The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, “I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

-Ronald Reagan

How to Build Strong, Resilient Local Communities (with Geoffrey Botkin)

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of July 4-10

Dear friend,

Today, American patriots face multiple threats from the most influential sectors of government and society (the courts, the intelligence agencies, Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Business, Big Education, and more). The sheer magnitude of these threats could cause some to lose hope, but for two truths: (1) Today’s battle is spiritual, and we know that our King will ultimately prevail. (2) God has designed His universe to allow every Christian the capacity for tremendous influence, beginning in their family, church, community, and outward. Today’s Behind the Scenes interview provides powerful strategies for regaining freedom by building a strong, resilient community right where you are. Building strong communities remains the most important way to stem the rising totalitarian tide.


1. BIDEN LAUNCHES “DOOR-TO-DOOR” VACCINATION CAMPAIGN: “Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood and oftentimes door-to-door — literally knocking on doors — to get help to the remaining people protected from the virus,” Biden said. Biden also stated, “So, please get vaccinated now. It works. It’s free. And it’s never been easier, and it’s never been more important. Do it now — for yourself and the people you care about; for your neighborhood; for your country. It sounds corny, but it’s a patriotic thing to do.” The new initiative will be aided by Biden’s new “Vaccine Hesitancy” map. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra said it’s “Absolutely the Government’s Business” to Know Who Gets Vaccinated.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., criticized the plan, saying, “It’s a foreboding fork in the road to totalitarianism. We are now moving beyond the propaganda stage into this very coercive program where federal agents appear at American homes with the menacing message: ‘We know who you are and where you live. We have you on our list, we have your medical records, we want your neighbors to know that you are dangerous. We don’t recognize your property or privacy rights. You must take our untested, experimental pharmaceutical product. If you want to end this harassment, you must submit to a risky medical intervention made by an unscrupulous company with no liability, and if you die or suffer permanent neurological injury, tough luck!’”

2. CNN WRITER ENDORSES MANDATORY VACCINATIONS: In a column entitled, “Enough: It’s Time to Make Vaccinations Mandatory,” Julian Zelizer claimed, “Both political parties have made the mistake of framing vaccines within the tradition of individualism.” Zelizer advised, “Biden and other political leaders need to start thinking about the good of the collective and not just the rights of the individual.”

3. MILITARY CONSIDERING MANDATORY VACCINATIONS: The Army Times released a portion of the directive. “Commanders will continue COVID-19 vaccination operations and prepare for a directive to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for service members [on or around] 01 September 2021, pending full FDA licensure,” the order said.

4. WIKIPEDIA SCRUBS MRNA VACCINE PIONEER’S ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Wikipedia now attributes Dr. Robert Malone’s breakthroughs on mRNA technology to nameless researchers at the Salk Institute, the University of California, and the University of Wisconsin.  

 5. VACCINE INJURIES AND DEATHS IN THE UK: In the UK, 1,007,253 have been injured, while 1,403 have died after receiving Covid-19 injections. Further, “vaccinated” people now account for 60% of Covid-19 deaths in the UK.

6. OTHER VACCINE CASUALTIES: After summarizing the research, Dr. Joseph Mercola stated, “The reported rate of death from COVID-19 shots now exceeds the reported death rate of more than 70 vaccines combined over the past 30 years.” Ethan Huff observes, “According to the latest data, people who took a Wuhan Flu shot or two are up to eight times more likely to test ‘positive’ or have to be hospitalized.”

7. ZOO ANIMALS GET THE JAB: The Oakland Zoo tweeted, “As part of @Zoetis ongoing commitment to help those who care for animals in our communities, they are donating more than 11,000 doses of our COVID-19 vaccine to nearly 70 zoos in 27 states. The Zoo has recently vaccinated tigers, grizzly & black bears, mountain lions & ferrets.”

8. FRANCE CONSIDERS MANDATORY VACCINATIONS: Summit News reports, “The French government is considering making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for everyone aged 24-59 in response to concerns over a ‘fourth wave’ of infections…The government is also considering sending doctors lists of people who haven’t taken the vaccine.”

9. CRACKDOWN IN NEW ZEALAND: News Wars reports, “New Zealand’s COVID-19 Response Minister warned that the government soon will begin ‘chasing out’ people who still haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.”

