for elites. More proof that the environmental movement is about nothing more than pure power.

Ed. Note: Al Gore once stated, “Climate deniers deserve to be punished.” The Second Amendment is the only thing standing between American citizens and a rope hanging from a tree. If the climate crazies had the ability they would execute all who disagree. They have stated as much in many articles and speeches over the years. 

8. ISLAM, IMMIGRATION, AND SHARIA LAW: Speaking of the 75,000 Afghans and civilians brought over by August 31, James Simpson warns, “Many of these ‘refugees’ are already showing their true colors, as incidents of violent crime, including assault and rape, have skyrocketed at the American military bases where these people have been temporarily housed. According to one whistleblower, base security is being threatened, as Afghan migrants are free to roam. Afghan men have also brought child brides with them. Meanwhile, approximately 5,500 Americans were brought out of Afghanistan. But many weren’t — and along with U.S. permanent residents still stuck there, they number in the thousands, not the Biden administration’s claim of 200. Blinken has finally acknowledged about 5,000 green card holders still there.” Simpson notes that Biden plans to raise the 2022 refugee cap to 125,000, and warns that many of these “refugees” will likely be jihadis.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan, Taliban co-founder Mullah Nooruddin Turabi defended executions and amputations of hands. “No one will tell us what our laws should be. We will follow Islam, and we will make our laws on the Quran.”

U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, who previously criticized the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, is being held in a military prison.

Speaking at the U.N. General Assembly, Haiti’s Prime Minister warned that migrations will continue “as long as there are pockets of wealth on the planet, while the majority of the world population lives in precarity.” A Quinnipiac poll found that 71% of likely voters disapproved of Biden’s immigration policies, while only 20 percent approved.

9. THE FRUITS OF “SECULAR” EDUCATION: One school forced a teacher to take down a police flag but left up BLM and LGBT messages. A mother was shocked to discover that her son’s school library included two books featuring child pornography and pedophilia.

Ed. Note: Today’s educational disaster has been over 100 years in the making. Sadly, public schools are corrupt beyond repair. One of the most important thing we can do for America’s future is to get as many children as possible out of these Marxist indoctrination centers. To better understand this issue, please watch our previous Behind the Scenes video: “Education: Marxism’s Greatest Tool.”

10. BIDEN SAYS THAT BUILD BACK BETTER “COSTS ZERO DOLLARS”: Joe Biden told reporters, “We’re going to pay for everything we spend.” The next day he tweeted, “My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars…It adds zero dollars to the national debt.” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has echoed Biden’s claim.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen called the debt ceiling “very destructive” and argued that it should be abolished. With Republican support, the House and Senate passed a continuing resolution to keep the government funded through December 3.

Ed. Note: Lenin described how important it is to debauch the currency when governments are trying to get control of the people (“grind the people between the millstones of taxation and inflation”). The Biden Administration is doing exactly that in hopes of collapsing the American economy so they can keep expanding government.

11. BIDEN PURGES SONGWRITER OF “GOD BLESS THE USA”: Lee Greenwood wrote the song “God Bless the USA” in 1983. Greenwood was appointed to the National Council on the Arts by President George W. Bush and reappointed by Barack Obama and by Donald Trump. However, the Biden Administration will not reappoint Greenwood to the Arts Council. Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families said, “The Biden Administration has been relentless in purging conservatives from every government board and agency. But Greenwood has two targets on his back. Not only was he appointed by a Republican president, his anthem is pro-American and anti-globalist. And Joe Biden and his party are ‘all in’ for globalism. That’s why they refuse to defend our borders. That’s why they claim America was founded by evil men.”

12. SWITZERLAND LEGALIZES SAME-SEX “MARRIAGE”: Switzerland has now approved faux homosexual marriages and adoptions for homosexual couples, by 64% of voters in a national referendum. The Swiss Evangelical Alliance said they will “continue to campaign for freedom of religion and freedom of conscience with regard to church weddings.”


