“Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”

-George Orwell, 1984

Are We Living in Orwell’s 1984?

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of February 20-26

Dear Friend,

Today we are grateful that God is on His throne, He is in charge of all things and is ever caring for His children like a Good Shepherd. Though there is much to pray about right now, we can be assured that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without His notice. May we encourage you to read the Psalms? They are uplifting, encouraging reminders about the faithfulness of our all powerful God. He has always preserved a remnant and we can have full confidence that He will continue to do so. May God continue give wisdom and protection in the days to come.

1. RUSSIA INVADES UKRAINE: On the morning of February 24, Russia launched a massive invasion of Ukraine by air, sea, and land in the largest attack on European soil since World War II. In a speech, Putin said that he aims to “demilitarize” and de-nazify” the country. NATO and Western countries, including the United States, Canada, and the U.K., have sharply condemned the invasion and issued harsh sanctions.

Senator Ted Cruz said, “Joe Biden becoming president is the best thing that ever happened, tragically, for Vladimir Putin.” Donald Trump warned that the Chinese would soon move on Taiwan after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Trump said that if he were president, “Putin would have never done it, and Xi would have never done it.”

“Climate” envoy John Kerry said, “I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect of what we need to do for the climate.”

2. TRUDEAU REVOKES EMERGENCY POWERS ACT: Some believe that Trudeau was worried that the Senate would not rubber-stamp his edict, as did the Parliament. Further, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney had already launched a lawsuit against Trudeau’s Emergency Powers. And popular pushback against Trudeau’s tyranny was immense.

The Conservative Tree House reveals a likely motive: the World Economic Forum had just approved the Canadian Bankers Association (CBA) to lead its implementation of a Digital ID which could be coupled with a digital currency and vaccine passport. For more, read, BOOM, Trudeau Reversal Motive Surfaces – Canadian Banking Association Was Approved by World Economic Forum To Lead the Digital ID Creation.

Ed. Note: I believe Elites realized that growing opposition to their authoritarian measures could derail the key goal of implementing digital ID, currency, and passports.  People in Canada and millions around the world have awakened to understand that governments will terribly abuse their power and are saying NO to the digital IDs, currency, and passports that eliminate massive amounts of freedom.

3. CANADA’S POLICE BRUTALITY: Rebel News reporter Alexa Lavoie explained how she was shot in the knee with a tear gas canister at point-blank range. “I screamed because I was in shock…difficult to breathe…the police officer…hit me [three] times with the wood stick…someone shot me in my left leg with the tear gas gun. It was point-blank. I fell on the ground because not only my legs were hurting…gas from the canister went all over me, in my eyes and in my mouth.”

Police used batons, pepper spray, and smashed truck windows. As they terrorized their own people, Canadian police hid their identities by covering their names and badge numbers. A shocking viral video showed Canadian police riding their horses directly through a crowd of peaceful protestors and tramping individuals, including one elderly woman. Rebel News revealed an alleged group chat from Royal Canadian Mounted Police which included the following messages: 

  • “Don’t kick all of them out until next week’s group gets our turn.”
  • “Time for the protesters to hear our jackboots on the ground.”
  • “Just watched the horse video; that is awesome. We should practice that maneuver.”

Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson said that his officers did “a remarkable job” and were “very measured in their response.” Watson also suggested selling vehicles confiscated from the Freedom Convoy protesters. In the U.S., 65% of Democrat voters favored Trudeau’s crackdown, while only 17% disapproved.

4. FINANCIAL WARFARE AND TARGETING: Ottawa interim police chief Steve Bell threatened, “The simple answer is yes, if you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. Absolutely.”

Bell said,” This investigation will go on for months to come. It has many, many different streams, both from a federal financial level, from a provincial licensing level, from a criminal code level, from a municipal breach of court order, breach of court injunction level.”

“It will be a complicated and time consuming investigation that will go on for a period of time. You have my commitment that the investigation will continue, and we will hold people accountable for taking our streets over,” he added. In the wake of Canada’s financial repression, the Biden Administration is forming a new “crypto crimes” unit.

After his credit cards and bank account were frozen, Freedom Convoy organizer B.J. Dichter said, “It feels like being banished from the medieval village left to die.” The Post Millennial reports, “Freedom Convoy leader and organizer Tamara Lich was denied bail by an Ottawa judge…”

5. RAND PAUL AND JULIE KELLY COMMENT ON CANADA: Senator Rand Paul said, “I think statutes that allow presidents or heads of state to invoke emergencies are very, very dangerous. We have the same sort of statutes here and I have long-time been an opponent of these. We actually have in the United States an Emergency Act that allows the president to shut down the internet.”