10. THE G20’S VACCINATION AGENDA: Two Project Syndicate writers, Jeffrey D. Sachs and Juliana Bartels, recommended said the G20 should work “to provide the COVID-19 vaccines needed to achieve worldwide comprehensive adult immunization by early 2022…the world should be aiming to immunize 4.6 billion individuals…” They noted that only about 850 million people have been “fully immunized” as of June 30.

The authors claimed variants and anti-vaxxers were the two greatest obstacles. “New variants with a greater ability to evade the existing vaccines may soon emerge. And the global anti-vax movement and disinformation campaigns have spurred vaccine hesitancy…”


1. IS THE AMERICAN FLAG RACIST? “Today, flying the flag from the back of a pickup truck or over a lawn is increasingly seen as a clue, albeit an imperfect one, to a person’s political affiliation in a deeply divided nation,” said a New York Times article titled “A Fourth of July Symbol of Unity That May No Longer Unite.”

The article claimed, “Supporters of former President Donald J. Trump have embraced the flag so fervently — at his rallies, across conservative media and even during the Jan. 6 assault on the Capitol — that many liberals … worry that the left has all but ceded the national emblem to the right.” One Utah BLM chapter recently condemned the American flag as “racist.”

2. SHOULD WE CANCEL LADY LIBERTY? In his op-ed for the Washington Post, entitled, “Maybe It’s Time to Admit That the Statue of Liberty Has Never Quite Measured Up,” Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Philip Kennicott called Lady Liberty a token of “hypocrisy and unfilled promises.”

3. ARE FIREWORKS RACIST? National Geographic claimed that fireworks “disproportionately target communities of color.”


1. RHINOS TALK LIBERTY BUT SECRETLY WORK TO UNDERMINE AMERICA: The Columbia Bugle recently tweeted, “Kevin McCarthy and Lindsey Graham are the exact same. Two ‘America Last’ Republicans who talk a big game on Conservative Media, and then work behind the scenes to subvert and destroy President Trump’s America First Movement.”

2. GOP REFUSES TO CALL OUT NSA’S TREATMENT OF TUCKER: GOP Senatorial candidate Tim Swain tweeted, “The highest-rated TV newscaster in America was spied on by the NSA, illegally unmasked [exposed] had his emails leaked illegally to the media, and Tim Scott and the GOP are silent…”

3. TEXAS GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT REFUSED TO PROTECT CHILDREN: The National File reports, “Texas Governor Greg Abbott has been slammed by a number of conservatives for refusing to push legislation banning child sex changes during a special session of the state’s legislature.”

4. ROGER L. SIMON SAYS TENNESSEE AND GEORGIA NEED NEW GOVERNORS: Writing in the Epoch Times, Simon said of Governor Tennessee’s Governor Bill Lee, “In the key areas of education, immigration, and COVID (despite what you may have seen on Hannity), Lee has been part of the problem, not part of the solution.” Learn more here.

5. BIG PHARMA CONTROLS BOTH DEMOCRAT AND REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS: Pharma companies funded over 2,400 state lawmaker’s campaigns in 2020, including $4.5 million to Democratic candidates and $4.4 million to Republicans. On the federal level, Pharma companies spent $7.1 million on Republican Congressional candidates and $6.6 million on Democratic candidates.   


1. “CONSERVATIVE” SUPREME COURT REFUSES TO HEAR CRITICAL RELIGIOUS LIBERTY CASE: The Supremes declined to hear the case of Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman, who was taken to court eight years ago for refusing to participate in a homosexual wedding.

2. SUPREME COURT EXTENDS EVICTION MORATORIUM: Justice Kavanaugh joined the four liberals to extend the CDC’s eviction moratorium on rental properties through July.