1. OVER 200 NYC BUSINESS OWNERS SUE MAYOR BILL DE BLASIO: Over 200 business owners that comprise the Independent Restaurant Owners Association Rescue are suing NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio and the city over the vaccine mandate. Almost 200 Minnesota healthcare workers have sued their employers over vaccine mandates. CBN News reports “mass firings” and “mass walkouts” as many state troopers and healthcare workers refuse to comply. Liberty Counsel is representing 1,500 New York healthcare workers who are challenging the state’s removal of religious exemptions.

2. NBA PLAYERS REVOLT AGAINST MANDATE: While around 90% of NBA players have been vaccinated, some prominent players are still holding out, including Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn Nets), Andrew Wiggins (Golden State Warriors), and Jonathan Isaac (Orlando Magic). Breitbart comments, “According to a report by Rolling Stone, the league is worried that players who are resisting the vaccine, such as Irving and Orlando’s Jonathan Isaac, will band together and resist the efforts to fully vaccinate the whole league.”

3. OVER 7,800 DOCTORS AND SCIENTISTS SIGN “PHYSICIANS DECLARATION”: The statement accuses policymakers of “crimes against humanity.” It was first read at the Rome COVID Summit, which brought together professionals who had seen “career threats, character assassination, papers and research censored, social accounts blocked, search results manipulated, clinical trials and patient observations banned, and their professional history and accomplishments altered or omitted in academic and mainstream media.” The declaration highlighted “hundreds of thousands of unnecessary patient deaths due to failure-to-treat,” and called for an end to “the political intrusion into the practice of medicine and the physician/patient relationship.”

4. COURAGEOUS FLIGHT SURGEON EXPOSES VACCINE INJURIES IN AIR FORCE: Brigade Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long has filed an affidavit explaining how numerous pilots have been injured after receiving the vaccine and urging the Pentagon to ground all pilots who took the Covid-19 vaccine.

5. NEW YORK CITY BLACK LIVES MATTER LEADERS CALL VACCINE PASSPORTS “RACIST”: After slamming Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandate, Hawk Newsome, co-founder and chairman of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York (BLMGNY), noted, “It’s black people who have a natural distrust of the vaccine.” Chivona Newsome, fellow co-founder of BLMGNY said, “We’re putting this city on notice that your mandate will not be another racist social distance practice. Black people are not going to stand by, or you will see another uprising. And that is not a threat. That is a promise.”

6. FREEDOM IN TEXAS: Texas Governor Gregg Abbott said, “If there is any Border Patrol officer who gets fired or has to quit, whatever the case may be, because of the vaccine mandate imposed by the Biden administration, Texas would be honored to have them come work for us and be a border patrol regiment for the state of Texas.”

Rebecca Parma at The Federalist wrote, “So far in Texas, we are seeing the abortion industry comply with the new law. Eighty-five percent of abortions that previously would have been occurring in our state are now illegal. More than 100 babies per day are being given a chance at life.”

A Texas district court ordered United Airlines to temporarily halt its termination of employees who want a medical or religious exemption from the company’s COVID shot mandate.

Texas will conduct a forensic audit of 2020 election results in its four largest counties, including Dallas and Harris counties.

7. SENATOR RON JOHNSON QUESTIONS EFFECTIVENESS OF COVID VACCINES: From the Senate floor, Senator Ron Johnson said, “Our federal agencies have not been transparent. They have not given the American public information that we need to make an informed choice.” The Gateway Pundit summarized Johnson’s three primary points.

1.) The total coronavirus cases and deaths had dropped significantly before the vaccine was introduced.

 2.) The rate of vaccination took off early in 2021 and today stands around 60%.

 3.) Despite 60% of the population being vaccinated the cases and deaths surged again this summer.

8. NEBRASKA STANDS AGAINST BIDEN’S NEW IRS PLAN: Nebraska State Treasurer John Murante announced that the state will not comply. “As State Treasurer, I have an obligation to safeguard the personal information of hundreds of thousands of these accounts and it’s absolutely wrong to ask American citizens who haven’t even been accused of wrongdoing to turn over their private bank information to the federal government. There’s no excuse for it.”

