"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same."

-Ronald Reagan

Crucial Issues Facing America

AGENDA Weekly Brief

Week of October 25-31

Dear Friend,

We stand only a few days away from an incredibly important election. As we move towards November 3, corruption, censorship, and confusion are at all-time highs. This week’s Brief highlights the Big Tech, media, and Deep State schemes to undermine your freedom.

In this turbulent time, we ask you to consider two critical questions: First, what’s your spiritual and historical perspective? In this week’s Behind the Scenes video interview, we discuss that question as we examine how successful the Marxists have been over the past 100 years, how they’re working today, and what their vision is for the future. Second, what are you doing to make an impact? Remember, all is not lost because God still rules over all.

We hope that this week’s edition of AGENDA Weekly will help you better understand the times in order to make wise decisions for you, your family, and your country in the difficult days ahead.

1. AMY CONEY BARRETT CONFIRMED TO SUPREME COURT: After 30 hours of debate, the US Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The 52-48 vote followed party lines, with the exception of Susan Collins, Maine’s Republican Senator, who voted against ACB’s confirmation. Barrett is set to hear some monumental cases very soon, including a challenge to Obamacare, as well as election-related cases.

2. HUNTER BIDEN’S FORMER BUSINESS PARTNER CONFIRMS BIDEN FAMILY CORRUPTION: In a 7-minute press conference, Hunter Biden’s former business associate, Tony Bobulinski (a lifelong Democrat) confirmed the sordid truth about Hunter Biden. Bobulinski was led to speak out after 50 former intelligence officers claimed that the Hunter Biden allegations were “Russian disinformation.” Bobulinski also appeared for one hour on the Tucker Carlson show, in an interview that drew 7.6 million viewers. This information has led to massive online searches of “change my vote.” Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota all allow various forms of vote change.

3. VOTERS CAST BALLOTS IN 2020 ELECTION: Over 80 million have already voted in an election that promises to record the highest voter turnout in the past 100 years. A recent Rasmussen poll recorded a 46% approval rating for Trump among African Americans. The Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania can receive ballots for three days after the election, and North Carolina for nine days. However, the Supreme Court refused to allow a six-day extension in Wisconsin. In South Carolina, a federal judge ruled that signatures don’t have to match absentee ballots.

4. BIDEN IS SUPPORTED BY WALL STREET AND BIG TECH: Wall Street operatives have donated $74 million to Biden’s campaign, compared to only $13 million for Trump. According to Open Secrets, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, all rank in the top seven contributors to Biden’s campaign, with Google ranked #1.

5. IF RE-ELECTED, PRESIDENT TRUMP PLANS TO SHAKE UP DEEP STATE: If Trump wins, he plans to immediately fire FBI director Chris Wray, dump CIA director Gina Haspel and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and overhaul the intelligence agencies.

6. THREE TECH CEO’S TESTIFY BEFORE US SENATE: On Wednesday, the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook, and Google testified before a US Senate Committee to answer claims about censorship. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas summed up the issue in this way: “The three witnesses we have before this committee today collectively pose, I believe, the single greatest threat to free speech in America and the greatest threat we have to free and fair elections.”

7. A BATTLE FOR LIFE AND DEATH ACROSS THE GLOBE: Last week, President Trump signed the Geneva Consensus Declaration, along with Brazil, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, and Uganda. The declaration states, “there is no international right to abortion” and “in no case should abortion be promoted as a method of family planning.” This comes after Poland moved to outlaw abortion in the case of disability or defect, which accounted for 98% of that country’s abortions. By contrast, New Zealand’s citizens overwhelmingly voted (65% to 34%) to institute the ill-named End of Life Choice Act. This law would legalize euthanasia (murder) for those with a terminal illness.

8. COVID LOCKDOWNS ARE ACCELERATING: Germany and France have both moved to reimpose draconian lockdowns. This is in line with an article published last month from the internationalist publication Foreign Affairs advocating another United States lockdown. Meanwhile, American media and health “experts” say another surge is here. Lufthansa’s Austrian Airlines is offering free Covid tests, and Delta has banned 460 people for not following its flight-mask policy.

