"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."

-Proverbs 3:5-6

The Story Behind the AGENDA Movie

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of July 10-16

Dear Friends,

It seems most families have favorite stories that are recounted over and over when they gather. These memories connect generations and illuminate colorful characters and unforgettable memories.

If you have never done so, consider compiling a written list of stories detailing how God has directed, comforted, or stepped in to do the impossible for you. Psalm 78:4 says, “We will not hide them from their children, shewing to the generation to come the praises of the LORD, and His strength, and His wonderful works that He hath done.” Such stories instill courage, build faith, and help weave a priceless spiritual heritage for following generations. 

Others outside your family need the encouragement, too! Wherever you go, look for time and opportunities to glorify God by sharing something He has done for you personally.

This week’s Behind the Scenes video shares one such story, the story of how the first AGENDA film came to be. Our gracious heavenly Father is providentially writing new stories every day, including yours!

1. BIG PHARMA CORRUPTION: Last year, the CDC changed its own definition of “vaccine” and “vaccinated” after people observed that their definitions didn’t apply to Covid-19 injections. CDC official Alycia Downs wrote in a newly released August 25, 2021 email, “The definition of vaccine we have posted is problematic, and people are using it to claim the COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine based on our own definition.” (You can read the old definitions here and the updated definitions here.) Dr. Anthony Fauci, who recently came down with Covid-19, claimed in a recent interview that Covid vaccines don’t protect very well against infection, but they do “protect quite well against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death.” Contradicting Fauci’s assertion, a new study found that natural immunity provides better protection against Covid-19 than do vaccines.

Former pharma executive Alexandra Latypova says that Moderna and the FDA colluded to bypass Covid vaccine safety standards. Dr. Joseph Mercola writes, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has adopted a “Future Framework” scheme that will allow Pfizer and Moderna to reformulate and release updated COVID shots without conducting any additional clinical trials.”

2. 94% OF ENGLISH COVID DEATHS WERE VACCINATED: The Exposé reports, “A report that was quietly published by the U.K. Government, just hours before Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, reveals that Covid-19 deaths have risen dramatically among the triple vaccinated population in England over the past couple of months whilst declining drastically among the unvaccinated population. The most recent figures show the vaccinated population in England accounts for a shocking 94% of all Covid-19 deaths in April and May, and 90% of those deaths were among the triple/quadruple vaccinated population.”

3. 60K UNVACCINATED TROOPS CUT FROM U.S. MILITARY: The U.S. Army has cut around 40,000 unvaccinated National Guard and 22,000 Reserve soldiers from training and pay.

268,858 troops (roughly 13% of the military) remain unvaccinated, and are therefore at risk of losing their jobs. Marine reservist and First Liberty general counsel Mike Berry responded, “Losing nearly 270,000 troops would devastate our military. That’s more than twice as many U.S. troops than died during World War I from all causes, and almost as many as died in combat during World War II. Our adversaries are probably delighted to see the Pentagon eliminate more troops than they ever could.”

4. ABORTION EXTREMISTS HARASS SCOTUS JUSTICE: Radical pro-abortion group ShutDownDC harassed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh at Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington, D.C., forcing Kavanaugh to exit through the backdoor before he finished his meal. In a tweet, ShutDownDC offered to pay waiters who tip them off: “D.C. Service Industry Workers…If you see Kavanaugh, Alito, Thomas, Gorsuch, Coney Barrett, or Roberts, DM us with the details! We’ll venmo you $50 for a confirmed sighting and $200 if they’re still there 30 mins after your message.”

National Nurses United, America’s largest nursing union, asked Congress to pass a proposed bill codifying Roe v. Wade into law. A California doctor wants to raise $20 million for a floating abortion mill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Episcopalian Church has adopted a resolution in favor of abortion, stating, “All Episcopalians should be able to access abortion services and birth control with no restriction.” The Episcopalians also voted in favor of “gender affirming care” for men or women pretending to be the opposite gender.

5. NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION IS FULLY MARXIST: The National Educators Association is America’s largest teacher union, representing 3 million of 4.5 million teachers. The NEA wants to replace “fathers” and “mothers” with the terms “birthing” or “non-birthing” parent and “maternity leave” with “parental leave.” The NEA also called for nationwide forced masking and vaccine mandates. Delegates at its annual Chicago convention voted 3,103 to 1,084 to” publicly stand in defense of abortion…”

Regarding the LGBT agenda, NEA President Becky Pringle said, “We will never stop! We will fight unceasingly for the rights of our LGBTQ+ students and educators. We will say ‘gay.’ We will say ‘trans.’ We will use the words that validate our students and their families, words that encourage them to walk in their authenticity, to love themselves fully, to become who they are meant to be.”