9. MORE VICTORIES: Norway has ended the country’s COVID-19 restrictions, downgrading the virus to a strong flu. Sweden has ended its restrictions. The President of Croatia has declared: “We will not be vaccinated anymore.”

Some GOP Senators and Congressmen have introduced legislation to restrict vaccine passports. GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has introduced impeachment resolutions against Biden and Harris over Afghanistan.

Connor Boyack, the author of the children’s book series, “The Tuttle Twins,” has launched a monthly magazine for kids called “Tuttle Times.”

10. ANSWERS IN GENESIS – OVER 11% OF AMERICAN HOUSEHOLDS ARE HOMESCHOOLING: Answers in Genesis notes, “One good thing to come out of the shutdowns is that many parents have been awakened to what ‘secular’ really means – anti-God! And, as a result of that awakening, as well as various mandates and schools reopening and shutting down throughout the year, plus other factors, Census data found that 11.1% of U.S. households with school-aged children are now homeschooling. That’s double the number from before the pandemic!”

11. BRANDON SMITH – RED STATES MUST BECOME SANCTUARIES: Conservative writer Brandon Smith recommends: “Red States Should Offer Sanctuary To Businesses, Military And Medical Personnel.” Smith states, “All it takes is one free place to change the dynamic between the public and an authoritarian regime. Just one.” Smith believes that we can create “safe havens for free people. We need to continue to make it clear that we will not comply.”

12. POLISH PRESIDENT – “THE FAMILY IS THE FOUNDATION” OF EVERY NATION: Appearing on Tucker Carlson, Polish President Andrzej Duda stated, “The [Polish] constitution stipulates that marriage, it says ’a union of a man and woman, and family’ are protected by the government in a special way. So, for the first time since 1989, we have embarked on a very resolute and vast pro-family action.” Under Poland’s “Family 500+” program, the country’s birthrate has increased by 3.17% since 2017.

Duda continued, “But to me, a politician speaking openly, I consider myself to be rather conservative. And I actually was always frank about my views. I’m a Christian. I’m a practicing Christian. I pray. I’m not ashamed of that whatsoever. And to me, the value of family is priceless. I do support families. I’m pro-life. I defend life. I believe that life is sacred. I believe it should be guarded and families have to be supported as strong as they can because family is the foundation of every nation.”



Click here to watch or listen to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s rendition of this stirring song.

I will lift up mine eyes to the hills
From whence cometh my help,
My help cometh from the Lord,
The Lord which made Heaven and Earth.

He said He would not suffer thy foot,
Thy foot to be moved;
The Lord which keepeth thee,
He will not slumber nor sleep.

Oh the Lord is thy keeper,
The Lord is thy shade
Upon thy right hand,
Upon thy right hand.

No, the sun shall not smite thee by day,
Nor the moon by night,
He shall preserve thy soul
Even forever more.

My help, my help, my help,
All of my help cometh from the Lord.

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Watch: Expert Testimony on mRNA Vaccinations (8:41 minutes). In her testimony before the Michigan House of Representatives, molecular scientist Dr. Christina Parks discusses the dangers of the vaccine and explains how the black community has been abused by the CDC as recently as 2012.

Watch: American Conversations – Fight Against Medical Tyranny (47:20 minutes). After surveying individuals, a top pollster found that adverse reactions are substantially higher than anyone is reporting. Understand the lies the CDC and the media are telling people.

Watch: Whistleblower Report – The VAERS Scandal (9:07). Hospital Physician’s Assistant Deborah Conrad has come forward with her testimony on the massive amount of Adverse Events not being reported by hospitals.

Watch: Australian Police Officer Speaks for Fellow Officers Against Vax (8:49). A police officer in Australia quit his job so he could speak out about the evil going on by the Communist-leaning Australian government.

Watch: Sidney Powell Drops BOMB! Military Can Determine Election Outcomes (16:53). Sidney Powell powerfully explains that she has found evidence of Department of Defense involvement in a patent that allows for the military to determine, change, or alter the outcome of U.S. elections.