9. US ECONOMY ON SLIPPERY GROUND: As a result of negotiations breaking down, there will be no stimulus package before the election. In the third quarter, the US economy surged by a record 33%, coming after a 31% decline in the second quarter. However, the US national debt now stands at $27 trillion, not counting unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare. Covid has cost colleges $120 billion, and 9.9 million Americans are behind on rent or mortgage payments. Restaurants, air travel, hotels, and movie theaters have all taken massive hits.

10. FACEBOOK AND MEDIA GIANTS MANIPULATING ELECTION NARRATIVE: Twitter has pledged to remove all posts they deem as false, misleading, or “intended to undermine public confidence in an election or other civic process.” Both Twitter and Facebook are working to slow the spread of viral tweets and posts. Facebook has increased its standards for restricting “dangerous content.” MailChimp will not allow content that is misleading or inaccurate in their “sole discretion.”

11. INTELLIGENCE OFFICER OUTLINES POSSIBLE ELECTION SCENARIO: Chris Farrell, former counterintelligence case officer and Director of Investigations and Research for Judicial Watch, thinks the following could happen: “Election night results indicate a Trump victory… Trump and his campaign have sufficient state election returns and polling data to claim victory. Trump tweets: ‘VICTORY!’ Twitter takes it down and locks his account, and those of his campaign. He goes out to the campaign hotel ballroom for a victory speech, and only OneAmerica News Network carries the speech. Trump’s proclamations are branded as “fake news.” Zero coverage. Networks and other news media outlets show poll workers and election officials counting and counting and counting ‘contested’ ballots…”

12. LAW ENFORCEMENT AND LEFTISTS GEAR UP FOR POST-ELECTION CHAOS: The CBP (US Customs and Border Protection) and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) are gearing up to maintain peace after the election. In Denver, Colorado, businesses are boarding up their windows in anticipation. One radical group, ShutDownTheCoop, recently published a “disruption” manual for protestors. And the Transition Integrity Project believes the next few months will likely be highly chaotic.

13. CHINA IMPOSES SANCTIONS ON AMERICAN DEFENSE CONTRACTORS: China will impose sanctions on American companies that have sold arms to Taiwan, including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon. The US and Japan recently began joint military exercises, while India is entering a defense agreement with the US.

14. THE GREEN MOVEMENT ADVANCES IN EAST ASIA: Japan’s new Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, pledged that by 2050, Japan will have zero emissions and be carbon neutral. South Korean President Moon Jae-in promised that his country will be carbon neutral by 2050 as well. China says they will be carbon neutral by 2060. Suga said, “Responding to climate change is no longer a constraint on economic growth.”

15. JAMES DOBSON ENCOURAGES CHRISTIANS TO VOTE THE PLATFORM, NOT THE PERSONALITY: In his October newsletter to 800,000 subscribers, Dr. James Dobson outlined a framework for Christians to consider as they vote. Dobson asked, “How will Americans, and how will you, decide who to vote for as our Chief Executive Officer? I have heard from dozens of friends and acquaintances in recent weeks who tell me they will base their decision solely on a candidate’s rhetoric, tone, style, or likeability.” By contrast, Dobson quoted a friend who said, “I’m not voting for the person—I’m voting for the platform!”

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Prayer and Action

Pray that God will intervene and the election results will be honest. Pray that God will be merciful to America, even though we don’t deserve it. Pray that the evil schemes of the LEFT will not succeed.

Pray that the LEFT will be exposed in a way that changes people’s minds. Pray that people will realize that socialist ideas, cancel culture, gross immorality, and the removal of God from our country carry grave consequences.

Pray that God would give those who love Him great courage.

Work for voting integrity. While Facebook is engaged in voting dis-information, some excellent groups are working to raise awareness. Look up Judicial Watch, Project Veritas, and True the Vote for some great ideas.

Prepare for chaos. Are you prepared with food and basic supplies? We suggest a two month supply of food, medicines, and other necessities on hand before the election. When we see dark clouds on the horizon, it’s time to get ready for a storm.

Get involved. Encourage your friends and family to VOTE! Type up a simple Voter’s Guide of your personal recommendations in your local area, state, and nation. Share these in the next few days. Many people don’t vote because they are unsure who to vote for.

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