“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure—one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

-David Rockefeller, Memoirs

Understanding the Deep State: Its Origins, History, and Significant Influence Today

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of April 25 - May 1

Dear Friend,

Prayer is the most powerful tool available to Christians, yet one that we are prone to neglect. Augustine once said, “When we work, we work; when we pray, God works.” Benjamin Franklin, the “least religious” of America’s Founders, observed, “The longer I live, the more convincing proofs I see of this truth: ‘that God governs in the affairs of men.’ And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?”

Martin Luther said, “No one can believe how powerful prayer is and what it can effect, except those who have learned it by experience. Whenever I have prayed earnestly, I have been heard and have obtained more than I prayed for. God sometimes delays, but He always comes.”


Dictators have always used crises to expand their power. Remember, global government requires global crises. Any crisis (real or perceived) will do: economic collapse, famine, Covid-19, “systemic racism,” climate change, war, etc. Today’s globalists will continue to create and exploit crises until enough people stand against their lies.

1. BILL GATES SPEAKS AT LEADERS’ CLIMATE SUMMIT: Gates, the world’s third-richest man and the author of the new book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster, was one of 40 leaders featured at Biden’s virtual Leaders’ Climate Summit. Gates began, “I especially want to thank President Biden and Secretary Kerry for re-establishing America’s leading role on climate change.” After briefly outlining his plan and stressing the need for “international cooperation,” Gates concluded, “If we take all these steps together, I believe we can avoid a climate disaster.”

At the conference (which included the heads of the world’s 17 largest economies), Biden committed to cutting U.S. greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2030. Writing for the Deep State Council on Foreign Relations, Stewart M. Patrick said, “After four wasted years under former President Donald Trump, U.S. climate policy is finally headed in the right direction.” Learn more about the Summit here.

2. CHICAGO ROLLING OUT A “VAX PASS”: “Don’t call it a vaccine passport,” said the city health officials. However, the pass will still discriminate against the unvaccinated, giving vaccinated individuals discounts, free admissions to museums, and exclusive access to certain events.

3. CANADA CONSIDERS BILL TO CONTROL THE INTERNET: The radical bill would force social media companies to ban “hate speech,” including “hurtful” words against politicians.

3. COVID-19 “EXPERT” DR. PETER HOTEZ: “TIME TO CONFRONT ANTI-VAX AGGRESSION: Dr. Hotez believes that more than better messaging is needed to combat “vaccine hesitancy.” Rather, Hotez advocates for more severe measures. “Efforts must expand into the realm of cyber security, law enforcement, public education, and international relations.” Two weeks ago, AGENDA Weekly’s Behind the Scenes video explained how leftists use “the experts” to advance their agenda.

4. THE EUROPEAN UNION MANDATES VACCINE PASSPORTS: Ursula Von Leyen, head of the European Commission, said, “All 27 member states will accept, unconditionally, all those who are vaccinated with vaccines that are approved by E.M.A. (European Medicines Agency).”

5. THOUSANDS OF WOMEN SAY THEIR HORMONES WERE IMPACTED AFTER TAKING COVID-19 VACCINE: Kathryn Clancy of the University of Illinois announced that she was conducting a survey on changes to women’s monthly cycles after receiving the vaccine. She expected around 500 responses, but has received over 25,000. Cindy Oldstead writes, “Meanwhile, various vaccine and medical watch boards are seeing similar comments, and gynecology experts are offering a variety of explanations.”

6. WOMAN LOSES JOB OVER VACCINE: Samantha Wise, an Arkansas mother of five, was fired for not taking the vaccine after her business required that all employees be vaccinated.

7. AUTHORITIES FINE CANADIAN CHURCH $10,000: The Christian Church of Morden, in Manitoba, was fined $10,000 after the church held a “full in-person service” on Easter Sunday.