Watch: Tucker: These Are the Moral Priorities of the Democrats (13:40). Tucker Carlson exposes how the federal government has slipped legislation into the $3.5 trillion bill that would put out of business any business that doesn’t get all their employees vaccinated.

Watch: 2030 UnMasked – For Those Preparing For What’s Coming After Covid-19 (2:06:57). This incredible documentary exposes hundreds of lies that Americans have been told and provides numerous solutions to our problems. Please watch and consider sharing.

Articles of the Week

Read: 30 facts you NEED to know: Your Covid Cribsheet. Kit Knightly has compiled a collection of all the arguments you’ll ever need.

Read: Australia’s Astonishing Tyranny Keeps Growing. Simon Black puts Australia’s modern Covid tyranny in its historical context.

Read: Forced Vaccination Was Always the Endgame. Barbara Loe Fisher explains, “Right now, forced vaccination is the quickest means to what the World Economic Forum transparently describes on its website as ‘The Great Reset.’”

Prayer and Action

Pray for WMD’s. Wisdom to know what is true, Maturity to understand what is important, and Discernment to make the best choice.

Pray for an opportunity to meet the needs of another household in your community. Then actively look for a need and meet it! Share your experience with someone else.

Pray that the truth will come to light on the many national issues that are threatening freedom. It’s always good to pray that lies are exposed and truth is recognized.

Family Action: Develop a personal email list outside of social media that you contact periodically about important issues. Send an encouraging email to that list.

Community Action: Identify a local freedom political candidate who is running for office and sign up as a volunteer.

Country Action: Create a list of your US representative and US senators with email and phone numbers. Print the list and post it in a prominent place in your home. Find your Representative here and your Senator here or call the US Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121.


  • URGE CONGRESS TO PASS H.R. 3860 to Stop Vaccine Mandate for U.S. Servicemen and women.
  • Tell your U.S. representative and senators to opposes the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) and its provisions extending the military to women and allowing military courts to issue “Red Flag” gun confiscation. Tell them to instead pass S. 1139 and H.R. 2509. 

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Patriot Spotlight

“Job 3:25 says, ‘For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.’ This record demonstrates that the mind/heart combination of fear and believing will ultimately bring to pass that which is focused on. As leaders our responsibility before GOD is to teach the truth according to GOD’s Word so that His believers may rise above the impending doom as presented by the media, and rise above the fear through understanding WHO we are in Christ, and WHAT we have as Sons of the Almighty…” – Ron S.

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16 thoughts on “Why YOU Have to Get THEIR Vaccine and Why THEY Have to Get YOUR Guns”

  1. This verse is so TRUE today

    Revelation 18:23 The light of a lamp shall not shine in you anymore, and the voice of bridegroom and bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the great men of the earth, for by your sorcery all the nations were deceived.

    The word sorcery is the greek word pharmekia. So the true definition of this verse the modern reader would be:

    And the light of the lamp shall not shine in you again. And the voice of the groom and of the bride shall not be heard in you anymore. For your merchants were the leaders of the earth. For all the nations were led astray by your drugs.
    Revelation 18:23 CPDV

  2. Of course they didn’t “just see that they could use this virus”. Everything has been in planning for centuries. Nothing is left to chance. That’s why they are doing so many experiments on people: to see how they respond as a society and adjust the plans accordingly. Look at Event 201. There were many, many, secretly held meetings before this….now they don’t care that we know what they’re doing because they have brainwashed generations into agreement with them. We’re truly just like lab rats to them. Who are they? Servants of Satan….They call themselves Illuminati, but it just means Satan worshipers.