  • Immigration: Biden’s new initiative seeks to grant citizenship to millions of illegals.
  • Gun Violence Epidemic: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said, “If you can beat COVID, you can beat gun violence. We’re in a new epidemic, and it’s gun violence, and it’s a matter of life and death…”
  • Collapsing Cities: According to the Washington Examiner, “40% of San Francisco residents plan to leave due to quality of life.” Michael Snyder writes, “In many cities In America, the criminals are starting to gain firm control of the streets.”
  • Federal Deficit to Once Again Hit $3 trillion: According to The Washington Post, “The Congressional Budget Office projects $6.8 trillion in spending vs. $3.8 trillion in revenue.”
  • Military Transformation: Victor Davis Hanson wrote, “The military is not yet a revolutionary people’s army overseen by commissars. But it is getting there with politicized agendas that split the country in half, and abandon its traditional role of healing and unity in common purpose to defend America.”
  • Defunding Border Patrol: According to Breitbart, “Radical Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (MI) on Tuesday, during a conversation with Julie Mao from Just Futures Law on digital walls, borders, and deportations, said the United States needs to stop funding the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).”
  • Biden’s Land Grab: The Western Journal reports, “The Biden administration’s conservation plan is raising serious concerns that the federal government really just wants to control more land nationwide. The plan vaguely outlines a goal to ‘conserve’ 30 percent of land in the United States by 2030 to combat the climate crisis.’”
  • The New Terrorism: Big League Politics reports, “The Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled that hurting a liberal’s feelings can be considered a terrorist threat and punishable by up to 20 years in prison.”
  • “Wikipedia Is More One-Sided Than Ever”: The Epoch Times reports that, “Larry Sanger, a co-founder of Wikipedia, warned that the online encyclopedia is ‘more one-sided than ever’ in light of the website’s entries for Black Lives Matter, the 2020 election, former President Donald Trump’s two impeachments, and other contentious topics. Sanger wrote on his website, “In short, and with few exceptions, only globalist, progressive mainstream sources — and sources friendly to globalist progressivism — are permitted.”
  • Corrupting Our Children: In celebration of “Pride” month, the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus sang a song that included these lyrics: “We’ll convert your children, we’re coming for them.”
  • National Education Association Endorses Critical Race Theory: According to Breitbart, “The National Education Association has moved to openly promote the teaching of Critical Race Theory in K-12 schools and to oppose any bans on instruction in both the Marxist ideology and the widely discredited New York Times’ ‘1619 Project.’”
  • Bilderberg Group Meets: According to Information Liberation, “Globalist oligarchs Mike Bloomberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Bob Iger, Shari Redstone, Robert Kraft, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet along with current CIA director Bill Burns and many others have gathered at a resort in rural Idaho for a five-day Bilderberg-style conference with the main topics of discussion that leaked out being ‘criminal justice reform,’ ‘immigration reform’ and ‘climate change.’


1. PENNSYLVANIA AUDIT: Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano has initiated a forensic probe of the state’s 2020 and 2021 elections. Mastriano said, “It would defy logic to assume that an election with the kinds of drastic changes we saw in 2020 was run perfectly with zero errors or fraud.”

2. BRAZIL AGAINST GREAT RESET: During a UN speech, Brazil’s minister of foreign affairs, Ernesto Araujo, rebuked the WEF, saying, “totalitarian social control is not the remedy for any crisis.” Araujo continued, “Those who dislike freedom always try to benefit from moments of crisis to preach the curtailing of freedom. Let’s not fall for that trap.”

3. PASTOR DAVID JEREMIAH TELLS PARENTS TO TAKE KIDS OUT OF GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS: In a sermon, Pastor Jeremiah said, “In this time, when we are being bombarded and intimidated by socialist ideology, it’s time to rethink Christian education. Because I’m now at the conclusion that the schools that are taking the state’s programs are no longer a fit place for Christian young people to be because they will be so brainwashed by this.”

4. HUNGARY REJECTS EU DEMANDS TO REPEAL LAW AGAINST HOMOSEXUAL PROMOTION: Hungary’s official Gergely Gulyas responded, “Brussels’ efforts to have us allow LHBT activists into schools and nursery schools are in vain; we are not willing to do that.”

5. ALLEN WEST ANNOUNCES BID FOR TEXAS GOVERNOR: One America News reports, “Former Texas state GOP Chairman Allen West has launched his bid for governor of the Lone Star State. During a church service on Sunday, West presented a video announcing his 2022 bid.”