Julie Kelly wrote, “As freedom-lovers justifiably recoil at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s crackdown on vaccine mandate protesters, Americans worry the same sort of political retribution could happen here. I’m sorry to report, it already has.” Kelly explains how Trudeau followed the blueprint used against Americans in the wake of January 6, 2021.

6. NEW ZEALAND THREATENS TO SEIZE PRIVATE PROPERTY OF THOSE WHO DO NOT PAY COVID FINES: New Zealand recently fined an individual $300 for Covid testing non-compliance. New Zealand’s Ministry of Public Health threatens the following for those who don’t pay fines:

  • Issue a warrant for your arrest
  • Suspend your driver’s license
  • Seize and sell your property, or take money from your income or bank account
  • Report your overdue fine as part of your credit reference check, meaning you may or may not be able to get a loan, or credit card
  • Restrict your ability to sell property
  • Stop you from traveling overseas

7. BILL GATES CALLS OMICRON A “VACCINE,” WARNS OF NEXT PANDEMIC, WORKS ON SELF-SPREADING VACCINES: Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, Gates called Omicron a “type of vaccine.” Gates also warned, “Well, we’ll have another pandemic; it will be a different pathogen next time.”

In equally disturbing news, Newspunch reports, “A team of Bill Gates linked research scientists have announced they are developing a needle-less vaccine that spreads itself like a virus, meaning people will ‘catch’ the vaccine like they would a cold or flu, without the need for needles and injections.”

Consider these chilling quotes:

  •  “Self-spreading vaccines are less lethal but not non-lethal: they can still kill.”
  • “Some people will die who would otherwise have lived, though fewer people die overall.”
  • “The other issue is there is no consent (for vaccination) from the majority of patients.”

8. BIDEN ADMINISTRATION LETTING POTENTIAL TERRORIST INTO UNITED STATES: The Department of Defense admits that at least 50 Afghans with “potentially significant security concerns” were let into the United States. The Biden Administration is dumping 16,000 Afghan “translators” into Virginia’s Loudon County from February through September 2022. Most of them do not speak English.

9. SUPREME COURT FAILS TO BLOCK MAINE’S HEALTHCARE VACCINE MANDATE: Six justices declined to hear arguments for the case. Matt Staver of Liberty Counsel said, “It’s very disappointing to see the court ignoring this clear injustice. We thought it was a great case for the court to take. There’s a clear conflict and a clear violation of federal law.”

10. THOUSANDS OF ISRAELIS REPORT ADVERSE REACTIONS TO COVID VACCINES: Dr. Joseph Mercola writes, “A survey conducted by the Israeli Minister of Health found so many reports of serious adverse events after getting the COVID-19 shots that they started wiping them from their Facebook page. Literally thousands of comments had piled up before the ministry started deleting them. What’s concerning is that instead of investigating the reports or asking why so many weren’t returning for their second shots, the ministry simply erased the reports. Then, to add insult to injury, the ministry claimed they’d received ‘so few reports’ after the booster shots that it showed that getting a booster was ‘extremely safe.’ Interestingly, a look at publicly available data tells a different story, with tens of thousands of reports of major injuries such as Bell’s palsy, seizures, shingles, neurological problems, and worsening of diabetes, hypertension, and heart and lung disease after receiving the shots.”

11. AIDS – THE NEW HEALTH CRISIS : Natural News reports, “As more and more authorities are embracing the wisdom of ‘treating covid like the flu,’ talk surrounding HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has been rising. When President Biden said his administration’s aim was to ‘end the HIV/AIDS epidemic by 2030’ in December, his words were exactly the same as those used by a similar campaign that was launched in the U.K. around the same time.” Dr. Joseph Mercola comments, “As the media are abandoning COVID, they’re taking aim at AIDS instead. The timing of AIDS-related articles and announcements is indicative of a coordinated P.R. campaign, which must have a specific purpose.” Moderna has already administered the first shots in its experimental HIV vaccine.

12. MARYLAND WANTS TO SURVEIL HOMESCHOOLERS: According to The Daily Signal, “Maryland Delegate Sheila Ruth, a Baltimore County Democrat, recently proposed legislation in the Maryland House of Delegates that would create a deeply worrisome ‘advisory council’ to watch over and gather data on homeschool families.”

13. DEMOCRATS ARE STIRRING UP A RACE WAR: The National Pulse reports, “House Democrats have introduced a bill that would, if passed, declare an ‘unconditional war on racism’ while establishing the ‘Department of Reconciliation’ as a new federal agency.