Pringle invoked the words of Marxist-terrorist Angela Davis and called for teachers to “share that view Professor Davis holds dear: Whether it is a mind, a heart, a school, a community, or our world, transformation is always possible.”

Ed. Note: Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin once said, “Give me four years to teach the children, and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Communist Goal #17 simply states, “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teacher’s associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”

6. THE WAR ON GENDER: Britain’s University of Bristol has banned offensive “gendered” words like “manpower,” “mankind,” and even age-related terms like “baby boomer” and “millennial.”

The World Health Organization updated its gender guidance to go “beyond non-binary approaches to gender and health to recognize gender and sexual diversity, or the concepts that gender identity exists on a continuum and that sex is not limited to male or female.”

Iowa healthcare provider UnityPoint Health instructed its employees to use gender-neutral pronouns with patients. Employees are encouraged to call patients by name rather than “he” or “she” and to say “partner” or “significant other” instead of “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.”

The Church of England says that it has “no official definition” of woman and that there are now “complexities associated with gender identity.”

7. YEARLY CPIA INFLATION TOPS 9%: The Consumer Price Index is 9.1% higher than it was one year ago, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Real numbers are much higher. 1981 was the last time CPI topped 9%. Food prices are up 10.4%, while energy prices increased 41.6%. Pork rose 9%, chicken 18.6%, ham 9.6%, eggs 33.1%, milk 16.4%, and coffee, 15.8%.

Ed. Note: Global elites are using economic crisis to increase economic control. Brandon Smith believes, “With the introduction of CBDCs in the wake of a stagflationary crash, the central banks could call for a new global network of currencies to ‘stop such a crisis from ever happening again.’ The BIS and the IMF will be ready and waiting with the SDR [Special Drawing rights] basket, or something very similar. The bankers will remove all physical money over a short period of time, and a global digital system will take over. All privacy in trade will be gone, except for those people involved in barter, black markets, and commodities.”

8. GLOBALISTS PUSH SRI LANKA OVER THE BRINK: Sri Lanka’s President Gotabaya Rajapaksa finally resigned, after fleeing the country in the wake of protests caused by a devastating economic crisis. In 2018, the World Economic Forum published an article entitled, “This Is How I Will Make Sri Lanka Rich By 2025.” Not surprisingly, the article has now been deleted.

Patrick Wood warns, “Sri Lanka is a warning of what happens when there isn’t enough food and energy for the populace: they rebel and topple governments. This is the exact outcome desired by Technocracy because Technocrats can then be appointed to take over and run things directly. The State Ministry of Education is already ‘transforming Sri Lanka into a smart nation through the ICT sector.’ Its website address? technocrats.lk.”

Ed. Note: Please see this short video by Glenn Beck to understand how globalist policies caused Sri Lanka’s collapse.

9. FARMERS UNDER ATTACK: Dutch dairy farmer Martin Neppelenbroek says he will have to cut 95% of his herd and sell his farm to the government due to new environmental regulations. Dutch politician Thierry Baudet says, “The real point here is the Great Reset, mass migration, [and] transnational governance. And that’s why the people have to become atomized—they have to lose their connection with the land. And that’s why they’re hitting the farmers.” Western media have largely ignored the European farmer protests, just as they ignored the Canadian trucker’s protests.

Like the Netherlands, Canada is introducing a climate emissions cap that calls to reduce nitrogen emissions from fertilizer by 30% by 2030.

Ed. Note: For more, see “The World Economic Forum Wants the Dutch Farmers’ Lands” and video #1 and #3 above.

10. CLIMATE ACTIVISTS DEFLATE TIRES: Extremist climate activist group, The Tyre Extinguishers, deflated tires on an estimated 40 SUVs in New York City, 20 SUVs in Chicago, 20 SUVs in Scranton, PA, and 12 SUVs near San Francisco. One message left on some of the targeted vehicles said, “ATTENTION – Your gas guzzler kills. We have deflated one or more of your tires. You’ll be angry, but don’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s your car.”