6. NICK VUJICIC STARTING PRO-LIFE BANK: The Christian evangelist and motivational speaker of Life Without Limbs told The Epoch Times, “We will not fund abortion, but we will actually fund 50% net profits to Judeo-Christian aligned nonprofit organizations that are biblically aligned, and doing the will of God according to our belief systems.”

7. STRIPE/PAYPAL ALTERNATIVE LAUNCHED: Fox News host Dan Bongino has launched an alternative online payment platform “engineered to cancel ‘cancel culture,’” The new platform, Align Pay, pledges to “Bring finance and freedom together.”


  • The Epoch Times: “Trump Announces ‘Major’ Class-Action Lawsuits Against Twitter, Facebook, and Google.”
  • The Epoch Times: “Nebraska Gov. Ricketts Declares July ‘Victims of Communism Remembrance Month.’”
  • The Epoch Times: “Nine Countries Reject Global Minimum Tax Deal, Sending It Down Rocky Road to Completion.” Ireland, Estonia, Hungary, Peru, Barbados, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and Kenya did not sign the agreement signed by the other 130 countries in the OECD/G20.
  • Fox News: “Trump adviser Jason Miller launches ‘cancel-free’ social media platform.”
  •  Big League Politics: “61% of American Counties are now Second Amendment Sanctuaries.”
  • The Epoch Times: “According to a new poll, 63% of Americans want no government action on the Delta variant.”
  • One America News: Congressman Thomas Massie and 24 other lawmakers are pushing back against forced vaccinations in the military with a new bill that would outlaw forced vaccinations of troops.



“How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord,
Is laid for your faith in His excellent word!
What more can He say than to you He hath said—
To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled?”

“Fear not, I am with thee, oh, be not dismayed,
For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid;
I’ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee to stand,
Upheld by My gracious, omnipotent hand.”

“When through the deep waters I call thee to go,
The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow;
For I will be with thee thy trouble to bless,
And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.”

“When through fiery trials thy pathway shall lie,
My grace, all-sufficient, shall be thy supply;
The flame shall not harm thee; I only design
Thy dross to consume and thy gold to refine.”

“The soul that on Jesus doth lean for repose,
I will not, I will not, desert to his foes;
That soul, though all hell should endeavor to shake,
I’ll never, no never, no never forsake.”

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Watch: Natasha’s Budapest – Five Things You Must Know. A must watch: Geoff Botkin highlights Hungary’s stand against the same leftist Marxism destroying America. An inspiring example to the world of what must be done to stay free.

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Articles of the Week

Read: Their Endgame For The Flag, The National Anthem, The Declaration Of Independence, And The Constitution. Michael Snyder observes, “What most people don’t realize is that this isn’t really a debate about our past. Rather, it is a debate about what our future is going to look like.”

Read: Might COVID Injections Reduce Lifespan? Dr. Joseph Mercola examines the risks of taking the experimental Covid-19 injection and provides natural remedies for those who regret taking the shot.

Read: What Should You Do When Federal Agents Arrive at Your Door With Questions About Your Personal Health Decisions? Leo Hohmann compiles the advice of several constitutional attorneys on how to respond.

Prayer and Action

Pray for the country of IRAN. The Islamic Revolution of 1979, led by Ayatollah Khomeini, created the world’s only Shiite Islamic theocracy and profoundly changed every aspect of life in Iran. Today, many of those who committed their lives to Islam and Islamic rule are filled with despair. This disillusionment has opened new doors for the gospel, which is sweeping across the nation via Christian media and bold evangelists in Iran’s growing house church movements. However, the government continues its attempts to thwart this move of God. Christian leaders and pastors are often arrested, tortured and imprisoned, and their families are harassed. Some are left with no option other than to flee the country.

The Iranian government is among the most oppressive regimes in the world. It is illegal to leave Islam, and Christians face the constant threat of imprisonment and being falsely charged with “acting against national security” for owning Bibles or even talking about Christ. Christians are routinely fired from their jobs, and it is difficult for a known believer to find a job or rent a home. Many Christians gather in secret fellowships and receive teaching through Christian media smuggled into the country as well as through broadcast media. Several Christians are currently imprisoned, and many others are under house arrest awaiting sentencing.