8. DR. MERCOLA REMOVES ALL ARTICLES RELATING TO VITAMIN D, C, ZINC, AND COVID-19: Dr. Joseph Mercola has been forced to remove his well-researched articles exposing the Deep State Covid cabal. This may be due to the Federal Government threatening natural doctors with $10,000 fines if they promote alternative treatments to Covid-19.

9. GLOBAL SPENDING ON COVID-19 INJECTIONS TO REACH $157 BILLION BY 2025: According to Reuters, “Total global spending on COVID-19 vaccines is projected to reach $157 billion by 2025, driven by mass vaccination programs underway and ‘booster shots’ expected every two years, according to a report by U.S. health data company IQVIA Holdings Inc released on Thursday.” This is yet another admission that elites plan to make Covid vaccines permanent and will not willingly relinquish the power and money gained from these injections.


1. POLITICALLY CORRECT JUSTICE IN THE CHAUVIN VERDICT: Former chief medical examiner for the state of Maryland, Dr. David Fowler, provided expert witness for Derek Chauvin’s defense, saying that if he had been the medical examiner in the Floyd case, he would have ruled the cause of death “undetermined.” Now, Maryland’s Democrat Attorney General Brian Frosh and Republican Governor Larry Hogan are launching an investigation into death reports under Fowler’s tenure.

One Chauvin juror admitted, “I did not want to go through rioting and destruction again, and I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict.”

2. THE WAR ON POLICE: The mayor of Columbus, Ohio, requested a federal probe into the city police force at the request of the family of Ma’Khia Bryant, the 16-year-old girl who was fatally shot as she charged towards two other women with a knife. At the same time, “Squad” member Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar is reintroducing three “policing reform” bills, one of which would create an “independent” federal agency to investigate all deaths occurring under police custody.


1. FORMER PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH SPEARHEADS AMNESTY EFFORT: Breitbart reports, “Former President George W. Bush told radio host Hugh Hewitt on April 22 that he is working with the Koch Network to help President Joe Biden pass an amnesty and cheap-labor bill through Congress.”

2. IMMIGRATION CRISIS WORSENS UNDER BIDEN: Kamala Harris calls focus on the border crisis “political games,” as she focuses instead on improving living conditions in Central America. The Department of Homeland Security is instructing agents to not arrest most illegal immigrants in courthouses, effectively making courthouses sanctuaries for illegals. According to Breitbart, “Criminal illegal aliens are being released into Texas neighborhoods as a result of President Joe Biden’s ‘sanctuary country’ orders that prevent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.) agents from detaining and deporting most criminal illegal aliens in the United States.” This is all very strategic, intended to create more chaos and permanently transform America culture.


1. ARIZONA’S REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR VETOES BILL THAT WOULD BAN LGBTQ INDOCTRINATION: Doug Ducey vetoed the bill that would require parents to opt in to any instruction regarding “sexuality, gender identity, or gender expression.” This is a reminder of just how far schools have come in the past 90 years, beginning with compulsory education laws and the destructive theories of John Dewey. Consider homeschooling your children as one of the best alternatives to unhinged state-sponsored indoctrination.


This administration is more than just radical or leftist, it’s openly Marxist. Many Republicans who only paid lip service to America First ideals during Trump’s administration appear comfortably settled in to the role of  the “loyal opposition.” Mitch McConnell, undercut Trump’s agenda while Republicans held the Senate, the House, and the White House during Trump’s first two years. McConnell also squashed two election security bills in July 2019 after receiving donations from Dominion lobbyists. And he warned Senators not to contest the January 6 electoral votes. McConnell called Biden’s speech to Congress a “lengthy liberal daydream.”

Mike Pence, who had the opportunity to send contested electoral votes back to the states on January 6, now calls Biden’s first 100 days “radical.” Newt Gingrich called Biden’s first 100 days “among the most radical in American history,” but continues promoting the Republican party as the only hope for America, despite the fact that the GOP has repeatedly betrayed conservatives. Conservatives should also remember how many “conservative” news organizations refused to expose election fraud and played into Biden’s hand by promoting the “right-wing domestic terrorism” narrative after January 6.