Amid an energy crisis, some California cities are banning the construction of new gas stations.

11. JANUARY 6 IS ABOUT “VENGEANCE,” NOT “JUSTICE”: On June 15, several Republican members of Congress – including Rep. Troy Edwin Nehls (R-TX), Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ.), Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) – joined the Patriot Freedom Project and family members of January 6 detainees for a press conference. Gohmert said, “We are extremely concerned to see a Department of Justice not about justice. It’s about vengeance. It’s about intimidation and the tactics that we’ve been seeing from this DOJ and the disregard for rights coming out of investigations showing the FBI lied, intel lied. The DOJ lies. It ought to concern every single American.” The Epoch Times talked to family members of various detainees. Haley McLean, the fiancé of detainee Jack Wade Whitton, said that their home was surrounded by around 40 agents and, “We were covered head to toe from all directions with red laser dots from their assault rifles.”

Ed. Note: For more on January 6, see these explosive new documents leaked to the Gateway Pundit.

12. MARXISM AND MILITANT ISLAM SWEEPING LATIN AMERICA: Former World Bank senior vice president Ana Palacio summarizes, “Five of the six most populous South American countries are now led by leftist governments… Peru’s leader, Pedro Castillo, is a self-professed Marxist. In Chile – once the bastion of free-market policies in the region – the left-wing activist Gabriel Boric is in charge. Colombia, long considered a bellwether for Latin American politics, recently elected the former guerilla Gustavo Petro as its president. And Brazil, the region’s most populous country and its largest economy, could well join their ranks when it holds its next presidential election in October.” Meanwhile, Communist China is expanding its Belt and Road Initiative in 21 Latin American countries. Chinese trade with Latin America has grown from $18 billion in 2022 to almost $449 billion in 2021.

The Saudi Arab News reports that Hezbollah and Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps have both infiltrated multiple Latin American countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Guyana, Paraguay, Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, and Colombia. During a recent press conference with Joe Biden, Mexico’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) called on Americans to reject “conservatism” and embrace “transformation.” Biden seemed to agree.

13. BILL GATES TO “GIVE AWAY” MOST OF HIS WEALTH TO FOUNDATION: Bill Gates announced that he would transfer $20 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation this month and increase foundation spending “from nearly $6 billion per year before COVID to $9 billion per year by 2026.” Gates wrote, “As I look to the future, I plan to give virtually all of my wealth to the foundation. I will move down and eventually off of the list of the world’s richest people.”

Bill Gates acknowledged that around half of Gates Foundation resources have come from fellow billionaire Warren Buffett, who has given $35.7 billion (now worth $45 billion) to the foundation since 2006.

Ed. Note: Bill Gates is following the same strategy pursued by corporate socialists Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, and others, who used foundations to minimize their tax burden and increase their power.


  • The Children’s Health Defense reports, “Roughly 1 in 30 children and adolescents ages 3 to 17 were diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in 2020…” The new study shows a 53% increase in autism from 2017 to 2020.
  • The FDA fully approved Pfizer-BioNTech’s Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds. Further, the FDA gave emergency authorization to what they deceptively called a more “traditional” Covid vaccine, Novavax. 
  • A newly released paper from the World Economic Forum links “climate change” and the “decline of democracy.”
  • Elon Musk has walked away from a $44 billion Twitter deal, citing concerns over fake accounts and spam bots. Twitter plans to sue Musk.
  • In a recent interview, former White House Security Advisor and U.S. United Nations ambassador John Bolton said he had helped plan coups in foreign countries. “As somebody who has helped plan coups d’etat – not here, but you know (in) other places – it takes a lot of work. And that’s not what he (Trump) did.”
  • U.S. Representative Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez, who has called to “tax the rich,” still owes $2,461 in corporate taxes to the state of New York for Brook Avenue Press, a book publishing house AOC formerly operated.
  • 13 Democratic members of Congress who have called for Biden to forgive student loans owe roughly $1.5 million collectively in student debts themselves.
  • The Biden Administration will terminate a 43-year-old tax treaty with Hungary following Hungary’s refusal to agree to the globalist global minimum tax.
  • The U.K.’s Press Gazette found that $619.5 Million in “philanthropy” donations were given to news organizations in the United States in 2020, with the top five funders being the Ford Foundation, Google, Knight Foundation, Gates Foundation, and MacArthur Foundation.
  • Economist Stephen Moore and the Committee to Unleash Prosperity found that 62% of top Biden appointees and staffers “who deal with economic policy, regulation, commerce, energy, and finance have virtually no business experience.”
  • Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin publicly stated of the Texas Department of Public Safety, the lead agency investigating the town’s school shooting: “I’m not confident, 100%, in DPS because I think it’s a cover-up.”
  • 46% of Republican primary voters would prefer a candidate other than Donald Trump in 2024.
  • During a recent speech, Biden gave further proof of his cognitive decline by reading out loud his teleprompter directions: “End of quote. Repeat the line.”