    Now is the time for action. What kind of action? Repentance, Baptism, Prayer, Evangelism, and putting on the armor of God.
    Ephesians 6:10-18
    The Armor of God
    Finally, be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. …

    1. Amen brother! Spot on. Repentance i.e. teshuvah that leads us to turn back to The Father and His ways revealed in His Torah. Rev 3 “…To the one who overcomes I will grant the right to sit with Me on My throne, just as I myself overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne. 22 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Ruach is saying to Messiah’s communities.” May we remain faithful in hearing and obeying the written word.
      And may we as children of the Most High Yah, have courage in the days ahead to be bold as lions in following our Master and Messiah: Yeshua, with all our hearts. Help us Abba to continually put on the full armor of Yahweh as my brother shared.
      Love and shalom from Walla Walla, WA

  3. Thank you Curtis. The videos you linked were excellent, however the 2030 Unmasked video definitely offers the world’s wisdom, not the gospel of Jesus at the end and should come with that disclaimer. The information about current events is valuable but I would not want someone young in their faith to take the worldly advice offered at the end.

  4. Darryl & Sheila Ford

    Look up Mayor Craig A. Shubert of Hudson, Ohio, who told school board members that as a judge has confirmed an assignment asking students to write about sexual experiences was, “…essentially child pornography.”, school board members have a choice: “Resign or be prosecuted.”
    We must all be vigilant and take moral action in any way we can to oppose evil.

  5. I thought the “2030 UnMasked – For Those Preparing For What’s Coming After Covid-19” video was outstanding until the narrator got to the end and started preaching the “positive” message. We should listen and love one another but as you know, the only hope for all is the gospel of Jesus Christ. A decentralized horizontal system of government and ‘resource based society using artificial intelligence as a foundation” is a bad idea that won’t work either. Only a government instituted a led by Jesus Christ is the perfect, “harmonious” political system and one that will eventually come. The narrator then goes on to say “evil is not good or bad” and “good and evil are both necessary for us to have different experiences.” And “righteousness” is a human concept? A lot of that sounds like yin yang dualism. I’m not trying to pick apart the video, I’m just pointing out things that give me pause to sharing the video with others although, I probably will with a disclaimer for the part at the end.

    1. I know the documentary isn’t perfect and we don’t agree with all the info. We just felt it had a lot of key facts to expose so many lies being told today. I think it was a company in England that made it and they might be “New Age” in their worldview. If you do share it, just warn people to keep what is good and reject what is bad. I wish there was more content that was 100% biblical in its worldview, but it is so hard to find today. Thanks for being so discerning and cautious. That is needed today more than ever.

  6. I have come to the conclusion that fear is driving the Covid-19 mission. Our true hope is that Jesus returns soon to take his bride, the Church.
    Would agree with several others that end of 2030 video was not a Christian perspective.

  7. The 2030 Unmasked documentary certainly exposes the corruption. And it certainly had me onboard for sharing … until the last six minutes. Unfortunately, it suddenly left me with an uneasy feeling that I was watching a Q video or something similar. Comments in the video, such as “a new system” will happen, sound straight out of Q. Could it be they are now taking a turn to unite us so that together we will find someone to solve our problems (such as the antichrist)? And they do so by fully exposing their own corruption? I hope I am wrong, but for now I won’t be sharing this video as I had first thought.

    1. I know the documentary isn’t perfect and we don’t agree with all the info. We just felt it had a lot of key facts to expose so many lies being told today. I think it was a company in England that made it and they might be “New Age” in their worldview. If you do share it, just warn people to keep what is good and reject what is bad. I wish there was more content that was 100% biblical in its worldview, but it is so hard to find today. Thanks for being so discerning and cautious. That is needed today more than ever.

  8. Regarding the last 6 minutes, there are many who are lost and more becoming lost as we continue the path we’ve allowed the devil to lead us on. The first sentence of America’s first law (I call the Declaration the first book after Revelation) describes what the narrator and most of the world doesn’t know that they need to know!

    The bedrock foundation of American law, the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God; God’s Works and Gods Words; Creation and the Bible are the Light to the world that our Founders lit. Without that Light to the world, we are helpless. With it, we are invincible for Him. We’ve a lot of damage to remedy but with the hope, prayer and resources our Founders used, the Light to the world can shine, once again, brighter than ever.

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