  • Pray for the training and equipping of house church leaders in Iran.
  • Pray for those smuggling print and digital Scriptures to believers in Iran.
  • Pray that the children of Christian families will stand strong while attending Muslim schools.
  • Pray for Muslims who are leaving Islam and accepting Christ.

Pray for those influencing your local county: mayor, city council, school board, police department, sheriff, business owners, pastors and teachers.

Pray that God would show Bible believing Christians effective ways to get involved.

Pray that local leaders would be sober-minded, not just re-election minded, and accept their duties to serve and build strong communities.

Prayerfully consider positions God might be calling you to fill.

Watch today’s video with pen and paper. Make a list of action items you could pursue with like-minded friends or as a family project.

Send notes of encouragement and support to those in authority who are standing and leading.

Analyze all positions of local leadership. Are there leaders that need to be removed from office? Which local leaders have the best interest of the county, churches, families, businesses, and children in mind? Which ones do not?

Encourage your local government to get off the federal government dole.

Ask business owners you know to share their business knowledge with your young people. Glean from their experience in creating wealth and building influence in your area.

Is your church interested in stepping up to form a plan to bless your community?

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Patriot Spotlight

“You are an inspiration and encouragement. Thanks so much for your messages which inform, inspire and comfort. May the blood of Christ and the word of our testimony help us overcome the increasing evil all around us.” – Dawn B.

“In my church, I seem to be the only one that brings up the communist insurrection during the service or at prayer meetings. There is resistance to it, seemingly on the grounds that it is politics. I recall on the evening of 9/11 2001, there was a special service called. So, am I correct that it is acceptable to speak in services about obvious dangers but not about more serious dangers that require study and analysis? I think the current situation is far more serious than all three crashes 20 years ago, more serious than Pearl Harbor, far more serious than the sinking of the Lusitania, even more serious than the firing on Fort Sumter. I would say even more serious than the battle of Lexington. The enemy now is within, in the intelligence agencies, the army academy, and upper leadership as well in Congress, the executive branch, and the courts. It has never been as serious, but it is off-limits in the Church service because it is politics.” – Arthur B.

Stories and Questions

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10 thoughts on “How to Build Strong, Resilient Local Communities (with Geoffrey Botkin)”

  1. When one refers to God as The Architect of the Universe, it makes me immediately wonder whether the person is a Freemason. I wish Christians would not use that ambiguous term. It is not hard to precisely describe the God you are referring to.

    Freemasons use the term Great Architect of the Universe precisely because it is ambiguous. GAOTU is meant to be a neutral term. From a Masonic publication: “FREEMASONRY offers no doctrine as to the nature and attributes of God. It has no theory to propound, no philosophy to promulgate, as to His relations to men and to the universe. The Craft assumes that God is a reality, a sacred and unquestioned reality, in the mind of every man, . . . and it leaves to that man the prerogative of fashioning his own theological and philosophical theories. A man may believe in the Trinity or deny the same; he may believe in the deity of Jesus or not; he may hold that God created the universe out of nothing or he may prefer to think that the universe is co-existent with God. . . . Masonry does not demand that we define, or accept any definitions of Him, but it does demand that He be real” (The Builder, June 1921, Volume VII, Number 6, Joseph Newton, ed.).

    1. James,

      Mr. Botkin was not referring to God in the Freemason sense. He used the phrase Architect to denote one of God’s many attributes. But yes, we never would want to confuse anyone, so thanks for your insight.

  2. I wonder how many viewers are from Oklahoma – would love to know Agenda Weekly community in our home state! Is there a way to find that out?

  3. Same question here! How can we find others nearby who are AW followers? We live in Dayton, Ohio. (Having asked this, I do realize that sharing of such information online can be sketchy since Big Brother could come and find such lists…what a time we live in!)

  4. The message here is wonderful with plans for our cities that support safety and self sufficiency without so much dependence on the government. This is in complete contrast to the plans of Rothschilds and Co. of Restructuring in North America that are discussed in this video:

    Staring at the 15 minute mark it discusses their plans for “urban resilience” in order to withstand the many problems of increasing climate change. These plans promote moving people into big cities. This agenda is dark and dangerous which is in so troubling compared to what is discussed in this week’s video!

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