1. DESANTIS FIRES BACK AT NEWSOM AD: After California Governor Gavin Newsom attacked Florida with a short ad, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hit back“People vote with their feet. When families are uprooting from the Pacific coast to go almost 3,000 miles in search of a better life, that’s telling you something.” He continued, “Yes, we’ve created a citadel of freedom here that has attracted people, and we’re proud of it. But let’s just be clear. California is driving people away with their terrible governance.”

2. THOMAS MASSIE FILES IMPORTANT AMENDMENT: U.S. Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) proposed an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that “prohibits using funds to require any member of the Armed Forces to get a COVID shot.”

3. 60% OF AMERICANS BELIEVE SEX PREDETERMINED BEFORE BIRTH: Pew Research found that 60% of Americans believe that sex is biologically predetermined at birth, up from 54% in 2017. Pew reports, “a majority of white evangelical Protestants say society has gone too far in accepting people who are transgender, while religiously unaffiliated Americans are far more likely to say society has not gone far enough.”

4. TENNIS CHAMPION STILL REFUSES TO TAKE COVID SHOT: Novak Djokovic recently won his fourth straight Wimbledon title. Djokovic said he will not get vaccinated, even if he can’t enter the United States for the August U.S. Open. Djokovic said, “I’m not vaccinated, and I’m not planning to get vaccinated, so the only good news I can have is them removing the mandate green vaccine card, or whatever you call it, to enter the United States, or exemption.”

5. REPRESENTATIVE MIKE ROGERS CALLS TO WITHDRAW FROM WHO AND UN: The New American reports, “In addition to ending U.S. government involvement with the U.N., the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 7806) would remove the U.N.’s controversial headquarters from U.S. soil and protect American troops from having to serve under U.N. command.” The bill would also withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization.

Bill lead sponsor Mike Rogers said, “The United Nations has repeatedly proven itself to be an utterly useless organization.” Co-sponsors include Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), Rep. Diana Harshbarger (R-TN), Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ), and Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX).

6. CALIFORNIA TRUCKERS PROTEST: Breitbart reports, “A convoy of truckers protesting California’s ‘gig economy’ law, AB5, caused a large traffic jam on Wednesday at the crucial Long Beach-Los Angeles port facility, which has been the bottleneck in national supply chains in recent months.” The California law would put 70,000 independent truckers out of business.

7. DEMS LOSING WORKING CLASS DUE TO EXTREME POLICIES: Axios details, “Democrats are becoming the party of upscale voters” while “Republicans are quietly building a multiracial coalition of working-class voters.” A New York Times/Siena College poll finds that white college-educated Americans increasingly favor Democrats while non-college-educated voters and Hispanics increasingly favor Republicans. Matt Carpenter of FRC Action says that the Democrats’ extremism continues to drive away working-class voters.

8. POLAND COMPLETES BORDER WALL: In less than three months, Poland completed a 115-mile-long and 18-foot-tall wall in response to Belarus’s state-sponsored release of illegal immigrants into Poland. The steel wall has been fitted with barbed wire and contains slats that allow law enforcement to see through to the other side. Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in June, “The first sign of the war in Ukraine was Alexander Lukashenko’s attack on the Polish border with Belarus.”

9. PHILLIES CATCHER REFUSES COVID JAB: Phillies catcher J.T. Realmuto will not be vaccinated, even if it means missing out on his team’s two-game series with Canada’s Toronto Jays. Realmuto, who would lose around $262,000 (out of a $115.5 million five-year contract), said, “What’s money….I’m not going to let Canada tell me what I do and don’t put in my body for a little bit of money. It’s not worth it.”