14. DATA IS UNDERREPORTED: One German health insurance company says that vaccine side effects are “significantly” underreported. The CDC revealed that it has only made public a fraction of the Covid-19 data collected over the past two years.


  • The Epoch Times reports, “The family of U.K. socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, who was convicted on sex trafficking charges in 2021, has said that they’re fearful for her safety following the death of model agent Jean-Luc Brunel in his French jail cell on February 19.”
  • Gallup reports that the number of individuals who identify as LGBT has hit a record high of 7.1%, double from 2021.
  • The Biden Administration has reinstated a pause on new leases for oil and gas drilling on federal lands.
  • Breitbart warns, “Thousands of Britons face the prospect of having coronavirus lockdown violations remain on criminal background checks for the next decade.”
  • The CDC admitted that around 10% of Covid nose swabs ended up being used for genomic sequencing analysis.
  • Google Maps location data of Canadian Freedom Convoy donors has been posted online.
  • Joe Biden extended the country’s emergency declaration which was initially declared in March 2020. 


1. DONALD TRUMP LAUNCHES TRUTH SOCIAL: The Epoch Times reports, “Former President Donald Trump’s new social media venture, Truth Social, launched shortly before Presidents’ Day on Apple’s App Store.” “Every day, we bring on more and more Americans and we’re getting to you as quickly as possible,” said TMTG CEO Devin Nunes.

2. STATES DEFINE CHURCHES AS “ESSENTIAL”: South Carolina bill that defines churches as “essential” has passed the State House. A similar bill passed the Arizona State House.

3. NEW BILL WOULD BAN CCP MEMBERS FROM U.S. COLLEGES: According to the Epoch Times, a new bill introduced by Representative Vicky Hartzler would “bar high-ranking Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials and their family members from studying in the U.S. colleges.” Hartzler said, “We have to realize that China has a plan for world domination…We shouldn’t be aiding and abetting those who want to do us harm.”

4. KYLE RITTENHOUSE LAUNCHES MEDIA ACCOUNTABILITY PROJECT: Rittenhouse plans to hit Whoopi Goldberg, Cenk Uygur, Lebron James, and others with defamation lawsuits. The Gateway Pundit reports, “Kyle Rittenhouse joined Tucker Carlson on Monday night to announce the launch of the Media Accountability Project to hold the media accountable for the lies they said and to deal with them in court.”

5. ISRAEL AND ICELAND DROP RESTRICTIONS: Reuters reports, “Israel…dropped a ‘Green Pass’ policy requiring proof of vaccination, recovery from COVID-19 or a negative test to enter some public venues, further rolling back restrictions as a wave of infections recedes.” Iceland is embracing herd immunity and lifting all public Covid-19 resections.

6. U.S. FREEDOM CONVOY ORGANIZER DESCRIBES MISSION: Kyle Sefcik, organizer and leader of the Freedom Convoy USA 2022, said, “If the president said, ‘Mandates are over and the state of emergency is over. Let’s get back to the world and let’s do our thing,’ then we’re not even coming. We have to get the attention in the most peaceful way and this is our way of doing it. Do we want to stop businesses from being able to be open and people being able to get to work and school? No. We don’t want to cause this at all, which is why we’re telling the president ahead of time to end this now. We don’t even have to come.”

7. RON DESANTIS SPEAKS AT CPAC: Governor DeSantis said, “Let me welcome you to the freest state in these United States. From the very beginning [of the pandemic] we refused to let this state descend into some kind of dystopia, where people’s freedoms are curtailed and their livelihoods are destroyed. We understand what it means to be a leader, not just a politician that twists in the wind, and to be willing to make the tough decisions…And I really believe that if Florida had not led the way, this country would [now] look like Canada or Australia.”

8. ROMANIAN MEP SAYS TRUDEAU AS BAD AS CEAUSESCU: Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes lambasted Trudeau: “The prime minister of Canada, the way he’s behaving right now, he’s exactly like a tyrant, a dictator. He’s like Ceaușescu in Romania.”

9. SUPPORT SURGES FOR CANADA’S CONSERVATIVE PARTY: In the wake of Trudeau’s brutal crackdown and Candice Bergen’s ascension to the Conservative Party leadership, support for the Conservative Party has shot up by 10%.

10. OKLAHOMA ATTORNEY GENERAL DEFENDS MEDICAL FREEDOM: Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor declared that state medical boards cannot punish doctors who prescribe Ivermectin. O’Connor’s office concluded, “Our office maintains that proper healthcare decisions are to be made between a patient and his or her physician, and the government should not interfere with their relationship.”