Albert Einstein once said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.”

1. BIDEN’S FIRST SPEECH TO CONGRESS: According to Nielson, 27 million people watched Biden’s first address to a joint session of Congress, compared to 48 million who watched Trump’s first speech. Yet Biden won by 81 million votes? YouTube dislikes (see screenshots here) revealed what America really thinks of Biden.


  • On transgenders: “To all transgender Americans watching at home, especially the young people who are so brave, I want you to know your president has your back.”
  • On “domestic terrorism”: “And we won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today: white supremacy’s terrorism.”
  • On black Americans: “We’ve all seen the knee of injustice on the neck of Black Americas. Now is our opportunity to make some real progress.”
  • On January 6: “As we gather here tonight, the images of a violent mob assaulting this Capitol—desecrating our democracy—remain vivid in our minds…The insurrection was an existential crisis—a test of whether our democracy could survive…”
  • On taxes: “The I.R.S. is going to crack down on millionaires and billionaires who cheat on their taxes. It’s estimated to be billions of dollars.”


1. OVER 100,000 PARTICIPATE IN LONDON “MARCH FOR FREEDOM”: On Saturday, April 24, over 100,000 people gathered in London for the “March for Freedom” to protest lockdowns, vaccine passports, and other forms of Covid tyranny. One individual explained why he was there: “I think we’ve been taken over by what’s becoming a totalitarian state, which is based on very bad science.” A Jewish attendee put it this way: “This is like being in a Nazi state, and as someone who is Jewish …People don’t even realize we’re in a prison.” A similar event in Berlin, Germany, drew nearly 20,000 people that same day.

2. FLORIDA LEGISLATURE BANS VACCINE PASSPORTS: This new law makes Governor DeSantis’s executive order permanent. According to the state legislature, “Woke corporations want to mandate vaccines and control the lives of every consumer. We’re pushing back against that.”

3. MONTANA BECOMES SECOND AMENDMENT SANCTUARY: Montana’s Governor signed a bill to “prohibit the enforcement of any federal ban or regulation of firearms, magazines, ammunition, ammunition components, or firearm accessories.”

Meanwhile, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (who also recently vetoed a bill to protect women in sports) vetoed a similar bill. Learn more about the incredible progress of gun laws at the state level here.

4. THREE STATES PASS IMPORTANT PRO-LIFE BILLS: Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed three bills to protect the unborn, including the “Montana Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act” and a bill that requires mothers be given access to an ultrasound before having an abortion.

Idaho and Oklahoma went further, both passing heartbeat bills, bringing the number of states up to 13. The unborn are the most vulnerable and unprotected in our society. Learn how you can get involved at Faith2Action here.

5. ALABAMA PROTECTS WOMEN IN SCHOOL SPORTS: According to the bill signed by Governor Kay Ivey, “A public K-12 school may not allow a biological female to participate on a male team if there is a female team in a sport. A public K-12 school may never allow a biological male to participate on a female team.”

6. STEVE DEACE EXPOSES AMERICA’S “FAUCIAN BARGAIN”: Deace’s new book, of the same title, exposes the unelected officials who sought to expand power and control during Covid-19. In a recent interview, Deace said, ““The two main objectives of our health care system – informed consent and second opinions – were denied to us at COVID.” Deace noted, “We were told to trust the experts. Why weren’t we permitted to get second opinions from counter experts, before we decided to risk a huge drop in cancer screenings, 40 million unemployed, 20 percent of American small businesses that are never going to return, on average, across the country?” Deace’s book recently topped the Amazon bestseller list.



The King of love my Shepherd is,
Whose goodness faileth never.
I nothing lack if I am His,
And He is mine forever.

Where streams of living water flow,
My ransomed soul He leadeth;
And where the verdant pastures grow,
With food celestial feedeth.

Perverse and foolish, oft I strayed,
But yet in love He sought me;
And on His shoulder gently laid,
And home, rejoicing, brought me.