10. STEPHEN MOORE ENCOURAGES AMERICAN TO RISE UP: In a recent interview, former White House economic advisor Stephen Moore said that Americans need to reject big government and take responsibility. “We have to be active. It’s not just enough to vote. Voting is important, and everybody should vote because that’s your one opportunity to directly affect politics. But we need to have activists. We need to have people running for office, run for school board, run for the PTA, run for local dog catcher, run for your state legislative race, or run for city council, or any position that will give you a voice on how your government works.”


Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Thomas O. Chisolm

Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father:
There is no shadow of turning with Thee!
Thou changest not! Thy compassions, they fail not!
As Thou hast been Thou forever wilt be.

Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see!
All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided!
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Summer and winter and springtime and harvest;
Sun, moon, and stars in their courses above
Join with all nature in manifold witness
To Thy great faithfulness, mercy, and love!

Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see!
All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided!
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Pardon for sin and a peace that endureth;
Thine own dear presence to cheer and to guide;
Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow:
Blessings all mine, with ten thousand beside!

Great is Thy faithfulness!
Great is Thy faithfulness!
Morning by morning new mercies I see!
All I have needed, Thy hand hath provided!
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!

Featured Videos

You can share this week’s Behind the Scenes video here or the audio at this link.

Watch: Global War on Farmers by Deep State Threatens EVERYTHING (18 minutes). The war on farmers and ranchers is not just happening in Holland or the United States–it is global, ranging from Brazil and South Africa to China.

Watch: Save the Babies: A Documentary on CPS Child Trafficking (75 minutes). This groundbreaking feature-length film reveals the dark side of Child Protective Services, showing how CPS traffics children with the support of perverted politicians.

Watch: Trudeau and Rutte ‘Golden Pin-Up Boys’ for World Economic Forum (6 minutes). Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte are puppets for Klaus Schwab and the globalist World Economic Forum. “The similarities between Canada and Holland are as startling as they are disturbing.”

Watch: Glenn Beck: Do Not Forget What The Globalists and Their ‘Plans’ Did To Sri Lanka! (2 minutes). Four years ago, the Sri Lanka was the poster child for the World Economic Forum’s promised utopia. What happened to Sri Lanka will happen to every country that submits to the globalist agenda.

Watch: The Federal Reserve Needs to Destroy U.S. Dollar to Usher in Cashless System: Jekyll Island Author (32 minutes). G. Edward Griffin warns that the United States and the Federal Reserve are working towards “the bankers dream.. a cashless society.”

Articles of the Week

Read: Question Everything. Jeff Thomas explains how today’s media successfully brainwashes millions, and why and how we must question everything we are told.

Read: What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism?” It’s The New World Order. Brandon Smith exposes an important globalist group that is working to implement the UN/WEF agenda.

Read: Toxicology vs Virology: The Rockefeller Institute and the Criminal Polio Fraud. F. William Engdahl details how the Rockefeller’s monopolized the healthcare system 100 years ago and created the polio health emergency.

Read: Get Prepared With Shelf-Stable Foods. Americans need to get serious about preparing for food and energy shortages. Dr. Joseph Mercola outlines important first steps you can take today.

Prayer and Action

Pray for the farmers of the world to have the courage to stand against the radical environmental movement. Pray that farmers will be successful in their efforts to protect their farms and livelihoods.

Pray that God would expose to the world the globalist plan to starve a big portion of the world’s people.

Pray for AGENDA Weekly to reach as many people as possible with truth.

Reflect on your life, the path you’ve taken, and the choices you’ve made. Has it been God’s way or your way? Are there changes to need to make? It is important to stop along the way and ponder this.

The House is preparing to vote on H.R. 8296, the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act.” This unconstitutional bill would not simply codify Roe v. Wade — it would go even further by mandating full, unlimited abortions nationwide. Strongly urge your U.S. Representative and Senators to vote against this bill. Find your Senator here or call the U.S. Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

Curtis Bowers will be speaking in North Dakota this weekend at Capitol Heights Baptist Church, Bismarck, North Dakota, July 16th and 17th. For more details, visit CHBaptist.org.

You can share this week’s Behind the Scenes video here or the audio at this link.

Patriot Spotlight

“Thanks so much for your faithfulness and desire to be obedient to God’s word. That always comes through during your weekly message and is contagious. We found your thoughts on the family in the ‘Great Christian Reset Part 2’ immensely helpful to us! We appreciate you and the AGENDA Weekly team so much!!!” – Walter W.

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