11. PROMINENT LOCKDOWN ADVOCATE SAYS HE WAS WRONG: Summit News reports, “A prominent lockdown advocate who advised the U.K. government admits in a new book he got it wrong and that there was never any proper consideration of the devastation caused by lockdowns.”

12. TEXAS AG DEFENDS CHILDREN: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has issued a legal opinion rightfully defining so called child gender transition surgery as “child abuse.”


Rejoice the Lord is King By Charles Wesley

Rejoice, the Lord is King!
Your Lord and King adore;
Rejoice, give thanks, and sing,
And triumph evermore!
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

Jesus, the Savior, reigns,
The God of truth and love!
When He had purged our stains
He took His seat above.
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

His kingdom cannot fail,
He rules o’er earth and Heav’n.
The keys of death and hell
Are to our Jesus giv’n!
Lift up your heart, lift up your voice,
Rejoice, again I say, rejoice!

Rejoice in glorious hope!
Jesus the Judge shall come,
And take His servants up
To their eternal home!
We soon shall hear th’ archangel’s voice;
The trump of God shall sound, rejoice!

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Watch: Agenda Weekly UPDATE From Curtis Bowers (Ukraine, Taiwan and a Very Fragile World) (5 minutes). Will the Biden Administration continue to push us toward WW3?

Watch: Why Putin’s playbook can’t be stopped: Russian-born US intel expert (5 minutes). Most informative explanation we’ve seen on how serious the Ukraine situation is. Biden foolishly provoked Russia as if it were a small Third World country. Putin is more than ready to protect Russia’s interests.

Watch: 8 ways YOU can prepare for possible Russia, Ukraine outcomes (12 minutes). Good advice from Glenn Beck on being prepared in a fragile world where anything could happen. If things come off the tracks, everything would change in a moment.

Watch: This did NOT Age Well for Justin Trudeau (1 minute). Brief video exposing what an insidiously deceitful person Justin Trudeau is. Those drawn to political office to fulfill their lust for power will say and do anything to keep their position.

Articles of the Week

Read: The Ukraine Crisis Is on Biden. Roger L. Simon explains how Biden made Ukraine a gift to Vladimir Putin.

Read: Davos and the Purloined Letter Conspiracy. F. William Engdahl unpacks what he calls the “Davos Conspiracy,” hidden in plain sight for all willing to do patient research. Understand how Schwab and the WEF explain their globalist agenda and implement it through a hand-picked cadre of global leaders.

Read: Hundreds of Studies Prove That COVID-19 Jabs Do Harm. The evidence is vast, compelling, and ignored. Life Site News has compiled a list of literally hundreds of studies.

Prayer and Action

Pray for the people of Ukraine, that there will be as little loss of life as possible, and that God will use this in their country to turn them to Him.

Pray for families and those fleeing Ukraine to be protected and to have direction and peace from God amidst the chaos.

Continue to pray for Canadian Truckers who had trucks confiscated, bank accounts seized, insurance canceled, jobs lost, and now face jail time for peacefully protesting an evil regime.

Pray for the trucker’s convoy in America to remain peaceful and safe from opposition, and to effectively expose the Biden Administration’s overreach. Pray the Convoy will awaken and unify the American people against totalitarian measures that hurt us as a nation.

Have readily available funds outside the banking system. Bank local.

In the event of a cyber attack, how prepared are you to assist or communicate with loved ones? Inventory the systems in your life that require technology. Would anything still work?

Consider eliminating personal data collectors like Facebook, Instagram, etc. once and for all.

Continue to build immunities through quality diet and supplements, and regular exercise. For more, visit deeprootsathome.com.

Consider purchasing real, physical books to research effective treatments. You may not always have the internet!

Get established with a like-minded doctor (before you need one).

Tell your U.S. Senator to VOTE “NO” on the confirmation of Gigi Sohn to the Federal Communications Commission. Sohn is anti-free speech and pro-censorship in word and deed, and if confirmed, will pave the way for potential government takeover of the Internet. Find your Senator here or call the US Capitol switchboard (202) 224-3121.

Memory verse of the week: 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

You can share this week’s Behind the Scenes video here or the audio at this link.

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  1. Excellent message again this week, Mr. Bowers. Thank you for keeping our minds focused on what’s really happening.

    My husband and I are praying for the convoys and cautious about them too, but we will be standing in support of them as they drive through Ohio. Our local police chief is in total opposition to the movement. Here’s a video we made of the highlights we’ve seen so far on telegram. Hope it encourages freedom and patriotism!

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