In death’s dark vale I fear no ill,
With thee, dear Lord, beside me;
Thy rod and staff my comfort still,
Thy cross before to guide me.

And so through all the length of days,
Thy goodness faileth never;
Good Shepherd, may I sing Thy praise
Within thy house forever.

Featured Video

Watch: Leigh Dundas speech – (Health and Freedom 2021). In this powerful speech, Attorney Leigh Dundas tells Americans how they can defeat medical tyranny. This is such an important video that we chose to only feature this one this week. Please watch and share with friends!

Articles of the Week

Read: Front-Line-Workers-Testimony-on-Vaccinations. This comprehensive PDF documents multiple testimonies of vaccine injuries and deaths and is an excellent resource to share with friends and family who may be considering the Covid-19 vaccine.

Read: Biden’s First 100 Days of Radical Transformation of America. Ivan Pentchoukov notes just how radical Biden’s first 100 days have been.

Read: The Global Deep State: A New World Order Brought to You by COVID-19. John W. Whitehead compares the Global Deep State to the American Deep State.

Read: The Populist ‘Great Upset’: Decoupling From the Corporate State Deathgrip. Ben Bartee writes, “Globalism is a death machine; localization is the antidote.”

Prayer and Action

Pray for conservative Christians in leadership positions to stand boldly for the truth. Pray for those not in positions of authority to find effective ways to support them.

Pray that God will give us each an opportunity to share the gospel this week. Pray that we will have courage to redeem the time (Ephesians 5:16) as the Lord brings people our way.

Pray that the judgment God is bringing on America will turn us back to Him. Pray for a special hedge of protection around Christians in America, and for clear directions for the tasks God put us here to do at this time in history.

Consider homeschooling as one of the most important means to stand against rampant indoctrination that begins in kindergarten. Generations.org offers solid, biblically based materials for education and family discipleship.

Consider Ray Comfort’s compelling Way of the Master evangelism series here. Curtis highly recommends this great course as a helpful resource to teach you how to present the gospel in a very effective way.

Promote life. Where is your nearest crisis pregnancy center? How could you help support life with your time or finances?

If you’re interested, you can share this week’s video, Understanding the Deep State: Its Origins, History, and Significant Influence Today at this link.

State Action

  • New: Has your state passed a Heartbeat Bill? You can check at Janet Porter’s Faith 2 Action:
  • New: Is your state a sanctuary for the Second Amendment and for the unborn? Find out here which states and counties have become sanctuaries. Encourage your governor and state legislators to protect these critical freedoms to life and self defense.
  • Continue: Contact your state legislators and governor and ask them to ban  “vaccine passports” in your state and to resist unconstitutional executive orders.

National Legislative Action: Continue praying, encouraging others to act, and contacting your elected officials. You can call the Capitol switchboard (202-224-3121) or find your Senator’s number here: https://contactsenators.com/

  • New: Ask your Senators to vote NO on making Washington, D.C., the 51st state.
  • Continuing: Ask your Senators to vote NO on the PRO Act. This bill would eliminate Right to Work and Independent Contractor Status. The Democrats want to pass it in the infrastructure bill with a simple majority. Even a Forbes column admits the bill is a bad idea.

Patriot Spotlight

“AGENDA Weekly is THE BEST!!! I so appreciate the ‘Behind the Scenes’ video and the news items and links.” – Ruth

“Agenda Weekly: a true education in American government and economics, current events and history all in one place. We discuss the topics weekly with our teens as we sit at dinner and drive in the car. Now our eldest (15) has started at his Christian school a club learning and discussing our country’s godly foundations, the Constitution and showing the AGENDA Movies to his classmates. Thankful that this next generation is learning to discern truth with a biblical worldview. Hoping more adults in our church and community will seek the truth, too!”
– Virginia

“I am going to send a report to everyone on my email list and to friends on social media regarding your program and encourage them to participate. I will watch your video each week and I believe everyone should have this information. Thank you for all your hard work to inform us.” – Janice Q.

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